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Monday 31 October 2022

Style Not Age Share ... "Orange you Excited for Halloween"

Morning my friends.
How are you?

I've been suffering with a bad cough and cold for the past week and have been well and truly out of sorts.  I finally went to the doctor on Saturday and after a 2 1/2 hour wait I was prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection.  I hate being unwell and don't have much patience for it ... lol!
I've got my fingers crossed that it'll be on it's way out soon so I can get back to normal!

I've had a couple of birthdays over the past few of days, it was my mum's on Friday and my second eldest daughter's yesterday.  My sister and I took mum out for lunch to a local restaurant.  It was yummy and delicious and we certainly had a lovely experience in the fine dining venue.  Mum was so impressed with  The Tylers Kiln, she's booked a table just before Christmas when my uncle visits her.
Yesterday Emily wanted us to go bowling, so we had a couple of hours with all the family enjoying some fun at our local bowing alley.  We ended the day with a takeaway, it was nice to not have to cook too.

But shall we get back to today's task?  It's the end of the month so it's time to take a look at what my four friends have been styling around my prompt of ....

Orange you Excited for Halloween! 

This month it was my choice, & as the challenge fell on 31st October it felt right to base the prompt around Halloween.
Orange always reminds me of Halloween - probably because pumpkins are orange and play an important part in this annual event.  It's not a shade I choose very often, but still like to include it occasionally, so when I spotted this dress on the Izabel website I thought that would be a perfect wear for Autumn - what do you think?

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 27 October 2022

Casual but Still Stylish - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there everyone, thanks for joining me today.
What have you been doing this week?

I've been all behind this week and most probably the reason being I've been going down with a cold.  Two of my daughter's have had it and it's been going round the grand-kids, so no surprise I got it!
It's left me feeling really tired with a barking cough and sore chest - I'm hoping it doesn't turn into something more sinister and have been chucking paracetamol and ibuprofen down my throat and drinking honey and lemon at every opportunity (with a brandy in it at night - for medicinal purposes you understand).
Fortunately I haven't had either dance classes this week and cancelled my two classes on Wednesday.  It's pointless trying to exercise when I feel ill as I'm sure it will have a negative impact!  I hope to be feeling on top form by Friday as it's my mum's birthday and then my daughters on Sunday, so will be a busy weekend!

So with that being the situation, I've not felt much like taking photos.  I had to drag myself and get this outfit together yesterday, but once I had it on, I quite liked it!


Tuesday 25 October 2022

Autumn has Arrived!

Hi there my friends, how’s you weekend gone?

Apologies for such a late post! My weekend ran away with me as did Monday, so for this week it's posted on a Tuesday!

Didn’t the weekend go fast? I think it’s because I was out on Saturday to celebrate a friends birthday for a bottomless brunch at 100 Wardour Street! It literally was “bottomless” as the glasses were filled at every opportunity! The food was good too, just enough and really tasty. I chose avocado on sour dough with poached eggs (my usual pre-flight breakfast - so thought I should be flying off somewhere nice! 😂) I followed this with a main course of Korean spiced chicken burger with chips. I managed to eat most of the chicken and chips and left the roll, wasn’t I good!

I had a dance too, the music was typical ... err I'm not sure, but it had a good vibe.  😆 Everyone there was enjoying the fun and dancing, it seemed strange when we left that it was still light!  Another couple of drinks in a nearby bar followed, before catching the fast train home. It was a slow day on Sunday, as you can imagine and the family roast was much appreciated. I caught up on Strictly too, which rounded my weekend off nicely.  What did you get up to?

With the weather still really changeable - wet and windy days, followed by sunshine and milder temperatures, but it's still noticeably Autumnal.  There's plenty of leaves fallen already and lots of berry's on the bushes and trees.  I do like having seasons, but Autumn is one of my favourites.  The colour palettes are fabulous and I like to blend in with the surrounding hues, so today's outfit fits in beautifully.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 20 October 2022

Classic but still Fashionable - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
How's your week going?

I've not been up to much this week, just the usual gym classes and spending time with the family. 
Having said that I've been too busy to actually go into town and go shopping! In previous years I would shop in town every two weeks or so, but over the past few years it's dwindled.  My reason is mainly because the high street shops just aren't what they used to be. I do still try and pop into town every once in a while, but often end up disheartened!  Let's hope my next trip will be a different story as I need to have a look for some new pieces in the fashionable shade of khaki.  I really fancy this colour and reckon it will suit me too.  Remember my navy and olive faux wrap dress? 
Fingers crossed I find loads of bits that will fill in any gaps I have in my wardrobe!

But let me tell you about this colour combo I love to wear.
Caramel, black and leopard print. 
I've fallen for is this leo print shirt from Salamander Shirts, and whoever said a classic shirt can't be modern certainly didn't study their site.  Just look at this funky shirt I've teamed with wide leg trousers and an elegant blazer.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 17 October 2022

Black and Cream Maxi Dress from Izabel.

