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Wednesday 31 August 2016

What I'm wearing Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday my lovelies!

What's the weather doing with you now?
Still hot and I'm enjoying this summer weather very much.

My princess has been away for a couple of days and I'm missing her - well she went yesterday and they're home today ;-)  I'll probably see her cute little face tomorrow, when I can catch up with all they have done.  Hoping to get lots of 'whatsup' photos from them as they venture into Cbeebies Land.

A very boring cleaning day today, guessing that will involve some ironing at some point, ohh how exciting!
After a quick run around cleaning and dusting I got a better offer ;-) went out with my mum to visit a fabric store, where she bought some material for a baby quilt she's making for my niece.  A great catch up with my mum, we don't get the chance to go out on random shopping expeditions so I jumped at the chance just to spend some quality time with her.

The outfit I wore today has been on repeat quite a lot recently, well part of it has,  these three quarter length white jeans are a staple in my wardrobe.  They go with anything and nearly every sort of top.  Being white you can match any colour with them and it will work, I opted for a cute flora cotton vest top.  Adorned with flowers on a cream background it works well with white or just plain denim.  An adaptable top that can be equally as cute over a longer sleeved t shirt and a matching coloured cardigan.

Someone else always likes to steal the limelight!

These Dorothy Perkins white peep toe sandals are another item that's been on repeat recently  see here - I so wish I'd bought them in the tan colour too!  They would have got so much wear and would have matched so many items!  Shame. (I'm just off to check out the Dorothy Perkins sale website!) Haha.

Linking up with sydneyfashionhunter. Check her fab blog out.

Until tomorrow ladies, it's been great!

                       Jacqui B.

Monday 29 August 2016

Bank Holiday long weekend - time for two family functions and then chill!

Hello there, how's your bank holiday going? Nearly over now but whether you're been shopping, working or just chilling' I hope you made sure you had fun!

I really rather looked forward to Sunday, making a change from the normal routine, went out to not only one family function, but two! 
Firstly popping into my niece's house for a house warming party.  The usual suspects were there congregating in the new little house that my niece and fiance are making into a wonderful little home. where we enjoyed a buffet and a few drinks to help them celebrate.

Then on to my bestie's for a celebratory drink for their wedding anniversary, a special one?  No, but any excuse to have a shindig works for me!  We also checked out the photos from her son's wedding a couple of Saturdays ago.  The weather stayed fine, enabling princess and her cousin to have a dip in the hot tub!  Nannie had a big wet cuddle when she came out, but that didn't matter so long as I got a cuddle.


Friday 26 August 2016

My Pucci Style Dress from TK Maxx.

Hello there.
Wow did any of you experience that thunderstorm?  That was quite a lot of banging and crashing, and a little bit of rain, but we did need that!

Today was still boiling hot after the night's storm so I decided to wear this - my Pucci look-a-like dress.

I had this for a few years now and It's a great default dress, always feels good, always looks great, doesn't crease and It's very comfortable.

I just love the colours, that's what first attracted me to buy it.  With no tight waist band and a good length to cover up, but still catch some rays.

I have also worn this in cooler weather with a black T shirt underneath, but today just the dress was enough.

Wore this with flats from Florence and Fred, however I have also worn my heels with it which looks equally as good.

Have a lovely evening and look forward to a extra long weekend.  Love having a bank holiday, especially if it's great weather.

today Linking up with the fabulous Colorandgrace.

Bye until tomorrow. X
                  Jacqui B.

Thursday 25 August 2016

Throw back Thursday.

Hi there, hope all good with all you bloggers today.

Still in a heatwave here in UK and enjoying it so much, although a little sticky at night and lounging around is the only thing I want to do - it's given me a chance to flick through some magazines to find out what is in, out, suitable, wearable, nice or not!

