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Monday 26 February 2018

Fun with Fur from the new 'Style not Age' group.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by - you've dropped in on a great day.

With saying a fond farewell to Gail and Laurie from the 5Over50 collective, we had a fabulous time sharing some snazzy, sleek and stylish outfits over the past few months.
Anna, Hilda, Emma and I are glad to welcome you to our brand new collaboration. 
Style not Age.
Having found ourselves in midlife we're all enjoying the 'best years of our life' & we'd like to share our styles and designs with you so hope you can join us for the ride - it's sure to be good fun!

Style not Age is such a meaningful title, where our style is the important issue, not our ages!
We are four ladies, of different sizes, ages, shapes and styles with one thing in common - we love fashion and dressing with vogue.


Thursday 22 February 2018

Style Steal - White Jeans & Leopard Print.

Hello, thanks for stopping by - welcome to my blog for the mature lady (well for everyone really).

Catch up with previous 'steals'  July,  August,  September,  October,  November,  December, and January.

My Style Steal today is from a gorgeous lady from across the pond in North Carolina, with a love of fashion in common I've wanted to try and 'copy' one of her styles for a long time.
Meet Jessica who you'll find creating stunning outfits at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish you'll see on her blog she really is both of these.


Monday 19 February 2018

Forever Fierce - The Midlife Revolution!

Hello and good morning on this special Forever Fierce Monday.
I'm very proud to say I'm taking part in the The Forever Fierce Midlife Revolution, I hope you can follow along because there's some awesome ladies, with amazing stories to read about. 
I was asked by Jodie from Jodie's Touch of Style to join the fierce group, I'm very proud to say I jumped in with two feet!

But first a little about the last few days.


Thursday 15 February 2018

Good night and Sweet Dreams.

Good morning and how are you all?

Getting back on-track slowly but surely, I just wish this bloomin' awful weather will do one!  It's either really cold or pouring with rain - who wants to get dressed up to the nines in weather like this?  I do try, like today I was indoors in the morning, so popped on my gingham cropped trousers - thinking they'd look super cute with my black suede ankle boots, wrong choice as I was freezing when I popped out to run errands and buy ingredients for dinner.  It was blowing a hoolie, with the wind whipping around my ankles like nobodies business,  I was even asked if my ankles were cold by a shop keeper!  That'll teach me - jeans it is next time. Huh!!! 
On the plus side my dinner choice was banging 👏 homemade Meatballs and Spaghetti, even though I say it myself, I can cook awesome meatballs!  (If you fancy trying them yourself, pop over to see my favourite recipes section to find the recipe.)

Today I'm sharing an awareness post  -  Bladder weakness.


Monday 12 February 2018

Readers.Com - Happy Eyes, Happy Wallet.

Hello from Mummab ... how are you all?

Some twenty years ago the idea that I would need glasses for reading never occurred to me!  Naive or stupid?  I'm not sure but now some years later glass for reading is a fact of life.  I actually hate having to wear them, specs on the end of my nose confirms just what age I am.  I've tried contact lenses which I would opt for, but feel because I'm only working indoors, doing housework or blogging it's just not worth it.  So glasses for reading it is then.  If I have to wear them, I'm going to look stylish doing it!


Thursday 8 February 2018

Another way with my Red pleated skirt.

Hi there.

I'm very slowly getting back to normal and can't believe how a cold can knock you for six!
I came down with this unwanted ailment last week after retuning home on a high from skiing.  I managed to get all the washing done, except some ski gear and had even managed a cycle class!  then it all went to pot.  I knew I was getting something, but hadn't guessed the severity.  I wouldn't say I had the flu, but certainly was suffering a very bad cold that did necessitate me to stay in bed for a couple of mornings - dragging myself up to then just lay on the sofa - yes that bad!

I'm usually a very 'well' person, always seems to avoid the coughs, colds, and upset tummies that make the rounds most years, so when I am struck down I hate it!
I hate having no energy, no oomph to get things done, not wanting to eat and feeling tired - it's just not me and I'm glad to see the back of it!


Monday 5 February 2018

I'm sick - 'cough cough' !!

Morning all.
Well my end of week/weekend have all rolled into one!  I've been in between the bed and the sofa for the past few days, struck down by the lurgy!  I'm not sure it was the flu, but a cold has never made me feel like that before!  Unfortunately having promised you and myself plenty - basically nothing has been done, no blog, no photos, no housework, no cooking and ... hold on a minute .... no eating (well a little) ... I must have been poorly because I always feel like eating!!

So trying to get back to as normal as possible today,  All I have to offer are my three top outfits from January.


Thursday 1 February 2018

Cheery red in a dreary Feb!

Hello there, how are you all?

How come when your come back from a winters holiday things seem very dull and boring?  With no sunshine to brighten the day, way too much washing and ironing to do, with no sign of another skiing holiday to look forward to, & I feel a cold is lurking around the corner!

What's the best thing to do when feeling low - dress up in bright, radiant colours of course.  I really wanted comfort today, yes I really wanted to wear my tracksuit all day and lounge on the sofa.  To be fair I didn't have a hard day, just housework and lunch with my mum 😁.
Back to what I wore, jeans - stretch at that!  Comfy boots, long sleeve pain grey tee shirt and it had to be my bold, vibrant red jacket, that cheered me up no end, that and a chat with my mum!

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