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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Everyone should own a red dress!

Morning fellow bloggers.
This post should really have gone out over the weekend, but I seemed to be engrossed in so much other 'stuff' it got pushed to the back of the queue!
Saturday was filled with shopping for Christmas presents (I managed to purchase four great bargains!) a visit to our princess <3, accompanied my mum to a music presentation - topped off with a get-together for my nephew's birthday.  All in all a busy day with a late night thrown in. 
A very tired Mummab on Sunday.
No roast dinner was a blessing, so I managed to watch the last in the season Grand Prix - this had me on the edge of my seat a couple of times, however the result was really a foregone conclusion by the last few laps - Lewis won the race, but Rosburg won the championship!
After a lazy day on the sofa, I tucked into a wonderful take away curry, enjoying both that and Strictly Come Dancing.  I love the glitz, glamour, dancing and entertainment of this show and I always say that in my second life I'd like to have been a professional dancer - but happy with my hourly fix once a week!  Although that wont be the case this week as I had a rather unfortunate 'accident' on Sunday evening......
You see I'd been cleaning in my son's room, pulling his bed out and changing the duvet.
Having a break from this I settled down to watch my favourite telly program, then I completely forgot about it!
Some half hour or so later I realised I'd left the window open so I quickly ran to close it in the ad break - in the dark, jumping over the duvet but forgetting the bed was still pulled out, you guessed it I ran and smacked my foot full force into the edge of his bed. Ouchy wah wah indeed!  I'm now the not-so-proud owner of a rather bruised foot and toe, along with a little limp!  Only able to wear my Ugg boots - that'll be interesting outfit options for the next few days lol.

Do you agree with me that everyone should own a red dress?


Friday 25 November 2016

My musings, and exam results!

Morning my lovelies.

How are you over fifties fashion lovers doing?

Going to jump on the band wagon and share my Discount codes and musing this morning.

Lotus shoes have some fabulous boots in their sale that is on now, I've seen so many fabulous styles from long boots, ankle boots, walking boots and stunning shoe boots.  Worth taking a look, so far I'm loving the tan long leg boots. These knee highs will have you dancing at the splendid sale price of £35!
Lotus knee high boots.

Clarks have  20% off adult footwear and accessories. The sale ends midnight 28th November, use code BMERRY16.

Apricot Clothing black Friday deals  with up to 50% off plus free delivery on certain styles ends Monday with some cracking bargains.
So far I've spotted these beauties that I love!

Navy, aqua and stone check pattern hooded blanket cape.

Apricot Blanket Cape

Also from Apricot Clothing, love this jacket in black boucle and teddy faux fur collar for a cute price of £25, you'll be a warm as toast.

Apricot Jacket

How about perfume?  Debenhams have 15% off all perfume and Aftershave including gift sets. My particular favourite Jimmy Choo - this takes me back to the beautiful French Alps where I sprayed with abundance after receiving it for a belated Christmas present.  My husband bought it for me and gave it to my daughter to look after and wrap up, they both forgot and I received it just before departing for my skiing holiday and it was such a lovely surprise.
This girt set for today only is a cool £43.33!  Wow - surprise someone for Christmas with this.  (or even after Christmas if you forget about it!) Lol

Venturing into my ads class later this morning - so wish me luck as I've not been for yonks!  They'll be some aches and pains later today for sure.

Do you remember I told you a couple of weeks ago I was gently encouraged into a dancing exam See my post here and I'm happy to share I managed a whopping 85% gaining an honours mark!!!
Blimey how did that happen.  The examiner also marvelled at how enthusiastic we all were.  That's the thing about doing something when you're older - you don't really care what other people think and enjoy the moment while you can.

Enjoy bagging all those goodies today, and I can't wait to see what everyone has been buying.
Stay tuned over the weekend, I'll be sharing with you a beautiful red dress, with some stunning shots from my god-daughter Esther Ruby.

Until the next time - bye. X

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           Jacqui B.


Wednesday 23 November 2016

How to wear a delicate blouse in cold weather.

Hello fashion bloggers over fifty - and how are you doing?

Lunching with a couple of friends today, one I've not seen for a while so it will be good to catch up.

I'm always on the look out for suitable outfits for my over fifties fashion blog so whilst out shopping last week I spotted this gorgeous sheer blouse in the Matalan sale,  I was drawn by the pretty colours, but wasn't sure if it would be a suitable garment to wear in the colder months. 
I had an idea and quickly purchased said top, feeling rather happy with the bargain I'd bagged.
To be fair I would normally wear a little Cami t shirt underneath for two reasons, firstly it being very sheer fabric I'm not a fan of see-through tops, and secondly for extra warmth. 
But my idea, probably not very original, but a first for me none-the-less, a white roll neck jersey jumper beneath the blouse - ta da!  How good does this blouse look? matching the background colour just makes the flowers stand out more, and what rich colours they are!

