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Monday 30 October 2023

Style Not Age Wear Jeans & Jewels.

Morning everyone. 
How’s you month …. gone?
Yes nearly November, isn’t it scary how fast the months go by!

I’ve had a few days of celebrations with a friends Afternoon Tea on Friday, followed by dancing where I finished off learning the Tango and very proud of myself I must say! I’ll pop a story up on IG so you can see the result - SCD here I come. 😂

Saturday was a lazy day, well after the grandkids left it was (I had three of them at home whilst my daughter took one of the boys to his football match, proud to say they won 2 -1 and both goals were scored by Freddie). I actually relaxed in front of the telly in the afternoon prior to getting ready for my evening out.  Do you remember me saying it’s my mum’s birthday dinner tonight? It’s her birthday today and she’s 90! Yes what a milestone that is! She really doesn’t look her age and for that matter doesn’t act her age either. She’s up-to-date with all the latest technology, has Facebook and Instagram and still drives! I’m so proud of everything she’s achieved in her lifetime from travelling around the world in her 20’s, living in Australia, returning home to get married, bringing up my sister and I alone after divorcing my father and managing a home and family whilst working a full time job. She found happiness in my step-father who took us on and gave us a wonderful life where upon moving to a new house and area I eventually met and married my husband. So I’m a firm believer that most things happen for a reason. Mum’s are very special people and mine is always there to help and support, give guidance and love whenever I or any of the family need it. So tonight will be a VERY special occasion and I’m excited to see how it pans out. I’ll share in the next week or so the full events and what I wore (yes the blue dress arrived, fitted and looked great on).

Sunday was another busy day with a a get together for my daughter’s birthday meal. We all decided on tapas and all prepared a dish to celebrate at my house. She’s out on her actual birthday (today) so it was good to enjoy most of the family having fun and tucking into some seriously delicious food. 
It’s starting to get exciting as we nearer the Christmas period isn’t it and I’m already thinking of my decorations and tree, I’ll be adding to them for sure as the weeks go by and am wanting some outside decorations this year, any ideas that aren’t too big and costly? Anyway back to the matter in hand today - the end of the month can only mean one thing. 

It’s time to say hello to my friends from Style Not Age for October’s challenge!

Anna stepped up to the plate and gave us the title …
Jeans and Jewels


Thursday 26 October 2023

Slip Skirt with Trainers - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
How are you?

All good with me, I'm off shopping this morning. I’ve not been for a while, but don’t anticipate coming home with anything as quite honestly the shops are naff locally. I long for the old days when there was an abundance of stores to joyfully spend the day exploring every part of them. I remember saving birthday, Christmas and chore money and have a day spending it all, those days seem long gone and most shopping is done online, somewhat takes the excitement out of the whole experience doesn’t it!  Do you prefer to shop personally or do it all online?
What are your local stores and boutiques like? 
I’m really enjoying gym classes atm, and really feel I’m moving up a level. My legs having been killing me over the past few classes, I think I’m probably working harder so I’m bound to feel achy eh! It seems my body is gradually getting used to it though and slowly changing shape. Something I’m after is some new gym wear, I’ve got a couple of old favourites that I rotate and need to add to them, let’s hope I return with some cute bits. 
I’ve got a busy few days with a friends birthday Afternoon Tea, a celebratory meal with all the family for my mum’s 90th birthday and on Sunday we’re celebrating my daughters birthday with a big tapas style dinner (everyone brings something they’ve cooked so we can all dig in)! I’m all over this kind of meal and get to enjoy all the tasty offerings everyone brings. 
I’ve got a dress on order for the dinner on Saturday night and I’m praying it will not only fit but look alright too … it’s got a big split up the front leg, so will have to see what it looks like.  It’s a sultry shade of blue and my favourite midi length. I’ve got some pretty shoes and matching bag to wear with it, so all being well I’ll let you see it next week!

I have to admit to being a little disappointed with myself and a skirt I recently purchased.  It’s part of my capsule wardrobe and looked okay in the shop, however I put it on the other day and am really not convinced it’s me!  It’s not a style I feel confident wearing so I’m going to try and exchange it today, although it’s past the date on the receipt so I’ll have to see … I’ll let you know how I get on, but you can see for yourself and let me know what you think about the bias cut slip skirt I bought. X


Monday 23 October 2023

Layering over a Summer Dress.

Hello and thanks for joining me today. 
What did your weekend bring?

The rain on Saturday curtailed any outings for me. I’d wanted to visit a couple of stores for an upcoming event next week, but the horrible rain put me off so I stayed indoors all day! I actually watched a film before watching the rugby (that was a shame as England lost to RSA 15 - 16), the film was called Hidden Figures. It was about 3 African-American mathematicians who were pivotal in the Astronaut John Glenn’s launch into space! They had to deal with racial and female discrimination too! Such an interesting film and all the more poignant because it’s based on real life events - love a film like that. 
Sunday was quite the opposite weather-wise and was brilliant sunshine, I still spent the day on the sofa when not preparing and cooking dinner - roast beef for me and yes it was very tasty!

I wore this outfit last week when it wasn’t raining! I wanted to show you how you can still enjoy Summer dresses when the weather is cooler and damper!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Thursday 19 October 2023

Tan Neutrals and a Swirly Tonal Top - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
Hope you are having a lovely week.
You doing anything nice?

A night out with old work colleagues last night.  I must admit to not wanting to venture out last night as the rain has arrived here and it been really cold, anyone else want to hibernate when it gets like that? We went to a local restaurant that I’ve only been to for lunch.  I wasn’t overly impressed on the first visit, but last night was a different story, maybe it’s because I went for dinner rather than lunch. We shared some smaller dishes … namely olives, prawns, buratta and hot bread. My second course was fish, I enjoyed the sea bream with prawns cannellini beans in a lobster bisque sauce. It was amazing, such tasty food that was devoured as if we’d never eaten before lol. - I’m pleased I went out in the end & had a really nice evening despite the rain! The venue was called Land And Sea so if you’re ever in the area, do give them a look!

