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Monday 30 March 2020

Style not Age - Denim Directions.

Hi there lovelies.
How are you and what have you been up to?
It's hard to get motivated and wear anything that's sort of resembles stylish at the moment isn't it?  These days I'll be found wearing something comfortable and very casual.  My grand-daughter is staying with me at the moment and asked if she could pick something for me to wear.  When I came out of the shower she'd picked three outfits.  The first was a newly acquired green dress from my daughter, the second my mustard coloured Spring dress and finally my yellow trousers with a pretty sparkly jumper.  I have to admit my first choice would have been the elegant green dress but thinking it through sensibly I ended up wearing a boring grey velour suit with a black tee shirt! Crawling on the floor with the kids and preparing dinner just didn't seem the 'right' occasion - ha ha ha.

Today you find me sharing the fashions' of my four blogger friends who, along with me, are sharing their interpretation for the prompt set by our newest member and previous co-founder of the 5 over 50 collective Gail ....
Denim Directions. 


Thursday 26 March 2020

Double Denim Anyone? - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
Good morning all.
How are you coping with the on-going issues of the Coronavirus?  It really is like a living nightmare.
But I'm not going to add to your worries, instead I'm going to share another of my favoured outfits from my wardrobe.
You've seen this chambray dress before, probably on a couple of occasions.  It's a tad too large for me, but as it has a belt it can be cinched in at the waist for a more fitted look.
Today I've gone double denim by adding my cute jean jacket - it's rarely off my back come the summer months, and I really should be replacing it this year, but with the current situation I'll be keeping this one for the time being.
The shirt dress can be layered for cooler Spring days where a thin tee shirt and/or jumper can be added for warmth. 
These photos were taken pre-lockdown so today I'm elegantly styling a lounge suit (pj's) negligee (dressing gown) and comfy mules (slippers) lol!


Tuesday 24 March 2020

Shades of Grey.

Dear friends.
Let me start by saying I hope you are all staying safe and well.  In these uncertain times we need to draw upon the strength of family, friends and loved ones all the more.  I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful family around me, and we all lean upon each other at different times.  I hope you are lucky enough to have such wonderful people around you. Let's pray this awful situation doesn't last long and we are back to some sort of 'normal' very soon. X
After having a rather unusual start to the week, as not only was I supposed to be away in Valmorel skiing but my daughter and family moved in with me lock, stock and barrel!  With another daughter self isolating due to suffering with Asthma, its be quite an emotional few days.  I felt yesterday's post was an unnecessary worry that I didn't need, so didn't even attempt it.  Today I'm feeling slightly more settled & feel continuing with blogging will take my mind off the situation - anything positive is a great help eh?

Let's try and lighten the mood, you may have seen me styling a pair of culottes recently.  I paired them twice with pale pink and also with lemon.
With so many other options to chose from I've had fun creating more styles. Plenty of you suggested 'all grey' pieces and that's what I went with today - shades of grey.


Thursday 19 March 2020

How are you dealing with the 'C' Word? #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning all.
How are you?
Me .... I'm not happy, have had to cancel my weekend away skiing!  Like many of you the Coronavirus has taken me by surprise and I've been forced into a living nightmare, yes I know I'm being extreme but that how it feels.  Bare shelves in the supermarket, cessation of clubs, closure of restaurants and bars it feels like we're starring in a film, & an epic that receives an Oscar at that!
With messages being read differently by people I can't help but feel anxious.  I'm anxious about the kids, grand-kids, my mum, friends, work and getting food!  I have good cupboards to be fair, so shouldn't worry about that.  It's the not knowing what will happen, and having too much spare time doesn't help.  Please share what you are all doing. X
I keep telling myself and everyone else that "nothing lasts forever" and this virus wont either!  We just have to ride the storm and try to stay calm and positive throughout.  Along with the awful stories on the news and media sites there are also the heartwarming kind and loving ones.  I've just seen a family holding banners and balloons outside their 85 year old mum's flat - it was her birthday and she was isolating in a care home.  People are offering to buy shopping, walk dogs and collect medicine. Humans have a way of picking themselves up and working through horrible times.
Today I didn't feel it right to share a frivolous outfit post, so I am just hosting the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP and would love you to join me with any post you'd like to share.



Monday 16 March 2020

Floral Dresses for Spring & Summer.

Hi there.
How are you?
I'm feeling very sad and rather miffed to say the least!  You see I found out yesterday that the ski slopes across France are closed - yes CLOSED so no skiing next weekend for me!!!  I'm so upset I'll be missing out because of this bloody annoying Coronavirus. So no cheeky weekend for me 😠 you can see last years venture here, I'll have to live on those memories for the foreseeable future eh!
This virus has really turned our lives up-side-down from cancelled holidays to empty shelves in the shops the likes of which most of us have ever seen before.  Last week I tried to book my usual online home shopping delivery.  Every week I complete my shopping on a Friday evening to have it delivered sometime to suit on Saturday - none were available for Saturday, Sunday or Monday not even the click and collect were available!!! WTF!!  I actually had to go into store on Sunday to shop which, to add insult to injury, made me spend much more than normal (mainly due to pondering too long in the drinks aisle) lol.  Not only am I not going skiing it looks very dubious whether my trip to Scotland and the Hen weekend to Majorca will take place either - uncertainty makes it ten times worse!  Have you been affected by this dam virus?

One thing I am certain about is my love for Spring wear!  I adore wearing lighter garments in the warmer months and my wardrobe reflects it, so having that to look forward to makes my lack of winter fun a bit more acceptable.  So let's take a look at what makes Spring fashion great.
I picked the dress from a selection in Primark.  They always have super styles available in store which are great copies, but at a snip of the price.


