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Monday 29 March 2021

Style Not Age - Borrowed from the Boys!

Good morning my friends.
Hope you are well.
Last Monday in March can only mean one thing .... a post featuring the ladies from the Style not Age collective.
This month fell to Emma to come up with an interesting topic and a rather engaging prompt she offered us too!
Borrowed from the Boys.

Well this left the challenge wide open quite honestly.  There were so many routes I could take, so I hope you are impressed with the one I chose.
I think Emma had more in mind to theoretically borrow styles that boys wear, where I took it more literally - I borrowed this from 'my boy'!


Thursday 25 March 2021

Oia Anti Wrinkle Patches, LumiSpa, Lumity Supplements - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends.
How are you all?
I imagined a lazy week, but so far it's ended up quite busy.  I looked after my grandson for the afternoon on Tuesday, we had lots of fun and he was quite worn out when I took him home - although I was surprised when I left and he waved to mummy and daddy and tried to come back with me - he obviously loves being at nanny's house.  
Yesterday I met up with a friend and went for a seaside walk, it was nice to chat and catch up as this is the only thing we're allowed to do at the moment, but we both can't wait until we can get together properly and enjoy a meal with some fizz. My calendar will be chock-a-block when the day arrives and we can spend some quality time with family and friends. X 

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me right out of my comfort zone reviewing Oia Anti-Wrinkle Patches.  
You can catch the full post here - do let me know what you think.

Monday 22 March 2021

The Perfect Boots for Spring Dressing.

Hi there my friends.
How are you?
On Saturday I had my first vaccine!  I felt fine afterwards and didn't suffer from any side effects.  I even managed to cut the grass.  Only the front lawn, but all being well and with accommodating weather this week I will tackle the back garden.     
Sunday was the usual slow day, I didn't make any prior plans to cook as I didn't know how I'd be feeling, but with no bad effects I helped cook a wonderful roast lamb dinner - yummy!
I'm keeping up with my couch to 5k routine and am getting back into the swing of running.  I do need some new running trainers and hopefully that will have more of an improvement. 😉

Today I'm sharing one o my Mother's Day presents.  A few years ago the kids got me some ivory ankle boots that have been worth their weight in gold.  They've completed many a stylish outfit and are still going strong ... you've probably seen them on the blog once or twice *tongue in cheek emoji*  How lucky to get another longer version this year.  You're going to love these my friends. X


Thursday 18 March 2021

Fifth Blog Birthday - GIVEAWAY - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
Can it be time for the #linkup already?

Well if the past year can fly by like it has I suppose the last few days can do too!
With last week being a blur for me, I had wanted to post abut my five year blog-aversary and tell you about my Giveaway to celebrate the fact.  However life had other plans for me.  You can read all about my bitter-sweet week here, and I have to thank all my wonderful friends who have been full of love and support, it's been a great help indeed. X
There's also a fabulous Giveaway to enter, although it's only open to UK residents I'm afraid.  You can find out how to enter below.


Monday 15 March 2021

My Bitter-Sweet Week.

Hi there my friends.
How are you all?
Thanks for staying with me, I've had such a bitter-sweet week and took a few days away from social media to collect my thoughts.
You may have read about my past week, having had to say a tearful farewell to my darling little dog Roxy and also welcome my new little grand-daughter too.  I also had the pleasure of looking after my grandson whilst his mum and dad were in hospital.  It's been a roller-coaster ride for sure and I have been emotionally drained.
My little dog has been around for nearly 16 years and I remember the day she arrived so clearly.....


Monday 8 March 2021

February Review - Happy Blog birthday. 5 Years!

Morning my friends.
All good here.
I can't believe this is my 5th blog anniversary!  Five years of blogging!
I'm sharing a post about my last few years in the land of blogging on Thursday and there's a Giveaway to enter which I'll also share on IG - be sure to stop by and join (UK bloggers only I'm afraid).

Like last week's late post I've also neglected to arrange the February Review!  I got caught up with family, the house and the garden I completely forgot about it - opps!
So I'm sharing it today - only a week late. Lol
February Review.

It's a bitter-sweet week for me, today I'm having to say a very sad goodbye to my darling little dog Roxy, she's just short of 16 human years which makes her a really old lady in dog years & I'm heartbroken.  I'd like to dedicate a post to her in the next couple of weeks, maybe you'd like to read about my sweet little girl. X
The sweet side of my story is the fact my new little grandchild will be making an appearance, well that's if baby decides to arrive today!  I have the great pleasure of looking after big brother and it will make the day so much happier to have him to look after him overnight and take my mind of my darling little dog. 💗  Life has a funny way of doing things like this doesn't it!  I'll keep you posted how things go.

💗  Life has a funny way of doing things like this doesn't it!


Thursday 4 March 2021

How to 'Winterise' a Summer Dress - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
How are you all doing?
With schools returning on Monday I'm hoping the road-map out of lock-down is going to work, I'm sure like me your just about fed up with the whole thing!
Not much to report this week really, I had a zoom meeting with my Neal's Yard consultant.  It was a fun hour going over the facial routines I learnt from her last year.  She also sent a sample of a new product for me to try. I have to say I'm smitten with the Frankincense Hydrating Essence & having been using the sample daily have seen a noticeable difference.  That will have to be added to my list.  Do let me know if you are interested in learning about Neal's Yard, it's made such a difference to my beauty routine. X

Other than that I've just been having fun getting more outfits sorted in my new room.  It's so nice to have things close to hand - I've been adding to it bit by bit and it's really coming on a treat.
Did you catch my last two posts featuring the Spencer vest?  I'm so pleased I managed to find the exact one I wanted - I've got a few outfits planned to show it off again, so please stay tuned.


Monday 1 March 2021

Vest, Tank or Spencer Top - What Do You Call It?

Hi there, good morning to you all.
Well haven't we had some lovely weather in the UK recently?
It's actually been warm enough to sit OUTSIDE in the sun over the weekend.  I'm sure the vitamin D worked wonders for me because on Sunday I woke up in a really happy and positive mood.  I actually wanted to get on with my jobs and enjoyed preparing the vegetables for our roast dinner.  
I also feel I'm starting to get to grips of my camera and managing to get some super shots {see below} taken by my son.  Well to be honest my daughter too some great photos too but when I checked them out I realised I'd already taken & shared some piccy's of the same outfit.  Quick change of clothes and makeup so my son could take more! {the memory really isn't what it used to be}. Lol
If you saw Thursday's post you'll have seen I've been talking about the #Spencer top - other names for this item are a vest top or tank top.  You may also be like me wearing them for the second time around!  They were the height of fashion in the 70's and I vaguely remember having a navy knitted v neck that stretched in all the wrong places!  I didn't think I'd be going there again, but spotted this gorgeous lady wearing hers over a dress and immediately wanted in on the act.  I found I had one that I really didn't want to admit to, but having seen how popular they've become enjoyed styling it with a pleated skirt and plain white blouse last week. X  
Here's how I styled the one I found on Ebay from Zara.

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