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Monday 30 October 2017

Meeting blogging friends in London.

Good Morning, how's your weekend been?
It's the last birthday today after a row of them in the MummaB circle.

Have you remembered what I was doing at the weekend?  Yes my mum's birthday celebrations and a meeting with two ladies from the 5 Over 50 Collection.  I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Gail from Is this mutton , Anna from Anna's Island Style I  also Annemarie from  Mutton Years Style and I came along too.  I can't believe we actually did meet up, but we did & it was wonderful to get together with these inspiring ladies - finding out much more about them that you can't get from just reading a blog!

Here's what I wore to meet the ladies, I was all over the place with my choice of look, should I wear jeans? - too casual, a dress? too cold and dressy, leggings? not my best first meeting look either!  Well I shouldn't have worried at all because we all had a mixture of looks and all the ladies looked fabulous in the style choices.


Thursday 26 October 2017

Lotus court shoes, with Lemon and Grey.

Hello - how's you week going?

Plenty going on this week for me with three birthday celebrations all in a row!  Birthdays are like buses in my household, none for months then an abundance to celebrate.

I'm also really excited for Saturday to arrive, apart from it being my mum's birthday I'm going to meet two blogging friends in REAL LIFE!! I know calm down, calm down, but I feel it will be like meeting celebrities!!  Well in my blogging sphere they are.  I'll fill you in next week just who I'm getting together with, so hope you'll pop back to see.

You, like me may get plenty of ideas of outfits from fellow bloggers - am I right? Yes I thought so, anyhow I've been inspired by a blogger but can't for the life of me remember which lady it is!!! So instead of featuring her on my Style Steal I'll just get right on and show my copy, & in my head I'll give a private nod of thanks to my fellow blogger.


Monday 23 October 2017

Opal Fruits, Polos and a bottle of Coke.

Hi there.
How're you bloggers doing?

I'm sure you're a little confused by my title "Opal Fruits, Polos & a bottle of Coke"-  let me explain ...

With Halloween fast approaching the witching hour will soon be upon us.  Plenty of you will be scurrying around frantically getting bits and pieces together for the all important Halloween outfit.  I'm actually getting involved after way too many years of abstinence, no not because I haven't wanted to get dressed up, actually never having a party to go to!  Esther Ruby changed that for me when she came up with the plan of having her party with a Halloween theme.  I jumped at the chance of dressing up, eager to have some scary make-up added to an equally scary outfit.  Okay I'm not looking that scary, but you get the gist!

Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Things don't scare me like they used to ...


Thursday 19 October 2017

Lotus Chelsea boots for Autumn.

Hi there, how are you lovelies doing?
Looking for fashion inspiration for the over fifties? (or younger - everyone is welcome.) you've come to the right place.

All good here with MummaB, settling nicely into Autumn, but I still haven't managed to sort and organise my wardrobe - slapped wrist for me!
I have managed to work out exactly what I need to .... dare I say it .... complete my Autumn wardrobe! There I've said it but don't tell hubby! Lol.  There's literally a handful of items I need to make my wardrobe work though-out the coming months, yes until the next change of season - no not Spring I mean Winter, ha ha ha!!
So apart for the knee length boots I'm STILL after I don't actually need ANY boots to complete my collection, well that is until I see another pair that I simply HAVE to have.πŸ˜‰

Here's where the latest have to have boots make an appearance! 
Having worked with Lotus Shoes* in the past, I figured these striking boots would be well merited in my boot collection.  Wearing them today I'm feeling even more chuffed with my choice.   I've always loved a Chelsea boot and these are no exception.  Smitten by the shiny silver Chelsea boots,* bowled over by the block heal, quite simply I love everything about these dreamy but dramatic boots.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 16 October 2017

MummaB - Style Steal.

Hi there, welcome to my blog.

Today I'm sharing another style steal.

With so much inspiration on the blogs I follow, back in August I decided to copy a look from another fashion blogger who's style I admired immensely, this has led to a monthly posting of copies from other inspiring ladies.

So without further ado here's my steal for October!

Meet Nancy, her blog about women's fashion centres around her style, fashion and lifestyle in the Netherlands. 


Thursday 12 October 2017

Floral for Autumn - why not!

Hello there, thanks for visiting today.

Last week my daughter decided to clear out her wardrobe.  So she scattered all the clothes over her bed, on the chest of drawers & also on the floor & set about going through them.  Managing to create some three or so bags for the charity shop and one for the bin! 
This is something I need to do, but I keep putting it off!  I will psych myself up and try to address this soon! Pinky promise!!!

Anyway, whilst my daughter was reorganising her wardrobe I spotted a jacket lurking under the charity pile.  Pulling it from it's slumber from under the huge pile I asked about it.  She explained it was a jacket she had bought some months earlier, but hadn't checked the size It must run in the family It was on the wrong hangar, so she bought the wrong size! 
Silver lining... I benefited from her loss and nabbed a freebie for myself!  I must add she's only gone and done it again a few weeks ago and guess what?  I got another give-away jacket - read about that in a future post I'll be sharing. X


Monday 9 October 2017

Navy crops with pattern matching & gin tasting.