The delicate fabric has a pretty floral design over it, in shades of pink, burgundy and  green.   With a tie neck detail around the collar and tiny gold button fastening at the cuff. 
Selecting the burgundy in the blouse, burgundy seemed the right choice for leg wear.  These straight leg trousers also from Matalan are only £16!  Other colours available are black and blue a great staple for your wardrobe that can be matched with so many different blouses, jackets and jumpers the different outfits you can concoct are endless!

Borrowed middle daughters fur gilet/vest, which I think finished off this look brilliantly.  The colours and texture mixed so well, making an impressive statement look.   The fur gilet was from H and M last year, however I've spotted these just about everywhere and frankly I want them all.  From Tesco to Debenhams they have prices to please most pockets - so grab a perfect addition that you won't be sorry you bought.

Do you remember the boots? My sale bargain from Florence and Fred. How can you forget them I seem to be wearing them all the time - so comfortable, stylish and a great neutral colour, I want to get the best use from them before the really bad weather arrives, when I won't be wearing them so much.  I have sprayed them with protector, which is a really good idea, especially for a suede boot.

The photos we very kindly taken by my god-daughter Esther Ruby, and I can't thank her enough for the time and patience she puts into making them look super.

You can really see that pretty details on this sheer blouse.  I love the colours across it.
The delightful flowers over it are so on point at the moment, and I'll still be able to wear this come the spring, with the aforementioned Cami t shirt.

Off to get ready for my girly lunch, I'll catch up again in the week.

One last word - good luck with black Friday, hope you get all you want.

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Cheerio Fellow Blogger. X

                 Jacqui B.


Tuesday 22 November 2016

Re-visiting an old colour combination - Mustard and Navy.

Morning to you all,

Hope your weekend went well, and for fellow bloggers in the UK it wasn't too blustery!  I think Storm Angus blew a few cobwebs away over the past couple of days.  Sending out best wishes to anyone who's suffered from the awful floods in Britain too.

I managed to blow a few cobwebs away at the weekend too.  Saturdays are normally spent relaxing at home watching my favourite telly shows and having a take away, however not the case for last Saturday I had a prior arrangement - afternoon tea!
Celebrating a friends birthday at a local hotel. Some six of us enjoyed a lovely afternoon cream tea, complete with a cheeky bottle of prosecco (or two - lol).
The tea was amazing, but I wish the same could be said about the service!  Leaving us waiting much longer than we really should have been, and being rather haphazardly late with the arrival of accompanying milk, jam and cream for the afternoon tea.  I'm thinking they were in need of a decent manager to guild them in the right direction!

In time we parted company with three of the party  who made their way home, leaving me and two friends waiting for our husbands to arrive in town - with the rain pouring down outside there was only one thing to do - have another bottle of prosecco of course!
Meeting up with the boys in a local pub (thank heaven for scarfs) before making our way to one of my favourite restaurants for an Italian meal.  After eating the large afternoon tea, I opted for a light option having chicken and parma ham in a white wine served with some mouth watering spinach,  I'm not sure quite how they cook it, but it does taste divine.  Sharing a bottle of Syrah red wine, we ate, talked, laughed and reminisced about our previous years weekend break to Lake Como, only to find out it was our waiters family home - paying homage to the stunning Italian lake we stayed on, creating this gorgeous dessert for us, stunning!

Fabulous roast beef dinner for ten on Sunday - cooking a fabulous fore rib of beef with all the trimmings, I was so full up I can honestly say I only ate dinner on Monday.

Sharing today a throw back look of an outfit I wore much earlier on in the year. I really think mustard and navy go well  together so along with these colours and my recent gifted navy shoe boots from Lotus Shoes see my previous post here,
Navy always looks fabulous with mustard, so adding this Chanel style scarf in a brighter Persian blue it created a classic look, so along with the jeans it became a casual look. Perfect for an over 50 year old to potter around in and still look stylish.
I hope you agree with me, you can wear your jeans and still look well presented.

Shoe boots with jeans are a perfect combination for Autumn, and Lotus Shoes have got a stunning collection just waiting for you. 
Do you love how I've scattered the leaves to enhance the setting - lol, I can thank Storm Angus for that!

Have a fabulous day ladies, I'll be catching up with you tomorrow.

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Bye. X

           Jacqui B.


