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Monday 29 May 2017

Mom Jeans in the woods.

Hi there, how's it going? 

Are you enjoying the long weekend?
Nothing much to report today as I'm enjoying myself in Cornwall right now!  Fingers crossed that I might be fitting in a little shopping on my weekend break, but if not I'll definitely be partaking within the next few days, and if hubby is bored I reckon he'll be able to have a little Cerveza in the sun, Spanish sun that is, Hurra! 😃

Sharing with you today this mom jeans and Tee shirt look.  I've had these mom jeans for a year or so now,  they came from Primark for about £12 if I remember correctly.  they're quite a sturdy denim, you know the ones that hold you in where they should - some days you want to be held in place, then others let it all go in some stretchy denim!

The Tee is from Matalan, being drawn to it by the gathering option up one side - this can be pulled to any length which works well for the different length bodies we all have, also what style you're pursuing on the day it's been picked to wear.  You can't tell from the photos, but the top has a slight pink tinge to it, this also is available in grey.

Adding this bead and wood necklace to my look, it must be in my sub-conscious to wear something with wood attached because I wore this on a previous visit to the woods!

Pairing with my faithful baseball trainers that I've chosen to wear with so many styles including this and this.

Incidentally - what do you think about my hair?  Took about 30 3 minutes to curl today - I was all fingers and thumbs, but not a bad attempt don't you think?  Imagine what I could of done if I really had spent 30 minutes on it - oh I'm so impatient, want everything done in double quick time!!  I'll let you know if I try this again, and I might even be slightly quicker next time.

Hope you can visit my blog on Thursday, I've got something a little different for you all.

Catch you next time, bye for now. X


Thursday 25 May 2017

Celebrating flowers in appreciation of Chelsea Flower Show.

Good morning lovely bloggers.

Celebrating the beauty of flowers today in appreciation of the Chelsea Flower Show.
This has to be near the top of my bucket list, I've always wanted to visit this annual event ever since my mum went years ago.  Watching it on TV every year my desire gets stronger and stronger, seeing the breath-taking gardens, the stunning flowers with... erm  lets say unusual, unpronounceable names. Majestic designs with stunning displays of trees & water gardens  injected with huge sprays of vivacious blooms in eye popping colours, and I bet they smell amazing too!  I'd love any of them in my little garden of Eden!  Hubby has said he'll take me next year as we've got too much on now, roll on 2018!

With flowers in mind, and you all know I'm a big fan of florals, here's my tribute to the Chelsea Flower Show.

Wearing this white floral dress I picked up in Matalan when I was returning another item.
I took photos in a local park and hope I do justice to the CFS

This sleeves dress with a botanical theme is elegant, sleek and polished.  I felt completely confident in this dress, maybe because it was holding me in all the right places, which in turn makes you stand upright, leaving me refined and classy. 
I also love the fact that instead of a split up the back of the pencil skirt there's one up either side, something I've not seen very often but I quite like. The neckline is just right for a choker necklace and the colour is perfectly placed to pick out some of the flowers on the dress. See where else I wore It
With a little ruching on the waist that constructs a flattering finish across my unwanted tummy!
I've paired up these sandals, my peep toe favourites - yes they're winning my vote for now I keep wearing them!  Along with this darling bag, borrowed from my daughter, and probably from Primark.

A green Pashmina finished my look, giving quite a dressy feel, however a little cardigan or jacket would look super too.  Any number of colours would be suitable including, pink, blue or yellow.

So Saturday is in full sight now, we've got a fabulous long weekend to celebrate what are you all going to do?
Me? ... Oh I'm going for not one but two breaks away!  *Smug face appears*
Yes, firstly off with my hubby, mum, sister and her hubby to visit my uncle.  This is the third visit in as many years we've had a little weekend break in Cornwall, you can see last years visit here.  We actually stay in a beautiful Hotel/B&B in Liskeard, however my uncle lives just outside Lostwithiel.  Very remote, but with the stunning scenery it somewhat makes up for it.