Hi there, hope you're all okay.

Was it a good weekend? 
What did you get up to? 
Hope whatever it was you had fun!

Saturday night we went to friends for a 'Gin Night' which involved tasting gin, and lots of it too!  Lucky me!
Are you a lover of gin?


Thursday 5 October 2017

RoseGal Wish List.

Hi there, how it's going?

Rosegal my wish list.
Sharing with you today my wish list from Rosegal and their fabulous selection of dresses and blazers.
Read on to find more information about my list.

Well and truly into Autumn now, so the Summer wardrobe is taking a nap, although I am taking a break in November to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (more about that in the future).  Therefore a few items will be getting an airing & seeing the light of day again - albeit only for a week!
I've been buying a few more garments for my Autumnal wardrobe recently, these include something I've been seeking for ages.  Peep toe boots have been on the top of my wish list, but until last week I had no luck with finding the right style and colour.  I happened to be looking for long boots and by chance came across these beauties on the J D Williams site.  The perfect colour - tan, the right style - not a boot, however not totally a shoe.  The heel height just ideal for an everyday run around, I've worn these twice already, feeling rather pleased that I've found them.


Monday 2 October 2017

5Over5O - A woman wears many hats!

Hello, thanks for stopping by today.
You found me styling the latest edition of the 5 Over 50 challenge. Set by Gail from Is this Mutton? who just so happens to be the lady who bought us all together.
If you haven't seen our previous challenges you can view what five over fifty fashion bloggers styled hereherehereherehere.

A women wears many hats!
How true is that statement?
This task, as with some of the other challenges had me on a stumbling block.
Upon a little brain crashing I realised this subject had a double meaning!
Actually this woman wears many metaphorical hats! Although owning hardly any!!

When the children were much younger I had many hats to wear including wife, mother, nurse, taxi driver, gardener, children's entertainer, cleaner and chef!  (I bet that rings true with plenty of you). Now-a-days I'm still as busy but with some different hats added and some taken away. All of these have enriched my life in so many ways, but there's still so much more to learn and enjoy.
So now the hats I wear are a wife, PA to hubby, cleaner, chef, mother, daughter, gardener, dog walker and occasional taxi driver, however much more importantly blogger, shopper & NannyπŸ’— need to be added to the list and I particularly love these 'hats'. πŸŽ©πŸ‘’

So my style today obviously includes a hat, but not my hat as I don't own any like this - my only offering would be a grey pull on beret, oh or a ski helmet - not sure that would look right with my dress, ha ha!
This gorgeous burgundy floppy felt hat belongs to my trusty photographer Esther Ruby.  I knew she had a couple that would be perfect for the outfit I'd imagined so asked if she could bring them along for the shoot - voila here's the result.

Picking up a pattern fusing habit from Anna - she's the queen of mixing it up, and I hope she's impressed with my offering.  This is a trend that is totally alien to me, I've been taking baby steps to try and get into my groove with blending designs.  I'm still not over confident with the abstract pattern of my dress fusing with the snakeskin bag.
Don't they conflict with each other rather than merge?

Having owned the dress for years, it's something that comes out every once in a while and serves a purpose.  I'm normally very precise about what I like and don't like with clothes, but by contrast I'm very in-different about this casual jersey dress,  I neither love this or hate it! I feel it could be slightly longer, but on this occasion I'm swayed by the colours and front pockets - so for now it's getting a thumbs up from me.πŸ‘

Dress from Debenhams find similar dresses here
Boots from Debenhams find similar ankle boots here.

That's a wrap hat from me - lol!
Let's see how my four other friends got on with this challenge.

Over to Gail the founder of 5Over50.

You can find her here IsThis Mutton?
We've obviously got the same mind set because we're wearing similar colour and style hats.
I love your red accessories Gail, especially those boots reflecting that fabulous backdrop of hanging red ivy.

Laurie can be found at Vanity and Me Style.

What a perfect jumpsuit Laurie is wearing, the two tone trilby compliments her accessories wonderfully well, and you're going shine under the golden glow of the lamplight Laurie - glorious!

Next here's Hilda from Over the Hilda.

She is sharing her stunning made-to-measure Anthony Peto hat. How marvellous is this leopard print boater, Hilda you've made a stunning statement with the hat and your super stylish coat - I feel red coats are the way forward this season, so Hilda you're spot on with yours.

Finally Anna from Anna's Island Style.

Sharing not only her style, but some artwork and stunning surroundings too!
Looking cheeky in this blue outfit, & with that cute bowler hat Anna we're seeing your original off-beat style that you create so well.

The links for these bloggers are listed above, so I hope you'll be visiting for more ideas.

Glad you could catch our fifth instalment and hope you'll get plenty of musings from me and my blogger friends.  Let us know what styles you've been inspired by & maybe leave a link to a photo!!! 😁

Thank you Esther Ruby for producing such stunning photos again. x

Thanks so much for stopping by, I'd love to hear a comment from you.

Bye for now. X

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