Saturday 19 November 2016

Camel coat

Hello fellow bloggers.

How's it going?

You may remember I had my eyes on a camel coat from a stunning range at Debenhams, see my recent blog here
So last week I finally made the decision to buy.

How do you like the coat?

A typical Crombie style with split lapels, and a pocket on either side.   This dark camel hue makes a nice change to the lighter, classic tones normally chosen.  This beauty only set me back £59, such a good price for a classic style that will never date, and a neutral colour that can be worn with many different styles - certainly worth it's weight.
A great length on me finishing just above the knee.  This coat is such a great fit.  I've worn this over a jumper and blouse - I hate having the feeling of bulky, tight piece underneath, and this is neither tight or cumbersome.  Debenhams have some super coats, jackets and coatigans in store now, and with the weather getting somewhat cooler by the day, now is the perfect time to buy one.

I decided to wear this last week for a walk in the harbour, the sun was shining, however weather was spot on for the season and rather chilly, so my coat was well and truly needed and as was the scarf!

I think upon reflection I should have bough this sign in this little kiosk!  So apt for me lol.
"Prosecco Queen" indeed!
Previously worn check scarf see here makes an excellent partner to my crombie coat, pulling the colours together -  I'm enjoying how they look.

We wandered around the pretty harbour, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells that go hand in hand in this environment.   Lucky for us to have this on our door step, because back in the summer months it wouldn't have been so relaxed or accessible, with so many visitors venturing into our little town.

To start the casual look I wore to the harbour, I picked these comfortable half leather/suede flats from Clarks.  These I've owned for a couple of years, but they never fail to impress me - finishing off a casual look with style thrown in.

Picking out the dark blue stripe in my scarf  I matched it with some Zara bold dark blue skinny jeans, these along with a navy jumper, both creating a background to showcase this Debenhams camel coat perfectly.

I hadn't expected this!  Not buttons and button holes, but large press-studs, three in fact!
If I'm totally honest, I would prefer buttons for a more secure fastening, because the top press stud popped open a couple of times leaving a bit of a gap, but the other two stayed perfectly in place, and I can cover up with a scarf so didn't prove a major problem for me.

I'm happy with this carefree, casual look that was so suitable for my little outing. 
However the weather never fails to amaze me when each day is so different from another, the next day was very cold with rain and strong winds making it seems even colder, scattering leaves across the paths, and hair like I've touch an electric current, making fashion shots impossible, thumbs up we picked the best day, more luck than judgement I must add!

Off out for a birthday celebration with the girls this afternoon, a nice reason to glam up a bit.  Afternoon tea at a local venue, I'm very much looking forward to tucking into some sandwiches, cakes and a scone or two! :-p

Have a great weekend and I'll check back with you next week. 
I 'm starting to think about Christmas and present buying, but how are you all doing?

Special thanks to my god-daughter Esther Ruby for creating some gorgeous shots, she certainly has got a talent here, and I'm so happy we can help each other along with our hobbies. X

Bye and have fun. X
              Jacqui B.


Wednesday 16 November 2016

Wednesday wearing pink.

Good Morning friends.
How's it going?

What a dismal day yesterday was,  so a quick visit into town was on the cards for me.  Yay, I managed to dodge the rain.
I don't know about you but stores seem to change their fashion collections quicker than they ever have before.  One week you spot something, the next time you shop it's gone and no sign of it on the Internet for some items either!  So the old saying of 'get it before it's gone' rings true now more than ever. 
That being said isn't it nice to enjoy new colours and ideas more frequently?
So brightening up my dismal rainy day yesterday was eyeing some new colours I'd not thought about before.  The likes of Deep forest green silk blouses with gorgeous ruffles running down the sides, a pretty pale lilac slinky trumpet sleeve blouse (personal favourite)  lime green velour tops and a petrol blue dress, all making excellent additions in any wardrobe especially an over 50 fashion blogger.
Try wearing the forest green with blue trousers, the petrol blue dress over a t shirt and leggings or the lilac blouse under a grey sleeveless dress.  You CAN have fun mixing and matching.
Give one of these colours a go and see what fun YOU can have matching it to items already in your closet.

Forest Green ruffle blouse
H and M

Petrol Blue Strappy dress
H and M

Heather Trumpet sleeve blouse
H and M

Going along with the theme of matching a fresh colour choice to your closet to see how it can be styled,  yesterday I did just that...