I'll be incorporating my one piece rule I heard about last year,  you see I try to take just dresses or jumpsuits when going away.  It's worked well so far, less hassle than thinking about separate pieces that I always take too many of  which, in turn aren't needed and take up too much space.
Ideally taking an extra dress 'just in case' the unforeseen happens!

If you'd like to slip back over in the next couple of weeks to view just what I took, along with finding out how the weekend went.  Lets pray for good weather as we've had all sorts on previous visits and I'm standing firm that I'd prefer warmer weather with maybe a hint huge amount of sunshine!!!

Getting home late on Monday,  then early Tuesday morning I'll be jetting off to L'Escala with four friends and my hubby - a mid-week escape for a bit of rest and relaxation, good food, company and possibly a little drink.  For hubby and me it's like going home, we've been visiting this part of Spain for many, many years and it just feels so good to go back there, although slightly different each time we do. 
It holds plenty of special memories of holidays with the children, weeks away with my in-laws and oh so funny cheeky breaks with our friends.  When you see the photos you may well love to visit  L'Escala just like I do.🎔

Bye for now see you on Holiday Monday, I'm hoping you all enjoy the weekend, I know I will, ha ha ha!



Monday 22 May 2017

The world is your oyster.

Morning, and welcome to my blog.

What's this over fifty fashion blogger been up to over the past week?
Saturday had me at two parties, the first being my granddaughters little tea party - fun time with three year olds.
Saturday evening joining friends for a BBQ to celebrate an 18th birthday party.  A fun evening catching up with friends,  a little chilly for the outfit I had wanted to wear, so boots and jacket had to be included in my choice.  I didn't manage to catch any photos of what I wore, so thought I'd show this one to you all instead.

This mural is randomly painted on a house wall in our local town, the quirky high street has a few odd wall paintings dotted around, and make fun backdrops.  This mermaid being the biggest I figured it would be a fun starting point,  it may have been too big to include in all the shots, however the second picture shows just how big it is and how small I look!!
Portraying an oyster in it's shell, but more importantly the world is your oyster, grab every moment, live every second and party whenever you can, life is too short to waste time on worrying (I'm still trying to learn this on) - look after your friends and family, and if you love them, tell them!

I adore wearing culottes which is such a shame because hubby hates them!  They are so easy to wear, comfy, roomy and stylish.  Dressed up or down they always look super.  I paired mine with this long tunic, sleeveless style that I'm not totally at ease with, my arms do look huge in the photos, two options I can do to avoid this, one by wearing a cardigan and the second lift some weights!! Lol.

My tunic has some lovely colours running through it, so in turn brighten up an otherwise dull look. 
The blue clutch came into play again - I really wanted to grab my shiny black patent bag, however with a little coxing from my god-daughter I gave in to use the blue one instead. 

Finishing off with these tan suede courts, again this was a little out of my comfort zone - I would have gone with black, but viewing the results I'm starting to think in a different way - maybe at times my 3 colour rule will take a back seat!  I'm even having little thoughts of pattern matching in my outfits!!!! Heavens above - mummabstylish matching patterns whatever next!!! Okay that should have a 'possibly' in that sentence. Lol.

I'll be back again on Thursday, I'd love you to stop by again. 
Enjoy your week, there's a long weekend in sight - what will you be getting up to?

All photos care of Esther Ruby.X

Cheerio. X

Thursday 18 May 2017

Sharing beauty, my Coeur De Lion Present.

Morning lovely readers.

You're doing well the weekend is in sight!  I've got over my marathon of birthdays, and I'm still in one piece  - phew!
Mine, granddaughters and eldest sons birthdays one after the other, this after 4 birthdays last month, and one next month making a nice expensive couple of months in the mummabstylish household!

I mentioned on Monday I'd received some super birthday presents and wanted to show you two of them.

We all love a necklace don't we?  I've been lucky enough to get not only a stunning necklace but a matching bracelet too.
Shopping with hubby last Saturday he spotted these in our local department store and picked this eye catching dazzler for me.  I love having a gift that hubby has picked - makes it all the more special for me!