Morning my friends.
Hope you are well.
I'm been doing a lot of day dreaming over the weekend, wishing I was back in Sicily with David.  We all need that time to re-connect with our partners don't we!

I'm not sure when we'll have time away on our own, but we do have a long weekend on the horizon to Germany to visit the Christmas Market with friends.  I can't wait as I've never been to Germany & I’m  excited to see what it's like there.  

I went dancing on Friday as usual, we continued to learn the Cha Cha Cha, and I think I've got this one under my belt.  I just need an occasion to practice it, oh and a partner .. ha ha ha!

Sunday wasn't the normal family roast day. David and I went with friends to have lunch and watch a band at a local venue.  It was very much a fun afternoon with lots of drinks and a bit of dancing.  The band was called Bamboozle and certainly were very lively.  I actually got up and danced along with my two friends, the boys abstained - they preferred to carry on drinking!! Lol.
So today I thought I'd share what I wore on Sunday afternoon.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 13 October 2022

Would you wear Pink & Grey? - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning everyone. 
How’s life treating you?
Nothing much to report from me, just the usual keep fit classes and general daily chores, all rather boring really! 
I looked after Halle Berry again yesterday. It was nice to have her and kept my 'wanting-a-new-dog' yearning at bay.  She’s a real sweetie and looks so cute, just a ball of fluff that goes from running around like a lunatic to sleeping soundly on my lap or anywhere on the floor. She's still a puppy and is into everything, I have to put all the shoes that were on the floor up high as well as anything that was remotely 'playable' tooha ha! My house looks a picture when she goes home. 😂

Today I thought I’d share a new jumper with you. I was kindly gifted this from Evaless & although it’s a cold shoulder style it’s still worked out quite well on warmer days like the ones we’ve had recently. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Monday 10 October 2022

Pink Floral Shirt with Jeans & Statement Tan Boots.

Hello and welcome to my blog.
So pleased you could make it!

Have you had a good week?  Mine has been very busy as usual and it was nice to have a more settled weekend.  
On Friday I went dancing where I learnt the cha-cha-cha.  It was a great routine and I remembered the steps from my previous lesson a few months ago.  Class members get the pick two dances and then vote on what we'd like to learn, this makes it quite fair as everyone can chose their favourite.  I've moved up into the 'improvers' class which means we learn the dances at a fast pace and fortunately I can keep up .. most of the time!

Saturday was glorious, I should have been in the garden cutting the grass, but ended up doing a few chores and getting the little things I'd left done.  Things like sewing a couple of bits for my son and getting rid of some clutter in my dressing room.  I went to my daughters for dinner & we had something called tartiflette.  Made from sliced potatoes, Reblochon cheese, onions and lardons all baked to make a really tasty meal.  It's a traditional dish from the Savoy area in the Alps and always reminds me of skiing as it's a meal we always have when we are there.  It's served with cold cuts of meat, cornichons and pickles.  Yes it was as nice as it sounds.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 6 October 2022

Navy & White - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello my friends.
How's you week been?

Mine has been really busy!  I wouldn't say I've achieved much, but it's been full on!
I managed to grab a couple of hours shopping on Tuesday, I visited Westwood Cross and although there's not many shops there now, I was pleased to come home with a lovely pair of trousers.

I've wanted more of the easy to wear style of wide leg and stretchy waist like my pair from Primark and found these in Marks and Spencer. Aren't they the top of fashion at the moment!  I’ve been after a pair in the trending colour olive or khaki, as it's also called, alas I didn't find any, but have spotted some on the M & Co website that I might get.  I bought my second choice of navy and am really taken with this pair.  The fabric has a good heavy drape and the elastic waistband makes them extremely comfortable and as you can imagine they've been worn already!
This is what I wore yesterday and to be totally honest I might be wearing them again tonight when I'm off to The Cotswold Company in Tunbridge Wells for their Autumn Event. You'll have to watch my Stories to see if I do!

Items marked with * were gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 3 October 2022

September Review.

Hi there, how’s it going?
I’m stunned we’re in October already, how on earth did that happen?

The weather has acted accordingly and dropped temperatures to make way for layers, jackets and warmer clothes. It’s nice to have a change & wear warmer clothes isn’t it?

I’ve started to think about Christmas and after a couple of years when I’ve hated to embrace the festive season I’m excited to get going on present buying and Christmas Day planning. 
Both my daughters will be with their other half's family on Christmas Day, and although I hate it, I accept that I have to ‘share’ them so will enjoy their coming to us on Boxing Day. After all it’s better to enjoy the Xmas period for longer is it?  It's My mum's turn to come to us, and that will be lovely to have her join us.  Have you planned your Christmas Day yet?
Anyway let's forget about the festive season and think about the new month, a new month can only mean a new review ... so it's time to share the September Review.

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