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Thursday 30 May 2024

Polka Dots and White Jeans - Chicandstylish #Linkup

Good morning everyone. 
How’s your month been?

Firstly big apologies for the late post today, life just seemed to get in the way!! Thanks for hanging about for me. 
Seems hard to believe it’s the last week of May and we’re heading into the half way month of 2024. Doesn’t time seem to fly bye now, or is it my age?
This week has been somewhat different than normal. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m away next Tuesday but there’s been lots to do and lots to get sorted. 
As it is was a bank holiday I decided to drop out my gym classes on Monday, I took advantage of some me time at home and got some posts sorted and my dressing room in order.  It’s half term here as well so yesterday I went with my son and his family to Diggerland. It’s a kids adventure venue that has a play area for kids to enjoy ‘playing with’ appropriate sized diggers. They had enormous fun and fortunately there was plenty for adults to do too! 

Last week I actually visited my local Matalan. I wanted to see what they had new in, but unfortunately where I live it seems the store is one of the latter to receive much in the way of  ‘new’ items. I did find a stunning pair of trousers which I’m excited to wear - stay tuned for these beauties. 

You may remember I had the pleasure of attending the Afternoon Tea event where Bonmarche were debuting the new David Emanuel collection - here’s one of my favourites. 🤍

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Monday 27 May 2024

Style Not Age Show French Girl Style.

Good morning, or should I say Bon Jour!
Hope your week is going well, it’s half term here so I’m bound to see more of the grandkids this week. 

As it’s the last Monday of the month, it’s time to checkout what the Style Not Age collective is doing. 

Our prompt this month fell into the hands of Gail, she’s chosen …

French Girl Style. 


Thursday 23 May 2024

What to wear with a Black Maxi - Chicandstylish #Linkup

Hi there everyone,
Thanks for joining me today. 

How’s your week gone? Did you join the late linkup on Monday? Don’t worry if you missed it, you can join today’s which is linked below. 

Weather wise it’s been a mixed bag here in Kent. I managed to take full advantage of the sunshine on Monday and got a few photos that turned out really well.  Today I’m sharing an outfit from Jenerique with photos I took a few weeks back when the weather was bad.
I do wish the weather would make up its mind and stay fine or wet, all this changing is driving me mad and making outfit decisions really difficult!  How’s your climate been? Talking of climate, I’ve found the perfect maxi dress for my upcoming holiday. This stunner from Jenerique will soak up some attention hopefully, especially on my forthcoming holiday to Majorca with my eldest and her family.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 20 May 2024

Sandal Season - #Chicandstylish #Linkup

Hi there. 
Do you recognise me?

Well I’m another year older having just my big birthday. 
I was 60 last Wednesday and didn’t want to reach this one at all. I’ve had a busy few days resulting in no blog post on Thursday. I thought I’d post the linkup today instead which will run to through to Thursday when there’ll be another one!

Back to the 60 thing, I now have to tick the next box don’t I! I certainly feel a lot older than when I reached 50! The body really does give out tel-tail signs doesn’t it. My knees have aged noticeably, they ache most days and I have to push myself really hard to go to the gym nowadays, I could easily give it up but know they’ll ache even more and most probably sieze up! Most of my joints ache daily, the annoying ones are in my hands, I like to ease them in hot water - do you have any tips or tricks to stave the progression of arthritis? Anyway enough of the moaning it’s time to talk birthdays. 

So I’ve just looked back to check and realised I didn’t tell you about David’s birthday present. I’ve booked for us to return to Sicily for a long weekend. You can read about our little trip to Godfather land in 2022 here. I couldn’t think of anything he wanted or needed and felt a trip away just the two of us would be perfect - it’s good to escape normality and have a nice relaxing break isn’t it. Well I’d got it all planned for his birthday morning. He actually needed some aftershave so I bought a new bottle of his favourite Hugo Boss and carefully replaced the new bottle for an old one! I wrapped a note inside carefully replacing the packaging so it looked like it hadn’t been touched! On the note I’d printed this. 

Happy 60th birthday. 
You can replace this empty bottle of aftershave with a new one at the airport when we go away to Sicily!
Love Jacqui. 

Imagine my surprise when he threw his hands in the air and said “Well that’s messed up my plans, I was going to give you the same gift on your birthday.” We had the same idea! Just shows how alike we’ve grown. So we’ve decided on adding an extra couple of days to our trip which will be heavenly. I’m so excited to travel back to this little Sicilian village high up in the mountains. 🖤
So fast forward to the night time when all the children were at ours for the birthday celebrations. Our turn to receive their present. We both had a parcel to open. In mine a ten euro note and in his a bottle of Portuguese rose and a letter. They had booked for us to have a long weekend in Porto! I’m also excited for this one as I’ve not been to Portugal and have always wanted to visit this interesting place, but the funny bit was that they too were going to send us to Sicily, but with both David and I sharing our intended idea with them in secret, which they couldn’t divulge to either of us, had to change to a different destination! Great minds think alike eh! lol!

Let’s get thinking of holiday attire, do you like my new sandals?