I'd not heard of Coeur De Lion before, the outstanding collection being handmade in Germany and my photos don't really do my gifts justice.
The display enclosed in the glass cabinet was breath taking, quite frankly I would have been happy with any one of them, but hubby chose this mysterious black beauty for me, and I'm as pleased as punch with his choice.
It's a GEO cube design and is hand-finished from onyx, combining sparkling Swarovski crystals, rhinestone rondelles,  paired with delicate glass cylinders and a stainless steel fastener.
I have to add I'm looking for the perfect outfit to debut my birthday acquisition, and you'll be the first to see it when I do!

I'm feeling this will look fabulous with quite a number of colours - the obvious being black, however having the iridescent, rainbow like beams radiating from the necklace and bracelet a whole host of colours could (and will) be worn with them.  My first thought was lemon, possibly silver and definitely white.  Have you any ideas?  I'd love to hear from you.

I'm hoping you can stop by next week when I'll be featuring the top and trousers my children gave me for my birthday.  That's all according to the outfit fitting me, so we'll see how that goes - don't hold your breath it might be a none starter if it doesn't! Lol.

I'd also like to give a big 'shout out' to some fabulous 50+ bloggers, some I've had the privilege of collaborating with and others I've mused over from afar!  
From the likes of Laurie from Vanity and Me. Gail from Is this Mutton and Jodie from J touch of Style, along with Amy from Styling Granny Mama, we are all making a big impression on the Over Fifty Blogging scene, sharing our own specific style. 
We're rocking our frayed jeans, metallic shoes and pattern mixing to the limits.  I urge you to get over to their sites and check out just what Over 50's fashion bloggers do just as good (if not better) than our younger rivals!

See you on Monday - if you get the chance to pop back, until then it's been interesting.

Bye for now. X


Monday 15 May 2017

Happy Birthday Me! Being girly.

Hello, hope you are all well.

Yes today I'm very excited as it's my birthday!  Later this evening a small gathering of family & friends, where a couple of glasses maybe drunk, some lots of cake will be scoffed - along with nibbles. crisps and dips.  I'm sure some cuddles and kisses will be due from my princess too.

Well this birthday has crept up on me! Actually all my birthdays from my 30th have been creeping up and overtaking me at a fast pace!  How can that be when I'm really only 18 inside?  I wished!

Who doesn't love getting dressed up in a feminine dress occasionally?  I for one love being girly once in a while, more often I'm in serviceable jeans, but dresses hit the spot every so often.  So here's my girly style dress.

This took my fancy a couple of weeks ago whilst looking for an outfit for a style challenge, thinking the length and style would be just right for the look I was after.

I spotted the colour first, a gorgeous blue with scattered red, blue and mustard flowers upon it, and seeing as it was longish with a flare I thought it was the girly, feminine dress I'd been dreaming about.
This midi floral dress from Matalan has lovely long sleeves in the fashionable cold shoulder style, a cute tassel tie detail mid-way giving this dress a real festival vibe.  I can't put my finger on why, possibly the sleeve length, but unfortunately it's one of those styles that just doesn't work for me!  Unlike the short sleeve darlings I bought a few weeks ago that I love!

The neckline is an OTS style, you can see a previous attempt last year, but they just don't 'do it' for me either.
I wore it half way between my neck and shoulder -  not off the shoulder, which sat well, and maybe I could wear it like this in the future.   I'm not sure if I'm too broad, or not broad enough, an outfit has to feel right and fit properly for optimum comfort and this dress does neither, so It's a big NO from me!!

Picking out green from this dress and jumping on the choker bandwagon I spotted this one in Matalan, however a plunder necklace would work well too.  My New Look clutch bag made another appearance this week - a cracking colour which highlighted the blue flower nicely. 
Trying to think outside the box I opted for tan suede court shoes.  These are from Debenhams and are £29, being a neutral colour and sturdy block heel they'll be worn quite a lot through the coming months and probably into Autumn as well!  Flat sandals would work well too for a more relaxed looking outfit.