I'm wearing an recent purchase which is favourite of mine.
My Crew clothing T shirt dress, similar Here.  I bought this back in June, before I went on a wonderful weekend away, I picked this up without even trying it on, I never really do that because I normally always have to take it back for some reason or other!  Costing £18 I really knew I'd bagged a bargain and that I'd get loads of wear - and I sure have!  I've chosen a wide white belt today instead of the blue tie belt that came with the dress, white cross over sandals completed today's style.  Lets hope this keeps me cool or I'll never get anything done ;-)

As you may already know Frills, ruffles, bows, pleats and sleeves are all statement looks and a la mode now and probably all way through till spring, so grab whatever you see and/or like to make sure you are 'on point' in the months to come.  I was thinking how can this gravitate towards the winter seasons, but trust me the looks I'm seeing  I love and I'm sure you will too!

So enough today, off to do some more .... uhmm..... 'research' ..... ok, ok reading magazines in the sun I mean  ha ha.

So long for today fellow bloggers. X

                   Jacqui B.


Wednesday 24 August 2016

Enjoying the sun - yes or no?

Hello there, how are you?

Hope all in the UK are enjoying our heatwave,
I'm feeling sorry for everyone at work, because I don't actually feel like doing anything in this heat!

Today went for a lovely walk with eldest daughter and princess along the beach front, it was so tempting to take a paddle, but without having towel and appropriate shoes we decided to get an ice cream instead.
We weren't out for long, but we all felt drained when we got home, It's scary to think what the sun can do to you, so making up by drinking plenty!  Yes water as well as wine!

I choose to wear my denim shorts today, along with an ancient frilly, layered cami top.
So comfortable to wear in the heat, and covering a multitude of sins, it was totally the right outfit for today's heat.

The denim shorts are from Peacocks from a few years ago - similar Here.
My top is from New look and I've had it for more years than I care to remember!
Similar Here.

These are the only photos I managed to get today, but you get the jist of the outfit.  Colours are not a perfect match, but I felt it was still acceptable, I hope you agree.

Who's thinking of Autumn fashion yet?  I was already to start looking, trying and buying a couple of weeks ago, but since the gorgeous weather has arrived my summer wardrobe is back in charge and I'm loving the extra wear I'm getting from each item.  I love getting my money's worth!

So new season shopping will just have to go on hold for the time being - Oh unless I see something I HAVE to have in my possession!

Today I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe

Until tomorrow ...Bye bye X     

               Jacqui B.                         

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Hot like the med!

Hi there.
Whoa! it's gotta be hotter than the med here!

Have you survived the UK today!  It's been amazingly hot and I'm so pleased it has been.  Did have the chance to go away this week but couldn't go in the end,  so I'm happy the UK has had a heatwave, I bet all the children are enjoying their summer hols in this heat.

So today after a stint in the garden, weeding - cooling down with all the fizzy, still and ice cold drinks I could find.  Filled a bin full of weeds and the garden still doesn't really look any different!

This evening was a very special, last minute, off the cuff BBQ.  I'd shopped for the ingredients for an old favourite, Spanish Pork. an all in one pot dinner, however when middle daughter sent a message to suggest a BBQ I jumped at the chance - well so did half the family.
I raided the freezer for sausages and burgers, hubby collected chicken wings, pork steaks and minted lamb kebabs, eldest daughter prepared potato salad and coleslaw and shopped for buns, cheese and BBQ briquettes,  we lit the Barbie  (well son-in-law did) and waited for the pleasing aromas.
Before long we were all tucking into a mouth watering selection of succulent, perfectly cooked meat and sipping on ice cold prosecco or beer - yes, and on a school night!

Sweltering in the 30's I felt like I was in the Mediterranean today, so opted for my black and white sun dress.  Normally worn in the evening, I felt nothing else would be cool enough too run around in to do my chores.  When I was weeding in the garden I wore shorts and a boob tube, but didn't think I needed to share  the super model look and make you all feel awful ;-)

The sun dress with black and white flowers, I seem to pick these colours and patterns quite often, with shoe string straps and a very full gathered skirt this was just what the weather called for and I felt cool and comfortable wearing it.
Flat sandals were all I could wear today, these from Florence and Fred were ideal!

