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Thursday 29 November 2018

Messages in Metal - #chicandstylish #linkup

Good morning lovely fashion bloggers.
How are you all?

I'm not sure I'm liking these dark evenings, just makes me want to wrap up on the sofa, watching telly whilst eating soups and stews with hot drinks - ohhh a hot toddy - now that sounds like a plan. 😉

With Christmas looming are you having trouble finding 'the right' present for someone special?  I've found just what you might like with this cute online shop.  Messages in Metal recently contacted me to ask if I'd like to share their unusual and meaningful jewellery with you.  Loving jewellery as I do, I couldn't wait to check out their site and pick something.


Monday 26 November 2018

Keen as Mustard - Style not Age Fashion Collective.

Hi there, how are you all.
This over fifty fashion blogger is back to reality with a big, cold, damp bump!  I almost, yes I did say almost, wish I'd not been away to a hot & sunny destination.  Doesn't is always feel even colder when you take a sunny holiday in cooler seasons?  My heating is most definitely on as are my socks and gloves!

The latest challenge fell into the hands of Hilda, I'd love you to read on to find out how the ladies from the Style not Age collective attacked November's challenge 'Keen as Mustard'.
Are you keen on the latest colour trend?  Yes I'm talking about firery amber yellow.  I've always liked this colour, but only in recent years worn it.  It actually mixes well with so many other shades, I've paired it with cobalt blue not once or twice but three times, also covered in little flowers & an old faithful jacket.

The hot spicy colours are taking centre stage in the fashion industry for AW, and mixed together make for hot combinations.  I'm seeing mustard, shades of red & mahogany, sienna red and russet, all topped off with brown or tan accessories......


Thursday 22 November 2018

Please vote for Mummabstylish in the UK Blog Awards + #chicandstylish #linkup

Good morning.
This over fifty blogger is back home, back to reality and looking forward to catching up on all your wonderful blogs.
I have to say I'm not impressed with this weather - coming from hot and sunny Abu Dhabi it's been a shock to the system, along with the fact that my hotel service is being rather lazy!!! (no buffet breakfast or waiter service this morning!).  I'll be posting all about my trip to the UAE so do look out for it in the next few weeks.


Monday 19 November 2018

Style Steal - Another piece from Krisp Clothing.

Morning, how's life for you over fifty bloggers?
I'm still away on my holiday so have posted this in advance.  This month's Style Steal is just a little bit different, this month I'm not actually copying a specific outfit, but emulating someone's classic & elegant mode of dress - can you guess who its is?

Do you remember I was lucky enough to receive this super jacket a few weeks ago & along with that I also picked this Pussy Bow Blouse* from Krisp Basics collection.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

My timeless outfit is full of classic pieces, all in neutral shades of cream, with a punch of black trim to keep everything in order.


Thursday 15 November 2018

Jeans, Stripy Tee and Jacket - #chicandstylish #linkup

Hi there - how are you?
Right now I'm getting acquainted with my hotel in Abu Dhabi, relaxing with a drink or two and chatting with friends.  Sorry if I'm making you jealous, I'll try not to rub it in.
Do stop back in the next few weeks I'll be sharing my experience with you.
But back to the matter in hand, my over fifty style ideas.

I seemed to have slipped back into my old ways with this outfit.  I had a hard and fast rule of three-colour-styling before I started blogging, but have tried hard wanted to get to grips with more noticeable ensembles … Alas not today!  You see old habits die hard, and I still think plenty of my styles look bloody great!

Okay, okay I know what you're saying - it isn't even in my three-colour-rule book it's more like two! But I really like the basic jeans and tee shirt style, and to be fair I'm wearing ivory boots so technically that counts as three tones right? - lol 😂


Monday 12 November 2018

It Started with a Joules Scarf + Motivational Monday.

Morning my fellow over fifty bloggers, how are you and everyone else for that matter?

I'm so excited as my holidays begins in two days - eekkk!
Nearly everything is packed or ready to be packed, just need the last little bits and pieces to be added then I'm off!  The diet will be taking a back seat for the next week, I want to enjoy to the full everything the all inclusive hotel has to offer.  It has some 12 restaurants incorporating a dine around system, which is going to be right up my street!  Fingers crossed I don't undo all my hard work & gain any many pounds.😓
I never used to have any trouble with my weight, luckily keeping fit and running round after five children kept me in shape.  However over the last maybe 5 - 10 years & reaching fifty weight loss seemed to pass me by - adding pounds whenever I even thought about attempting to diet.  So after the past few years and being squeezed out of many of my clothes I felt enough was enough!