Thursday 12 March 2020

Black Trousers a Top Ten Must- #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
This over fifty blogger is getting a tad fed up with the weather now - why wont it just go away and let the sun shine? With that said I've woken up to glorious sunshine today, but with ever changeable weather who knows what this afternoon will bring!
It's been a quiet month for Mummab, but I'm on the countdown to a really busy April, May and June.  There's two weekend's away with a string of birthdays in April followed by the Hen & Stag weekends culminating in my son's wedding in June - with a few more birthday scattered about it'll be a hectic few months I'm sure.  My first trip is to Valmorel for a couple of days skiing.  If you follow the blog you'll know I'm a keen skier, and love to go 'play in the snow' at every opportunity - catch my recent visit to Italy (pre-Coronavirus).  As I'm only going for a few days I don't need much, so an overnight case will suffice.  Driving down through France re-creates our previous holidays with the kids years ago, I have fond memories, although at the time I'm sure it was hard work with 5 kids.  My daughter is coming with us, so it will be good to re-live some of the memories with her.  In my case will be a couple of pairs of jeans, ski gear, two nice tops/blouses and a pair of comfy boots - so excited I'm going to pack this weekend - ha ha!

Today's outfit is a very classic style, one that I'd love to wear all the time.  The black wide leg trousers have to be on my top ten 'must haves'.  They are a timeless addition to any wardrobe and I have two pairs that I circulate.  One from Bonmarche - see them styled with this beautiful sunflower blouse,  & these I'm sharing today are from Florence and Fred.  I've had them a while and have to say they are a tad too long, but with a high boot I can still get away with it.


Monday 9 March 2020

My Grey Culottes with pink again!

Morning my lovely friends.
Hope you're all good.
I'm delighted to share it's my blog's birthday!  Mummabstylish is celebrating my 4th year blogging. 
Happy Blog-birthday to me!
I'm loving it more than ever now and am still learning something new everyday.  Just the other day I learnt how to add a link to a photo!  I know that's nothing major but to me it was impressive!  I find an awful lot of information on both google & YouTube, but there's still so much to learn it kinda keeps my mind alive.
With awful weather battering the UK recently shall we indulge in some nice sunny photos?  These were taken a few weeks ago, when we had a break from the wind and rain so Esther and I took full advantage to step out in the rays!  This beach is about 10 minutes away, but I don't go there very often which is a shame because it's a good backdrop for taking photos with pretty beach huts, an interesting pier, arcades and beautifully laid gardens.  You can see some of my previous posts featuring pier, beach huts & gardens.

Last month I bought a pair of culottes, do you recall me wearing them with pale pink and lemon yellow? There's a multitude of options to mix them with and here's another way I'd  happily wear them.  I know I've chosen pink again, but I just love this combination.  I have more ideas in the pipeline and hope you'll stop back to check them out.
Back to my pink and grey ensemble....


Thursday 5 March 2020

"Time for a Cuppa" - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
Hope all is well with you.
How's your Spring wardrobe shaping up?  I've purchased a few pieces and will be sorting through my wardrobe soon, just so I can check up on what I need to fill in any gaps and get rid of things I haven't worn for a while.  I'm excited to see what's coming into the stores too, it's nice to see the new season fashions arrive and find out what's 'on-trend' & what I like & more importantly what I might buy!

With Mothers Day just around the corner and me feeling slightly very guilty that I won't be here (I'm going for a cheeky skiing weekend), so I figured it would be neat to spend some time with my mum.  As the years go by I realise more and more how special my mum is.  I appreciate all my time with her but don't spend anywhere near as much as I should.  It's just 'life' gets in the way sometimes.  We are planning another weekend away this year similar to when we went to Rye last year with my sister.  It's something we all enjoy doing and really make it special.
It's all about quality time though isn't it, if you can only spare an hour or so having a cuppa surely that's better than nothing!  I love popping to mum's for a chat, we always talk about old times, the family, what we've been doing and what she's been up to.  She's always busy and has a club night or evening dinner planned three or four times a month!  Her social life is better than mine!!!

Did you know from 1st - 8th March it's 'Time for a cuppa' campaign?

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions and comments are my own.


Monday 2 March 2020

What to Wear With a Neutral Jacket.

Hi there my friends.
Hoping you are all good.

A quiet Saturday for Mummab, with not much happening, this could be the calm before the storm, because in a few weeks time (exact date not known) my daughter and her hubby will be moving in - yes complete with her children, MY GRANDKIDS ARE COMING TO LIVE WITH ME - YAY!!!
I'm so excited to have them for however long they will stay, they are in the process of moving and doing up their new house and I can't wait.  I know it's going to be a bit cramped and probably very noisy at times, but having 5 kids of my own, I am used to having a busy house!
I hasten to add Sunday was a preview of the storm, I had ALL the children and grandkids for a traditional roast dinner and it was manic!  Plenty of noise, food, mess and bedlam ensued for Sunday afternoon and evening, I loved every minute - however I chilled with a brandy when they all went home - Roxy was pleased they left too!!!

Now March has arrived I'm hoping better weather will be round the corner and literally can't wait to wear Spring clothes.  My wardrobe is so much more interesting in warmer weather when I can wear skirts, fewer layers and jackets.
So with the jacket season just around the corner (well I've already sported one a couple of times when popping out in a "pocket" of nice weather) I wanted to share this beauty with you.  I love to complete an outfit with a jacket and have a quite a few to my name, but always on the lookout for more!  I was really chuffed when Oasis asked me to select something from the new Frankie Bridge collection look book.
Yes I know she's so much younger than me, but the duster trench coat is a timeless classic that serves to compliment not only young ladies, but older fashion bloggers like me too! After all age is just a number right?

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100 % my own and honest comments.

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