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Monday 30 May 2022

Style Not Age - Birthstone Beauties.

Morning my friends. 
Hope your month went well.

June this week sounds crazy doesn't it!
As it's the last Monday of the month it's time to look at what the ladies from Style not Age have been working on.  It was my turn this time and as it fell in my birth month I thought the title of 
Birthstone Beauties would be a topical challenge.  I'm thrilled to see each of my friends have a different stone, all the looks are so different and our individual personalities really do shine through.

I've always loved my birthstone, it's an Emerald and although I don't wear much green I always feel it suits me so well - do let me know what you think. X


Thursday 26 May 2022

It's a Wrap ... Dress from Per Una - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends, hope you are well.
How's your week been?

Since Monday's post I've been doing a little bit of DIY.  For the first time ever I've put wallpaper on the wall!!  I'm so proud of my achievement and you'd have thought I'd painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel .. lol  Let me tell you a little of the back story, you see David and I are planning to build two new houses on our property - so we haven't done much to our house and most certainly many of the rooms need serious attention.  You'll have seen my new dressing room that we created back in January, but I only did a little bit of painting then.  This week I've been putting wallpaper up! (Is there a proud moji?)  I was watching some TikTok's showing how to make-over a cloakroom and was introduced to self adhesive wallpaper!  Have you heard of it?  Well as you can guess you peel off the back and stick on the wall.  It was a bit fiddly in places, but I eventually got to grips with it and managed to paper the whole of the room.  It was only halfway down as the rest will be painted, but so far so good.  Will share some photos when it's all done.

For my birthday the other day I had a gorgeous wrap dress given to me from the children, they tend to put their money together and buy one or two big presents - I got this pretty wrap dress, the lilac mules, a statement summer hat and some chocolates.  I'm happy to say the dress is a perfect fit and just what I would buy myself.


Monday 23 May 2022

What to Wear for a Barge Race on The Thames.

Morning my friends.
How are you?

Another busy Saturday for me, I went to London to watch my youngest son James compete in The Barge Race on the River Thames.  It's an age old tradition, and you can read more about it here!
It was an early start departing for the train at 7.30am.  I took a picnic lunch, snacks and drinks as we were on the boat all day - with no loo we had to stop off at various points for comfort breaks and getting on and off the boat was ... err shall I say interesting!   You can see my wobbly boarding of the boat over on Instagram. 😅

I obviously had to wear something suitable for a day on the boat, as well as getting on and off, it's a work boat so not really suitable for dressy outfits.  I wore jeans. I do admit that wearing white jeans wasn't really my best decision.  Well you do the math's boat and white jeans, yeah I got them dirty!!!
To be fair I think I looked the part, and that's all that matters really eh?


Thursday 19 May 2022

A White Maxi from Nomads Clothing - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello everyone, hope you're well.
Huge thanks for stopping by, I'm very honoured to have your continued support.

We've had brilliant weather so far this week, I've been living in floaty dresses and skirts with some pretty sandals to match.  With the second stint of birthdays just about done I'm starting to think about my holiday in June.  Did I mention we are going away with all the kids, their partners AND their children!  That makes 18 on a plane to Majorca to stay in an all inclusive hotel in Can Picafort (for those who want to avoid the area we go at the end of June). 😜
I'll be doing the usual and packing one pieces like dresses and jumpsuits, I just find that so much easier than taking separates where I end up wearing the wrong things together leaving an outfit totally unsuitable - have you ever done that?  My daughter has now said that's what she will do, so I must have passed on some helpful tips somewhere along the line!

Now if you dropped by on Monday you'd have seen it was my birthday on Sunday, another year older and maybe a bit wiser.  I wanted to have family and friends round and provide drinks and some food, and that's just what I did!
As I mentioned above the weather was nice on Sunday, not too warm, but warm enough to have an outside gathering.  David cooked his usual amazing roast potatoes - in goose fat & I made two pates, one smoked salmon and the other my signature starter ... chicken liver pate.  I also had crisps and some dips & a few sweets to keep the children happy.  I received some wonderful gifts and felt well and truly spoiled especially after getting a cute orange bag and matching belt, some new trainers, a dress, jacket sandals, chocolates and lots of pretty flowers and lovely cards - it was a perfect day that I'd been waiting two years to happen, lock-down birthday's just weren't the same were they! 

I've been lucky enough to review some pieces from Nomads Clothing over the past few weeks and found this white maxi will be a winner for Summer as there's so many different ways to style it!  You can catch a reel I made for Instagram featuring some of the looks, and this one has to be one of my best looks!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 16 May 2022

Wedding wear in Izabel London.

Afternoon my friends.
I can't believe I'm so late with this post!

I've have such a busy weekend with a wedding on Saturday and then it was my birthday yesterday!
So today's post will be be bit short and sweet, but I promise to be back on track by Thursday.

So let's start with the wedding.
It was the wedding of one of my daughter's oldest friends, which she was bridesmaid.  It's be planned for a few years, and fortunately Covid didn't cause any issues for them.  I mentioned in a previous post I'd bought a dress from the same company I was gifted this beauty from.  Izabel London have an absolutely stunning selection and at one stage I have about 7 in my basket!  I finally took the plunge with this cerise stunner.  I just couldn't resist the colour and style and knew without a doubt that it would suit me and I had just the right shoes to go with it.

You can see my previous post featuring the maxi I was sent and as they're both reasonably priced maybe I should have bought more!


Thursday 12 May 2022

Birthday's, Ballet Results and Bardot Styles - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
How's it going?