My son had been following a Ketogenic diet I found this website helpful** resulting in him losing over 6 stone (85 lbs) I thought I'd give it a try....


Thursday 8 November 2018

Feeling fresh in Krisp Clothing #chicandstylish #linkup

Hi there lovelies, how are you all?
I'm getting rather excited, you see next week I'm off on holiday to Abu Dhabi!!  Yes I can't wait.  I have to admit, I've already started packing my suitcase!  When I was younger I always started packing weeks before actually going away, but since having the children that's normally been left to the last minute, although fortunately never (except once) have I left anything at home!  So I've worked out what dresses I'm taking with me, and all my swimwear has been set aside along with what sandals I'm taking, the only item I need to get is a long dress to wear to and from the beach - not much chance of finding one in the shops, so I'll be checking out what's available online, otherwise I'll just have to go shopping when I'm away - shame! 😉
Okay back to today as I'm still a few days away from escaping this Autumnal weather!
I was recently contacted by Krisp Clothing, & from their exciting collection of fashion garments I was asked to select a few pieces - this cute jacket caught my eye immediately.  Check/plaid pieces are everywhere this season, so it felt right to include this in my top pick!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 5 November 2018

One blouse three ways x two = six styles.

Hi there - how are you all?  What's happening in the world of over fifty blogging?
Well I can fill you in on what this blogger has been up to - let me know what you're all doing!

Back in April I got together with Gail (found on her blog Is this Mutton?) when we shared three different personal looks with one M & S blouse. We had fun with this idea and wanted to try it again - last month we picked several items from the online shop and with fingers crossed swapped our choices hoping we would again pick at least one item that we both liked!  Fortunately we did, so the two of us promptly bought the gorgeous red satin blouse and set about bringing it to life styling three contrasting looks.

This pretty blouse has umpteen looks just waiting to be found.  With cute round collar and long sleeves it has an interesting white floral leaf design over it making it eye catching and likeable.
The tiny covered buttons which are also on the cuff add an expensive feel to the soft blouse.  At £27.50 it's reasonably priced and is anything but average, scoring high in my fashion stakes.

Thursday 1 November 2018

Brining grey to life with sunshine yellow. #chicandstylish #linkup

Great to have you here on my blog for over fifties - but you're all very welcome. Hi there - how you doing?
Last week I was busy with birthdays, meals out and a photography course, so have welcomed this so far quieter one.  However looking towards the weekend we are having the grandkids to stay which will be somewhat louder, busier and packed with toys, food and clothes everywhere!  I'd like to say there will be some downtime, but if you know kids they'll be on the go all the time till they get into bed, when hubby and I will probably do the same - lol.  For those of you who don't have grandchildren there's nothing like it, my princess can twist me round her finger, just last weekend she's found a box of chocolates that I'd hidden (not very well) for Christmas, she asked if she could have one, much to her delight I obviously said yes!  I have to replace them in the week, because all the family dived in too!  Not sure what we'll get up to but I'll buy a cake mix so we can bake some sort of goodies, she likes baking and it will keep her occupied for a couple half hour or so!

If you follow my Instagram stories you may have seen I went bowling with all the family.  Middle daughters birthday and whatever we do we always have fun.  Bowling is a great family outing for any occasion, everyone gets their competitive side out, getting really grumpy if they roll a "gutterball".  I came …. nearly last, I was scared of getting my thumb nail stuck so didn't hold the ball properly, and then promptly got my nail ripped off!  Fortunately it wasn't painful, but looked wonderful - not!
Scrolling through IG a few weeks ago an outfit jumper out at me & wouldn't leave my mind.  The lady was wearing a striking pair of jacquard yellow and grey trousers.  They left me thinking about the colour mix and I knew I'd got the colours so tried it out.  Having already worn grey trousers with a yellow blouse I figured these yellow trousers were due an outing and would brighten up my all grey outfit.

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