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Thursday 27 June 2019

Chanel Style Skirt with Textured top & Ted Baker Jacket - #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my fellow over fifty bloggers.
How are you all?

My holiday's starting to become a distant memory and having the internet fixed I'm back to blogging with vigour and determination.  I'm determined to go up a level in the blogging world, which means learning more, finding out more & studying more of your interesting blogs.
Yesterdays weather just wasn't what I had expected at all.  With France suffering a wicked heatwave, I really thought we'd be experiencing warmer weather here!  It was really cold with a wind blowing making it feel like a totally different season.  I decided to wear a skirt when I popped into town, but had to take a jacket with me, just to keep me warm! 


Monday 24 June 2019

Style Not Age - Flaming June!

Morning - how are you?
Today it's my turn to set the challenge for the Style Not Age ladies.  I had my mind set on the title for June but hadn't anticipated the weather.
Flaming June .... more like April showers downpours!
Dodging the rain trying to take photos this month has been a challenge to say the least.  I missed plenty of opportunities to take photos, and found myself staring out the window to find a break in the weather just long enough to take some shots!
I wasn't too worries because I was taking my new lens on holiday to practise taking shots of the stunning scenery on the island of Majorca.  If you've been following my IG stories you might have seen my huge mistake ... yes forgetting the memory card!!!!! OMG I was so annoyed with myself, I'd remembered everything else.  So we searched for said memory card in the local shops, but because my camera is quite old the CF card is difficult to find.  Having to make do with phone camera to take some rather good photos as you will see further on.


Thursday 20 June 2019

Re-visiting Spain - #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there, how's over fifty bloggers doing today?
I'm still away on my holiday, enjoying the sun, sand & .... oh Prosecco doesn't rhyme does it! How about sparkling Prosecco?  Although in Spain it'll be Cava won't it - just as well I like that too.
Let's hope I can bring some good weather back with me on Saturday, I need to keep the tan topped up & get the BBQ going.

With both the weather being bloomin' awful last week so photos were a bit of a non-starter and my internet down, I'm just hosting the #chicandstylish #linkup with you this week.
I'm looking forward to getting home to see what you're all wearing, doing and sharing though - just need to enjoy getting a tan, eating too much and drinking just a little more - ha ha ha. X

Whatever you are doing, hopefully it's in the sunshine and having fun.  I'm sure that's what I will be doing with my grand-kids too.


Monday 17 June 2019

White Jeans & Yellow Blouse - Style Steal

Hi there.  Hope you're all doing well.
In case you didn't know I'm on holiday with hubby, eldest daughter and her family.  Last minute glitches with my net meant I was sent into panic mode having no internet to finish off my scheduled posts.  I managed to gain a 'hotspot' from my phone - yes I was impressed to do this too - so with fingers crossed you should be reading this on Monday!

The third Monday of June means it's Style Steal time.  Each month I try to emulate another persons style.  Sometimes I copy an actual outfit, other times I wear the same colours and have also been know to copy a style or even a title!
Today's steal was linked on the #chicandstylish party.  I liked it the moment I set eyes on it, and knew I would just HAVE to use it.  Having got all the pieces already in my wardrobe it wasn't a hard one at all!


Thursday 13 June 2019

Everyday Wear - #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
The count down is on, my weeks holiday is just around the corner.  Unusually for me I have everything sorted that I want to take!  I only need to pack and sort my toiletries then I'm ready to go!
With the weather in June definitely not playing fair, my holiday has come at the right time.  Down-pours have been creating havoc with my photo taking, and lots of my summery clothes have been put on hold, making way for warm jeans and even boots on a couple of occasions!  Come on mother nature give us a break and some warm sunshine.  I do hope the weather in the Mediterranean is up to scratch I want to wear my new purchases.  I'll be taking my camera with me, and want to try and get some great shots - stay tuned my friends.


Monday 10 June 2019

Lotus Shoes Espadrilles & Gypsy Style Dress.

Morning all!
What you been up to?
Starting to get back to normal in the MummB household, just waiting for the honeymooner's to get home and share some of their memories, then as of Saturday I'll be out of office and on a weeks holiday to relax and re-cov ....... hang on ... no I'm with the grandkids so I don't think there'll be much R & R going on! Lol.  We're off for a week to Majorca, in the Med.  Praying for nice weather as we'll be around the pool for most of the days.  Princess has learnt to swim and will be getting plenty of practise, while my little prince will be enjoying the pool, slides and spray machines xxx.  We know he'll love it as his mummy and daddy took him to an open air swimming pool recently and he was in his element.  So maybe I will be able to catch a few rays and enjoy a few drinks after all. 😉

With my holiday I mind, I've started to collect my outfits together - most are too big so I've been eyeing up the shops to find replacements.  Popping into F & F the other day, I just had to peruse, well - the whole section.  I found this cute gypsy styled dress in the sale no less, and thought I'd try it.  I think it makes me look a bit dumpy - what do you think? .... a keeper or not?

Item marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.


Thursday 6 June 2019

It's a Wrap! #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
Over fifty blogging land all good I hope!
I'm feeling like I'm getting back to normality now, my house is looking less cluttered, the grass is growing back and I'm finding time for blogging, gym classes, shopping and my dancing classes.

With a holiday on the horizon, I'm starting to think of my holiday wardrobe.  I have a draw full of beach wear, & a wardrobe of summer dresses that normally only come out for my hols, with many of them being relegated to the charity pile, I'll be checking through to find out what fits or not and what's going to make the cut.  I might be needing a new jumpsuit so will be shopping for one today.

Today's dress won't be making the cut as the material is way too hot for me to take anywhere warm.  It's more of a Spring/Autumn dress, but I tend to wear something anytime if it feels right!  I've also layered it with jumpers, tee shirts and boots & sandals make an appearance occasionally too.


Monday 3 June 2019

Hen Weekend.

Hi there, how are you my friends?
You may remember my daughters wedding fell last weekend, & the build-up has been non-stop leaving me tired, drained and exhausted.  My mojo had definitely vanished making way for symptoms of the empty nest syndrome - tears and upset!  Although I still have my youngest daughter and son at home, it's been an ongoing struggle, but then that's part of life's rich pattern isn't it?  So I'm keeping busy and looking forward to quality time I know I'll have with her and my new son-in-law.

I'll be sharing the wedding soon, but until then - here's what we got up to on the 'hen' weekend.
Emily wanted a quiet, relaxing and laid back weekend break, this both my other daughters arranged for her and some 13 hens beautifully.  We travelled to Torremolinos, Spain early on the Saturday morning.  After a little shopping in duty free, we had drinks in the airport and boarded the flight, subsequently being met by our own personal driver who transported us to our hotel near the beach in about half an hour.  Our hotel, Las Palomas suited all our needs and the light airy rooms were plenty big enough for our three nights stay having everything we needed beautifully arranged.  The hotel had a fabulous buffet restaurant, with just about any sort of food you could imagine, I certainly ate much more than I needed to, along with drinking more than I should on a couple of occasions!!!  The bars were well stocked, with prosecco, spirits and some very 'morish' slush drinks that we mixed with either vodka or malibu - heaven in a drink - sort of an alcoholic ice lolly. 😁

Black and white night, I wore this slip dress and I've found this very similar version from M & S.

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