I took a nosey into my eldest daughters wardrobe, nicking this jacket that I knew would match well and give extra life to this dress on cooler days -  I needed it when these photos were taken - a chilly wind was blowing.
On the plus side giving a bit of movement so you can see the pattern and detail of the dress.

With all the evidence and now the photos, I'm sorry to say this dress will have to be returned!  Lets hope I find something else that catches my eye, and stirs my fashion imagination too!

Dress from Matalan
Shoes from Debenhams
Bag (old) from New Look
Jacket H & M from my daughter
Necklace from Matalan

Hope you can pop by on Thursday, I'd love to share my Birthday gifts with you - I'll try not to brag too much, but I'm just so thrilled to 'show and tell' - to say the least. X

Photos taken by Esther Ruby - sending a big "Thank You" to her. 😍

Ok, I'm going now to prepare for this evening, a few roast potatoes to cook, beer and fizz to cool along with getting myself ready to welcome my guests.

Cheers X

Thursday 11 May 2017

Blue Top amongst the Bluebells!

Hello there, hope you're all having a good day! 

What have you got up to this week?  Not much to report for me so far, but I did succeed at one thing ...
... I managed, without even trying, to pick up something I didn't really want this week, and definitely didn't need, no not a new bag or a new shoes (I'd always want those lol) ..... yes you guessed a cold!  I'm sneezing and coughing, hot, cold and headachy - this is one gift I didn't want or need.
Okay enough moaning for one day.


Monday 8 May 2017

Floral and Green.

Hello everyone, hope you're nice and chilled after the weekend.
Can't believe we're so far into May already, but fortunately for me nearer my birthday. 😏
Now's the time to start dropping hints, big hints *cough, cough* around the family! Lol.

In my local F & F last week, whilst I was returning an item I came across these stylish trousers.
Finding my size I took a chance and left with them.
I fell for these straight away, they were in the sale,  for only £8 and I knew I'd got a bargain, result!
Drawn by the floral design and the dominant green calling out to me. I haven't got many pieces in any sort of green, other than Army, khaki green. Check out my Peg Trousers here.  So I took on the challenge with pleasure.

I have to admit I was stumped when I got them home and realised there was nothing to match my purchase in my wardrobe, well apart from the umpteen black tops, white blouses and various blazers in my wardrobe.  However after a rummage through my T shirt drawer I came across this basic green one, the colour harmonised perfectly.  But begs the question 'could I go out for dinner in just a T shirt over the trousers' - was that just too plain and casual?
I wasn't sure how good they'd look on, but I needn't have worried they fitted with ease, felt super on and I reckon look great. 

The slim style finishing on the ankle gave a flattering finish, the side zip showing a flat front, along with the high waist holding everything in!
If wearing a floral or patterned piece, I feel it's always best to pair with something plain, which balances the overall look, piecing in a scarf or an accessory to pick out the theme and colour - for example a square beaded necklace if your wearing something check or gingham see my Black Gingham Top.

Well I think I've just about got this covered, by pairing with white sandals and my pretty white flower choker (I fixed the clip onto the chain not the clasp to make it tighter on my neck) along with a short black jacket giving my T shirt outfit a bit of style and edge, and not at all too plain!

This necklace is from Matalan, I love picking up cheap accessories when I see them, they add depth and interest to most looks and make an outfit go from so-so to so special!

My bag is from Forever 21 previously paired Here with a white Broderie Anglaise dress at a Christening.

My choice was spot on for the meal out on Saturday night, a meal of Steak - cook your own steak at that, accompanied by chips, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. You're given a raw steak and a hot, very hot lava plate that you simply cook your own steak on, rare, medium or well done, it's up to you how it's cooked.  Mine was perfect, prompting me to send 'Compliments to the Chef' of course - ha ha ha!!

So enjoy the beginning of your week,
I'd just like to ask, as a reader of my blog do you prefer to know where the garments I wear come from?  Some blogs I read have a link to the actual item or a similar one - is this something you'd like me to do?

I do hope you can pop back on Thursday, I've got some wonderful shots that Esther Ruby has taken for me, we've been among the Bluebells and I can't wait to share them with you!

Bye for now. X

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