I spotted this pink jumper on special offer in H and M, how can you go wrong with a ten pound jumper?  I know I've got umpteen necklaces and even more scarfs that will all be queueing to get a look in on the act of compiling a stylish outfit for a bargain price. 
Try to think outside the box just literally throwing items together on the bed to see if they work, add in a necklace or bracelet to see if it blends or pops.  Both work equally well for different outfits and occasions, it's just a case of seeing what you like.  Remember we are all different so no one is right or wrong - what works for one person may not for another!

Pale pink making a subtle statement along side black and white trousers, these are previous season from Florence and Fred, black and white are a great staple buy for trousers and are everywhere in the stores now, grab a pair and you'll find they can fit into so many colour arrangements - and you'll have fun finding them. 
Now in recent years I would probably have opted for a plain black scarf, but no! Not now I'm spreading my wings and being a bit daring - I'm mixing in another pattern!!  Oh blimey some of your advice (other bloggers that is) is starting to sink in!
The scarf in question is a cheapie from Primark.  I recommend you'll find at least two or three in Primark that will match items in your wardrobe, jazzing up a plain, boring outfit.

Check out this cuff detail, I'm loving how it hangs like an undone cuff, revealing a stunning sparkly beaded bracelet.  These little details add so much to the overall look - making a plain jumper a real snazzy statement.

So what do you think of my outfit?   Have you have any bargains recently that have made many stunning outfits?  I love to hear from you if you have.

Until the next post .... Bye, bye  X

            Jacqui B.

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Sunday 13 November 2016

Warm enough in a fur gilet?

Morning to you on this chilly November day.  Autumn is well and truly upon us and I can see winter is just around the corner - brrrr, but on a happier note that means the Christmas season will be here before we know it and more importantly Skiing will be on the agenda in the Mummabstylish household! 
Every year since 2002 we've managed a skiing holiday to the French Alps in an ever growing group of family and close friends.  This year, however we are slightly smaller in numbers due to the fact of younger family members are now either new homeowners or have become larger in their own family numbers.  Therefore some 14 of us are donning our ski gear and heading in the direct of fun in the snow, in the bar and on the piste!
Okay so I'm rambling now, always the same once I get onto the 'skiing' topic.

Back to today...

.... and here's the perfect outfit for a walk by the beach.

And yes, I was warm enough in the fur gilet. 
Can I ask that you keep this to yourself - the fact I'm wearing this fabulous fur gilet?

You see I've loaned it from my middle daughter and she doesn't know yet! Lol.  Crazy really that I've manged to get into it!

Layers are such a great rule to live by, not only with changeable weather tones, but my changeable body temperatures.  I'm either boiling hot or freezing cold, or to be really awkward boiling hot with freezing hands. 
I've often been found sitting indoors after a dog walk still with my gloves on!
Starting today's attire with my H & M patterned blouse from earlier on in the year, worn before on numerous occasions, I always knew it would be a suitable candidate to wear under a sleeveless jumper or jacket, so when I saw this see here long line navy tunic in the Matalan sale that was one way I'd be wearing it.  These have to be perfect colours for Autumn.  Navy with mixes of green, brown, okra and cream, bright enough to lift my spirits but not too bold to look out of place.
I choose dark skinny jeans to give block effect, this creates a longer, slimmer look - a look that states super simple, but super chic.  This will also lead the eyes towards the pattern of the arms, and the detail of the necklace.
Finishing off this layered look with my daughters aforementioned  fur gilet, again making way for the statement sleeves.

This is such a stunning photograph taken by Esther Ruby - she certainly has an eye for a fabulous shot. Being a perfectionist I know she's going to give me the best possible photo and make me look the best I possibly can.
Fortunately I didn't get wet feet for this shot, but Esther was wading in the puddle the other end!  The things your photographers does for a perfect image!

You can see the sturdy boots I wore, again picking out one of the tones in my blouse. I'd call these taupe, which is a great neutral colour, these suede lace up boots have a cute little wool cuff that can be turned over when skinnie jeans are tucked in.   I bought these last year from Clarks.  Purchased just prior to Christmas when the pre-Christmas sales were full on.  They were a bargain for sure, just the right time for a present to myself!  Always worth checking out the stores literally just before the shutters come down and the decorations make way for the 'proper' sales banners on boxing day (when all the good stuff has already been bought!) Lol.

For my friends who celebrate Remembrance Sunday have a good Poppy Day, and for everyone else have a great Sunday!

Until the next visit  ... X
              Jacqui B.

Reflecting on the past and remembering the fallen heroes - wearing my poppy with pride.

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Friday 11 November 2016

Still wearing my Levis.

Hello ladies.