I was going to wear this ensemble, but changed my mind last minute.  With the awful weather coming into play I needed something warmer and darker, didn’t want any splashes or dirty marks on these trousers. I thought you’d like to see it anyway

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 


Monday 16 October 2023

Black and White looking like Grey.

Hello, how are you?
All good with me, although another hectic weekend with the family, doing nothing! 😁

With the weather becoming rather chilly I even doned a jacket on Saturday when I went out. The midi dress looked right at home with my faux leather biker jacket over the top and it was like welcoming an old friend when I slipped it on. 

I’ve actually had those why-am-I-doing-this thoughts recently, comparing myself to everyone on social media and basically losing confidence by the day. Do you have those times when you feel everyone else is doing better, getting more and generally feeling deflated about the whole thing, so much so I’ve often thought shall I give it all up!  Deep down I really don’t want to and know I’m doing it for myself and no-one else, but it’s so easy to get drawn in to the negative thoughts I’ve been having! Fortunately it’s  taken one Instagram’er?/bloer to re-ignite my passion for blogging and producing content for the gram so I’m excited to get back into taking photos and reels and get myself back into the game. 

Todays outfit is what I wore on Saturday. After a busy morning with some of the kids and grandkids here I showered and styled my hair and picked this jersey dress for a relaxing afternoon watching tv (after tidying the toys and doing some ironing). 


Thursday 12 October 2023

Khaki Shirt Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends. 
How are you?

Had a busy day yesterday! Two gym classes and home to get ready for an afternoon out with my mum. She’s been sorting her big birthday celebration so we visited the venue to get everything confirmed. I’m excited for the night out with my hubby, kids plus partners and my sister and her family - I’ll be sharing all the details nearer the time and you’ll be the first to know, I promise!
We had lunch out too and I enjoyed a warm goats cheese and fig salad followed by a big piece of Victoria sponge … oh I forgot to add a glass or two of Prosecco too! 🤭

I turned to my capsule wardrobe as the temperatures were cooler than it has been, and wore my khaki shirt dress from Primark. 


Monday 9 October 2023

Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Khaki.

Morning my friends. 
How are you all doing?

Today's blog post is one I started to write last month and never got round to publishing it!

I’d been posting an Instagram reel and came across an absolute banging tune, one that means an awful lot to me. I like quite a mixed bag really, my music genres are all over the place & you’d find a real mix of tracks on my favourites list - ranging from classic songs, to musical tunes, with everything from the 50’s to now mixed in. I could never really pin down what’s at the top of my list but Club Tropicana would be up there as would many of the soul tunes from the 80’s and I’m partial to Cornfield Chase too. But let’s get back to the songs that stole my heart in 1982, the year I passed my driving test!

I remember having my sister’s little mini for a few months (until someone turned in front of me and wrote the car off).  The excitement of having four wheels at my convenience and being able to drive where I wanted to and when was amazing.   I lived right out in the sticks where there were only two buses a day! One in the morning and one about lunch time, the return buses were lunch time and early evening - so there was no thought of getting a bus out and home for a night out. I had to rely on my mum or dad, although very good, weren’t very appreciative of being a taxi in the middle or the night let alone the early hours of the morning! So as you can imagine as soon as I was old enough I learnt to drive. I passed the test first time and used whatever car I could until I bought my own (my sisters old car and had to pay back each month)!
The freedom of driving along on my own listening to a tape player playing the only cassette I had - Earth Wind and Fire was thrilling.  My favourite tracks were played on repeat every time I went out. September, Boogie Wonderland, Let’s Groove, Shining Star and Fantasy to name but a few, all mean the world to me.  I can remember the feeling of the world being my oyster, filled with the wonder of what lie ahead of me, feeling I could do anything and go anywhere. I how I loved that feeling. Do you recall that too?  I could never have imagined my life now, a wonderful husband, five amazing children who now have some clever and supportive partners and my awesome grand-kids, 7 🤍 of them so far!  I’ve been to some amazing places and done some extraordinary things so far and I reckon there’s a few more lots more adventures to come. 

Well for me a court shoes never really went out of style, how about you?  Is it a look you like to wear?

Today I’m going to share this snippet from my capsule wardrobe.  Khaki colours are perfect for Autumn and I can't wait to delve into putting together some imaginative outfits this season. 


Thursday 5 October 2023

Styling Tailored Trousers with a Stripey Shirt - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning everyone. 
How’s your week going?

Don’t the weeks seem to fly by now? It’ll be Christmas before I know it so I might be starting my gift buying soon! As always I’m excited to get my tree up and the house decorated, but I’ll hold fire on that for a few weeks more! Lol. 
Today I thought this cool outfit needed some love. 
I’m all over the wide leg trousers so when I saw these in my local F & F I had to go back and buy them! They sit nicely with my elegant candy stripe shirt. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 2 October 2023

September Review.

Hi there,
How are you?

Another month has passed and we edge ever nearer to Christmas, the shops have festive bits in them already.
The weather has played fair and been fairly dry over the past few days, which means it's been easier to take photos.  I'm trying to summon up lots of confidence so I can go further afield to take shots in some different places - I don't want you to get bored of my usual surroundings.  I have about three basic areas, plus the garden (which isn't very pretty) to take them, so can you all send me heaps of conviction to take the plunge.  How do you get on taking your pictures?  Do you have a helper or are you blatant and take them when strangers are around and not give a second thought?

So as it's the beginning of October my post today is reminiscing last months looks for the ....

September Review.

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