Off to bed now - sorry this post is so late ..... see you tomorrow. X

                           Jacqui B.


Monday 22 August 2016

Lazy weekend = busy Monday!

Yes I've had a lazy weekend relaxing and doing nothing!  Well that's not strictly true preparing a roast dinner for three was about the highlight of my weekend. 
With two daughters still away and both sons at work, it was not a full on roast dinner that was prepared but still as tasty nonetheless.   I have to say though the old saying is true 'the less you do, the less you feel like doing'.
I have to say I did wake up feeling full of vigour and ready to face the on-coming week full on!

Now a busy day did eventually follow, but only in the car! 
Collecting my daughters from the airport was supposed to be a 3 hour journey, but with the traffic it turned into a four and a half  hour journey in a hot stuffy car sitting in endless traffic jams due to road works and holiday congestion!  What fun.
Nice to finally get my precious cargo on board and make for home.

Wearing a dress was the best choice today, I didn't want anything too fitted like jeans or a skirt to travel in. 
This dress from Debenhams years ago similar Here Is a wrap around with a fixed waist and tie belt.
The cream background has a bold print design of black and beige flowers and leaves.  Cap sleeves are very flattering on the arms and the length is perfect finishing below the knee on the shin.  I've teamed with white shoes, however the dress would look equally charming with black long boots and a black jacket.
Pearls are a must with today's look, very sophisticated and tres chic.

There you have it.  Do I look like I've driven a four and a half hour journey to and from Stanstead Airport?
I wouldn't mind but I didn't even have the enjoyment of the holiday :-(

Relaxing with a glass of vino now - bliss.

Bye for today .. X

                Jacqui B.


Saturday 20 August 2016

Good morning Saturday.

Yay it's the Saturday, don't you just love the weekend?

It's been rather quiet in my household this past week with middle and youngest daughter away.  That will all change on Monday as they return with loads of stories, brown and sun burnt bodies and plenty of washing!
I'm so very lucky to have five children who are not only my precious offspring, but my friends too!
We are fortunate enough to get on (most of the time) and nearly always have a laugh at some point in the day.  (More often than not at my expense!)

OK, back to my outfit I'm sharing with you all today.

Again, as so often the case this choice is featuring a item from Matalan , the sale to be exact.  Costing a mere £3!!!  I figured this would be a good choice for the transitional period and being navy, one of the colours I've seen recently, it would find a niche in my wardrobe staples for Autumn.  I thinking pairing with red, navy, white, pink, mustard ... the list goes on, you get the gist!

Today, however, I've chosen beige chino ankle grazer trousers, these are from Principles a couple of seasons ago, and are pretty much a staple in my wardrobe.  You can never go wrong with a beige pair of trousers, although I try to  wear with a brighter colour to liven up what could be a dowdy outfit.

So this sleeveless top made of viscose mix, is a longer line jumper with turtle collar, it's very flattering over the my bottom and top of legs area.  I plan to wear it layered over a blouse or plain long sleeve t shirt in the cooler months for a warmer feel.
I'm wearing with a beautiful necklace my bestie bought me a couple of years ago.  With the blue and turquoise tones a brilliant match for navy.   This has a tie effect at the neck and with the current trend for chokers I thought it would be an ideal choice for the neckline - I think you'll agree it is!

I've borrowed middle daughters' mini handbag for the photo, being the only nude bag I could find, a nude colour bag and also a navy blue bag is on my list of items that are needed to complete many outfits, so I'm on the look out for one!  TK Maxx here I come!

Have a great day ladies's been nice 'chatting'. X
                          Jacqui B.


Friday 19 August 2016

Thankfully it's Friday.

Good day all, how are you all doing?

Been rather busy yesterday looking after my princess.  She was an absolute angel as usual.  Had planned to do so much with her, by way of going to the park and possibly baking some cakes, that all went out the window we just played and watched telly!  I can't actually wait for the day when she wants to sit and watch a whole film then we can sit and watch Disney films all day, I just love them and each time a new film is released, so I have a new 'favourite' - see I've never really grow up, lol.