Today I'm wearing my Levis jeans.
Ladies Levis having been around for over 80 years, you can definitely say they are well and truly on the fashion map, having inspired women the world over to have freedom in fashion. There's nothing that hasn't been achieved wearing Levis, women have travelled the world, become icons, succeeded in business and strutted their stuff on the danced floor. 
All I can say about mine is that they give me a darn good shape!

Pulling on my Levis jeans for the first time in ages was such a joy.   I'd almost forgotten how satisfying they are to wear.  Fitting just below the waist, hugging my hips, behind and legs they feel like a second skin.  Worth the extra pennies I paid for them.  A straight leg is very complimentary and makes a great change to the skinnies I would normally wear.
Levis jeans are not just suited to the young set, they are universal with no criteria as to who can or can't wear them - I shall wear mine for as long as they fit me, and then I'll buy some more! Ha! 

I'd teamed these with a basic v neck long line jumper that is so soft to touch, long enough so's not to ride up above my waist - this will sound so old, but I like to have a warm back!
Picking from my selection of much loved scarfs I opted for this delicate cream, blue and beige number, joining together the colours of my outfit in a subtly, understated way.  An outfit suited for the daily chores of a blogger over 50!

As you know I do love a scarf, but upon reflection I feel I've 'slipped' back in to my old ways of wearing only 3 colours!  This will have to rectified, and soon! Lol.

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Happy after an afternoon of 'proper' photography with my personal 'paparazzo' Esther Ruby, so stay tuned  in the next few weeks for some greats shots of some even greater outfits!

Enough of me today it's wine o'clock, so I'll see you in the weekend.

Cheerio. X
           Jacqui B.


Thursday 10 November 2016

What's in your handbag?


How's it going?

I'm sufficiently back to 'normal' now I've had my hair done.  Over the past couple of weeks I'd gone for the 'highlighted' effect, but after two hours in the hands of an expert, my tresses are back to black - well dark brown!

After last week's blog about my gorgeous shoe boots and tote bag from Lotus Shoes I was thinking what's in my handbag?
What makes it so heavy?  I admit to stuffing everything in and then forgetting to take it out again, but sometimes I really do think I'm carrying the kitchen sink in it!

The Arvida tote bag I told you about last week see here is a beautiful bag which neatly holds everything I actually 'need'.

There's three pockets inside this navy blue bag, one especially for my phone, two others to hold my keys, lipstick and sunglasses.
The large tan purse sits with ample room in the bottom, leaving plenty of room for a scarf and gloves.
With the long handles, I can either hold the bag or carry it over my shoulder, leaving both hands free  to sift through the racks and pick out new purchases!

Now I've got this gorgeous bag I'm going to try and kerb my bag cramming habit & keep everything neat, tidy and in it's place.

How do you keep your bags?  Are they small neat with everything where it should be, or do you have a 'kitchen sink' type of bag?
I'd love to hear your comments.

Catch up tomorrow ... x
              Jacqui B.


Monday 7 November 2016

Burgundy Trousers and Vintage trench coat.

Hello everyone, hope you've had a super Bonfire weekend.

Are you all preparing to wrap up warm?  Seems we're heading for some colder weather, I wanted to say finally, but now it's arrival is imminent I've somewhat changed my mind!

Still nothing to report on the outerwear front, but I'll keep you updated of any significant changes.

I thought today I'd share my vintage trench coat.  Trench coats are pretty much a standard, classic style and stand the test of time.  Mine, however you can very easily see what era it came from, yes - the 80's, can you spot what it is?  You've got it of course the raglan sleeves!  I'm not sure how it became so old all of a sudden, after wearing it on so many occasions throughout the past years.  I'm all for a bit of vintage though and this one will keep going for years, that's so long as it fits me!
I've teamed this with a recent purchase from Matalan, these burgundy straight leg trousers have a high waist with belt loops (I always have trouble keeping my trousers around my waist) so I try to make sure any trousers I buy have got them.
From Matalan costing £16 you can't really go wrong with this item and when it goes out of colour fashion they can be relegated to either the storage section of my wardrobe or donated to charity.
I matched in a long line tunic also from Matalan years ago, but I love the colours, style and material.  With colourful  burgundy, ochre, cream and black I can pick so many other items to pair it with.  The material is a lovely silky fabric, therefore free from creases. A beige court shoe along with the essential beige scarf completed today's look.  Already in the wardrobe and from Clarks and Primark respectively.
How do you like the vintage coat?  Do you have anything that you class as vintage in you clothes collection? 
My coat was bought in Wallis, but I've spotted some enticing bargains in Debenhams right now, with so many different choices there's bound to be one just right for you! So what are you waiting for?

Until tomorrow. Bye. X

          Jacqui B.
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