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 



Monday 13 May 2024

Styling a Statement Tee Shirt from Chapter London

Morning my friends. 
How was your weekend?

We’ve had glorious weather here and it’s been wonderful to wear lighter, summery clothes. 
I actually spent time in the garden with the grandkids which was lovely. Do tell me why they like playing with water and more specifically the bird bath water! Urgh!
As David was working on my daughter’s house ( he’s roof tiling now) I cooked a roast beef dinner, with all the trimmings I might add! David normally takes the reins for our Sunday roast and I’m sous chef, so to Cook it all was quite a feat now! lol!

This week I’ve another couple of birthdays, starting with mine on Wednesday. It’s my 60th and I’m not really ready to join the 60 club, but as many people say I’m fortunate to get to this age and don’t fancy the alternative either! 😱 I’m having a gathering of family and friends next Saturday which should be fun and I’m praying the nice weather hangs around and we can congregate in the garden. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Thursday 9 May 2024

My weekend on the Isle of Wight - Chicandstylish #Linkup

Good morning. 
Welcome to the blog. 
Big apologies for being so late with Thursday’s post, various reasons that I won’t go into now have hindered publication. 

So good to have you here, I’ve got lots to tell you about the weekend.

You may recall I’ve been away for a long weekend to the Isle of Wight. Today I’ll share what I got up to with some photos thrown in too!

On David’s 60th birthday celebration our good friends gave us both a present (we are both 60 this year). They’d booked a long weekend on the Isle of Wight the following weekend! I was shocked and immediately told them I couldn’t make it as I was baby sitting Max for the night! Little did I know it was just a ploy for us to keep the weekend free! It had all been planned in advance in secret! I wasn’t looking after him but going with David and our friends for a weekend of laughter, food, drinks and fun! I was very excited and planned my clothes making sure I’d cover every weather system we could possibly encounter.  (We have to do that in the UK don’t we!)

This was the outfit I wore on Saturday night. I’m chuffed with this jumpsuit from Jenerique. 🖤

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 6 May 2024

April Review.

Hello and welcome to my blog on Bank Holiday Monday. 

It’s not really the weather we’re all expecting for the first BH of May. With wind and rain taking centre stage it’s been hard to get into the swing of the spring season let alone wear some lighter clothes!
 I’ve actually been away this weekend and am on my way home from the Isle of Wight now!  I’ll share a dedicated post with you soon to let you have a little insight as to what it’s like on this little island and what I got up to!

It’s the first Monday of the new month so time to take a look at what I got up to in April. 

Welcome to the April Review. 

This dress from Roman has got my name all over it!
I adore the colours as I’m a pink girl at heart. Mauve is one of my favourites too, although it’s not a shade I wear very often or feel it really suits me. Hop over to the post where you can not only find out about this striking mesh dress but find a link to my stunning heels too!


Thursday 2 May 2024

Bonmarché floaty blouse and white trousers - Chicandstylish #Linkup

Good Morning. 
How are you my friends?

I’ve had a brilliant weekend and am excited for the next as I’m away with four friends and David to celebrate our 60th birthdays! We’re off to the Isle of Wright for a weekend of fun, exploring, eating, drinking and having a laugh! No change there then .. lol! 😂 We always have a super fun time when we get together and the weekend will fly bye making lots of super duper memories. I’ll obviously keep you posted and let you know what I’m up to on Instagram, but in case you don’t follow me on there, I’ll share a dedicated post on it soon!

I’m needing to get into town to see the new offerings in real life. I’m afraid I’ve been so cold the past couple of weeks season, I’ve not really worn any new Springs styles yet!  I did pop on a satin skirt, tee shirt, leather jacket and trainers earlier this week but soon changed into something warmer by the afternoon as I was so cold - anyone else having real issues with the cold temperatures?  

Have also mentioned duck - gate? Well last week three little ducks decided to call in and stay for a while! I knew that I shouldn’t feed them bread so gave them some porridge oats, which they greedily devoured and wished them well. I saw them fly off later on that afternoon and thought nothing of it! You can imagine my surprise when the next morning they were back sitting and waiting for me. I gave them some more oats which they pecked at and left them to it. They nestled in the garden quite content even though there was no water for them to sit on or wade through! Guess what?  They came back the next day and had the brazen audacity to waddling right up to my front door step and pooping on it!  I shooed them back & off the step & again, stupidly I know, fed them.  This happened all over the weekend so I popped a story on IG about them all. My friend said her in-laws had them in the garden and called them Wonton and Crispy (they don’t know where the third and quite plain bird came from) - so I knew they’d not come far and were obviously checking out the alternative hotels… lol!  So here we are a week and a half later and they are still around! I’ve fed them traditional oats and notice they’ve settled on the ‘ponds’ created by the recent rain, but also seen they’ve returned home every so often! They must have felt happy at mine! lol!  I joked with my friend that I should charge her rent for them!! 😂

You remember I had the pleasure of attending the Bonmarche Afternoon Tea event at Fortnum and Mason the other week? Well today I felt I should show you another radiant outfit from the David Emanuel collection. 
Here’s my first choice from them. 
Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.
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