In the afternoon, once my daughter had collected my princess I popped over to the local Matalan - coming home with a couple of bargains and a cute little choker necklace.
I also had a look in another couple of all round shops, the ones that hold anything and everything from toothpaste to extension leads,  I picked up both of these items and also some hangers - one can never have enough of them, or if you do maybe a reason to buy more clothes!?!?

Today more of a lazy affair - just a food shop and lots of blogging. 
Going to dodge the showers and take my little Roxy for a walk, I supposed that's the only good thing that has come from loosing my precious Candy - girl, we get to walk rather than saunter through the paths and alleyways, my little Roxy doesn't know what's hit her all this walking!

Anyhow back to my recent purchase from the Matalan sale.

As soon as I saw this I knew it would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe, I had loads of ideas rolling around my head of what I had at home that I could pair with it and what I needed in order to make other outfits.

My influence for this came from middle daughter and a recent blog I was musing over.
My middle daughter has two similar long shirts that she either wears with skinnies or a jersey cami dress, both look great, so I thought I would try my own version out.

But here's what I opted for so far:

I love the bright red flowers that stand out so well against the black background,  they really pop along with the white flowers.  With no sleeves I can wear either on it's own or with either a vest T shirt underneath or a long sleeve option if the weather is cooler.  Slits up either side making it,
only suitable to wear with something under it, I chose a vest T shirt in these photos along with my skinny jeans from Matalan too. 

My Forever 21 Chanel style bag was the perfect accessory with this outfit, along with my Dorothy Perkins peep toe cork wedge style sandals. (Still comfy as ever!)

The necklace I bought recently was the perfect choice with this look, the white picked out the flowers in the design, I'm so chuffed with how this look turned out, what do you think of the long line over shirts?  Matalan had another colouring in the sale as well, a black and white check which I think would be perfect teamed with red too. 
For a bargain of between £5 and £7 be rude not to go back and get another!

I foresee me getting plenty of wear from this shirt dress, black jeans/trousers and a red roll neck jumper and red shoes/boots would be pretty cute, red trousers with black t shirt also would be fab, there's many choices to be made, and I'm looking forward to wearing this for the rest of the Summer, into Autumn and onto Winter - an adaptable item if ever there was!

So I hope you like this look, If you'd like any style ideas from an over 50 year old who still wants to dress stylishly and modern feel free to email me.  Also I'd love you to pop in your email to subscribe, I can keep you up-to-date with what I'm doing and wearing, and what me and princess are up to!

Until tomorrow, have a lovely day/evening. 

Out with the work girls tonight, can't wait for a catch up.  #wiwt photo will follow.

Bye bye ...X

               Jacqui B.


Wednesday 17 August 2016

Style steal......

Hi there,
Yes today I'm ashamed to say I stole something ..... hold on before you call the police I actually stole an idea from a fellow blogger.

The gorgeous Bev from Irismaystyle had me "copy catting" her style.  Her blog is so inspiring and I'm pleased I found it. 

The particular look I've copied today is quite a simple style, but looks stunning - I'm hoping I too have done it justice.  She wore, white drop crotch trousers with a v neck tunic in a super blush pink colour, these along with some grey ankle boots, turned the three components into a stylish outfit.

I've opted white three-quarter length jeans, along with my subtle pink/peach blouse, this has  long sleeves that I've turned over a few times,  a 'grand-dad' style collar and a blouson effect that had elastic at the front to sit at the right level and a long back scoop that hung covering my behind - perfect.
I choose to wear my gorgeous grey wedge lace up sandals that I wore at a recent wedding see Here
I know they weren't the grey boots Bev wore, however I felt that maybe I could be forgiven for opting for sandals in this weather.
The Jaeger grey bag came out to play today, befitting the stylish outfit I've chosen, (with the help of fellow blogger Bev).

My stunning Jaeger bag is a fabulous fixture in my bag selection, with handles that are long enough to pull over my shoulder, but short enough to hold or hang over my arm.  Two zips across the top makes for easy access inside to the various zips and pockets.