I'm on the count down to my birthday, it's only 3 days away! Not that I want to be another year older, but I want to spend time with my family and friends.  Like all of you, lock-down has scuppered any plans to get together over the last two years, so with all the rules lifted I'm hoping my family will be round to celebrate with a drink or two! 😉  
On Saturday I'm off to another wedding with hubby.  My daughter is bridesmaid to one of her oldest friends and it's been lovely to be included in the celebrations.  I've got a couple of dresses in mind, and also a new one has been ordered (hope it comes in time) from the company that sent me this one I wore to the wedding last week. 

The blue lace dress I've been planning to wear has been hanging on the rail since the first and only time I wore it - it was to my niece's wedding way back in 2017, but as it's a classic style I know it wouldn't look out of place - but as I've still not tried in on (I've lost weight and put on weight and lost again since) I don't know if it will fit!!
Don't worry I'll let you know which one I chose to wear.

I need to tell you about my ballet exam result.  Do you remember I did an adult ballet exam a few weeks ago?  Well I managed to get honours with a score of 89!!! As you can imagine I'm elated to achieve this, especially only training once a week and being over 50!  Just goes to show anything is possible and you're never too old to try something new!

Anyway back to dresses, let me share one I've got earmarked for my upcoming holiday to Majorca.  Have I mentioned we are going with ALL THE KIDS AND THEIR FAMILIES in June????
It's going to be an interesting one for sure and I'm anticipating all of us being THAT family that people want to avoid - lol!  I'm setting a few ground rules before we travel and I'm hoping for a row free happy holiday - stay tuned for that outcome in July!!!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Monday 9 May 2022

Wearing my Izabel Dress to a Wedding.

Morning my friends.
How you doing today?

I've had a lovely week, with a wedding on Thursday and a lovely dinner with friends on Saturday night.
We have the next stint of birthdays coming up starting with mine next Sunday.  I'm planning on having friends and family round for some drinks and nibble - it'll be the first time I've celebrated a birthday properly since the beginning of Covid and I'm really excited to see everyone together.  I've put my order in for a big birthday cake from my daughter - you can see what she baked me last year.  I've asked for a Victoria sponge but the rest will be a surprise, I love a surprise do you?

It's the season of weddings isn't it and I have three in the space of 3 months, so when I was asked by Izabel London if I'd like to pick something from the website I had fun looking through their pretty items.
My eyes fell upon this stunner so I looked no further! 

Items marked with * have been gifted for me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 5 May 2022

Moshulu Sandals by the Seaside - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
I hope you are all well.

Another busy few days for Mummabstylish - the Bank Holiday always throws me off track, so with that and a couple of birthdays recently I don't know if I'm coming or going. 😅 
On Tuesday I went to see the new Downton Abbey film.  It's called A New Era and I was suitably impressed with the whole thing.  I'm a big fan and watched the series religiously every Sunday evening.  My Mother-in-law also loved watching it with us and we had many an enjoyable Sunday evening watching it.  My daughter is also a huge fan too - she walked down the aisle to the theme tune and even had one of the cars featured in the drama for her wedding!  Lovely memories for us all, did you ever watch it? I have to say what a fabulous 'feel good' film it was - thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and actually want to see it again - I always see other bits when I watch a film again - do you?

With a couple of holidays booked I've started thinking about my Summer wardrobe.  I have plenty of one piece dresses and jumpsuits so won't need to add too much there, I will need some swimwear and maybe a couple of cover up dresses.  One thing I won't be needing are a pair of comfy sandals as I was recently approached by Moshulu asking if I'd like to review a pair of my choice.  Well with a fantastic selection I found on the site I just had to say yes!

If you order now and up until Tuesday 10th May (11.59pm) Moshulu are offering £10 off cork sandals - I do love a bargain, do you?  So why not take advantage of the above discount and get yourself a stylish pair too! 

Items marked with * have been gifted and this is a sponsored post.  All comments are 100% my own.


Monday 2 May 2022

April Review.

Hi there my friends.
Hope Bank Holiday weekend is going well for you.
I've had a ball!

Friday night I went to Ballroom as usual, we learnt the quickstep. Boy was it quick!  I got quite hot running around the floor doing chasse's, lock Steps and quarter turns, it was great to learn these fast steps and I managed to get through the whole routine fairly well, even if I do say so myself.  Back home to a Chinese takeaway and a glass of fizz with the excited anticipation of a long Bank Holiday weekend laying ahead of me.

Saturday morning was spent in the garden, I cut both front and back lawn and after tidying up a few pots and running my daughter into Canterbury I came home to strim the boarders.  I love to see the garden all neat and tidy and will be getting the pots ready for Summer plants and flowers in the next few weeks.  We had a cheat meal again by way of a burger and kebab!  Not the healthiest of dinners, but tasted bloody good!  Hubby and I watched Forest Gump although I have to admit to not seeing the end of it, it's a brilliant film and isn't Tom Hanks just the best actor!

Sunday was nice and relaxed, I'd decided not to do a big roast but knew I had a full fillet steak in the freezer so decided to cook a Beef Wellington.  Yes it was amazing!  Tasty and delicious as you can imagine it would be - I didn't prepare or cook, hubby did that, but I am a fantastic sous chef getting everything chopped and ready to go, oh and having little tastes along the way - well that's the perks of the job isn't it!

As it's the beginning of May, there's only one thing to share today ... the April Review!

With April being a month of colder temperatures I wanted to share some new sandals and a shirt with you.  So layers are the best thing to turn to in cooler climbs therefore I picked wide leg trousers, a cotton shirt and little jacket which was just right for the mid-temperatures that we encountered.  Do stop by to read all about my frilly blouse and comfy mules.

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