So how do you like my style steal?  Have you stolen a style from a fellow blogger?  I'd love to see it if you have.

Until tomorrow ....X

                   Jacqui B.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Finally getting new phone arranged!

Hiya, hope all is good with you.

Feeling fine today, very positive because I had a very precise idea of what I wanted to wear today.

Seeing a blog yesterday, only the mule sandals and frayed jeans, so I thought I'd do my take on this look and make up the top half.

So donned faded mom jeans rolled up, showing my lovely white M and S mules similar Here.  The block heel makes for a safe step on all terrain especially grass, although I did change into my white pumps whilst playing with my granddaughter.  I'd promote these block heel sandals for
everyone, because they look so modern and in fashion.
Here's a shot of my new Florence and Fred white frilly top, that looked great paired with faded jeans and white sandals.  Pleased how this summery top fitted in with my blog-inspired-look.
What inspiration have you got from other blogs recently?  I'd love to hear from you.

New phone has been arranged, and I'm pleased and proud of the deal I've snagged with my provider, which proves when push comes to shove and you finally say I'm leaving you!  the provider comes up trumps with a smashing deal for me!  So much so I'm going to be the owner of a new IPhone 6 tomorrow (smug face appears).

Lunch with mum, eldest daughter and princess today, which was lovely sitting outside in the sun,  albeit slightly hot in the long jeans, I did miscalculate the weather, it was a scorcher today!
Home made pizza followed by jam doughnuts, see the diets going well lol.  Some more gymnastics in the garden today by way of forward rolls and balancing princess with extended arms, much more and America's Simone Biles may have to move over!!!

Bye for now everyone, off to cook dinner. X

                             Jacqui B.

Monday 15 August 2016

Busy weekend.

Hello ladies, well that was a busy weekend .. phew!

Exciting watching all the medal winning at the Rio Olympics, I'm in awe of those amazing athletes, and very proud of each and every medal team GB have won!  It's really given me a push to get back to my keeping fit, and I may even go for a run this week!  I just need that kick-up-the-butt to get me out once and then hopefully it'll be easier to carry on.

Saturday you'd have found me nearly knee deep in washing, ironing and putting away - where does it all come from? 
In the afternoon I shopped for a birthday present, ran a few errands and visited my little princess.  A fairly casual outfit adorned me, by way of cropped cigarette jeans, bling sandals and my super cotton vest top - from Peacocks a few years ago I love this little piece.
The cool cotton vest has a cream background with plenty of pretty flowers of pink, blue, rust, mauve and white, along with this pretty cute necklace in similar colours I reckon it's a great pairing.  I love chillin' out in something like this, so easy to wear, looks cool and a laid back look is fabulous for a weekend in the sun.

Sunday had me and hubby operating our taxi service - unpaid I might add - dropping two of our girls and three friends to the airport for their week away, a round trip of 3 hours.  The things we do for our kids!
Returning back to a family BBQ, and a birthday celebration.
I bought this gorgeous frilly blouse in Florence and Fred  these frills on the sleeves are so 'in' now, so flattering so get out and by some frills. 
Having searched through my wardrobe to locate a white top, I concluded I don't have any.  So when I saw this in store I knew it should be in my wardrobe and that it would get plenty of use, the deal was done and now it's mine.
A reasonable £14 was paid for this item.
Do you like frills?

Had a lovely lunch time looking after my princess, I managed to get into the little den on top of the slide - don't ask me how!!! We pretend shopped, ate pretend fruit and drank pretend tea, tried a little gymnastics, her not me I add.

I'm seeing culottes everywhere,  I reckon they'll be very popular for the AW16 season, I'll be jumping on that band wagon for sure, flattering for everyone, culottes will be a wardrobe staple for definite.

I'd just like to add ..... I've been for a run, big exclamation mark!  Feel great at the moment, lets hope I feel the same tomorrow.

See you in the morning .. byeeee X

                         Jacqui B.

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