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Monday 30 April 2018

Ready for another way with my Red Pleated Skirt?

Morning everyone.
Hope you are well.
Want to know what this over fifty fashion blogger has been getting up to?  Read on to find out more.

My family are well into the season of family birthdays, we celebrated hubby's birthday on Friday, with all the family round to help us enjoy a few drinks & nibbles along with a little dancing to the jukebox (catch my weekend at a Jukebox Fair here).


Thursday 26 April 2018

100 Years of Family & Fashion. #chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning, I hope I find you well my friends.
What have you been up to?  With the sunshine making a very welcomed appearance everything seems to look better and the positivity just flows.  Isn't it funny how sunny climates make everyone feel happier and act in a more friendlier way.  People smile, want to chat and generally seem to be in much better moods.

Last weekend we were away again overnight - I know cheeky aren't we?  Some of the positives of having older children are that we can catch up with friends and family without having to worry about getting home for the children, cooking for them and ferrying them around - lol.  Although I do worry about my little doggie Roxy, she misses me when I go away, so I leave strict instructions what to do with her, when to feed her & to make sure she has a walk and plenty of water!
We went to Brighton to a Jukebox fair, both our friends have Jukeboxes that take vinyls, so they enjoyed looking through the boxes of records at the fair. We have one that's on a computer chip, so we were just as happy checking out the various stands and watching the couples jive to the live band.  Every time we go (we've been three times now) we say we're going to learn how to jive, but as yet no one has committed!
Having a Jukebox is good fun on a night in with friends or family, we throw some stunning dance moves I can tell you - especially after a few glasses of vino!


Monday 23 April 2018

Style Not Age. After the rain comes the Rainbow.

Hi there my friends.  How have you been?  All good I hope.

As with all my challenges, as soon as I hear the subject I find I'm stumped, no difference with the latest Style not Age task either!  This was Emma's choice and very apt I might say, due to the weather changing from plenty of rain to lots of lovely sunshine.
My blank mind didn't last long because I remembered the pretty rainbow shoes I acquired from my daughter whilst tidying out our garage.

Check out my first outing with these pretty rainbow shoes where I wore them with white jeans, chunky red jumper and my daughters rainbow scarf.


Thursday 19 April 2018

Bonmarche Wide leg & Sunflowers #LINKUP

Morning lovelies, are you ready for the #chicandstylish #linkup? 
I'm looking forward to seeing your offerings this week, I'm sure they'll be full of sunshine and bright colours, but if not don't worry because I love seeing all your looks!

Today I wanted to show off this beautiful sunflower top, if this doesn't remind us of lazy summer days, I don't know what will!  Although I'm hoping the weather yesterday was a sign that it's changing for the better, I was so bloomin' hot, all the doors and windows open it was a real treat!
I had the pleasure of looking after my prince and princess yesterday as mummy and daddy had to go out.  Well it was full of laughs - mostly at my expense!  Spending about 10 minutes trying to put up the buggy - why are they so difficult until you realise just how easy they are (upon checking YouTube lol)! 
I also spent about 20 minutes looking for my phone, convinced princess had hidden it.  I could hear it ringing behind me but could not find it ... yes you've guess, it was in my back pocked - one red faced nannie right here! 👋 ... he he he.

How pretty is this Sunflower Bardot Gypsy* top?  When asked to pick a few items from the latest collection from Bonmarche I was stunned at the amount of goodies I wanted!  They really have upped their game over recent years and it's shining through in all the garments. Here's my previous choices.


Monday 16 April 2018

M & S Blouse three ways or more!

Hi there lovelies, how you all doing?
I have to say I've had a wonderful weekend, you might be thinking I been out shopping, out for a interesting evening or spending the night with great company, eating gourmet food and drinking delicious wine, but you'd be wrong.  Actually I've been gardening with hubby and then sitting on the sofa watching TV with a takeaway!  I've had a brilliant weekend.  The weather was delightful, warm and sunny with a real Spring feel which is about bloody time really!  Better weather always gives me a spring in my step along with renewed energy that evades me over the winter period.  We managed to cut the grass, trim the hedge and generally tidy up some of our over-grown garden.  So happy with the results, but there's still a lot to do.

Do you remember the pretty lilac blouse I purchased from good old M & S?  Turns out my former 5Over50 colleague Gail had bought the very same one!


Thursday 12 April 2018

Kent & Sussex Steam Train. Weekend away. #LINKUP

Hi there, thanks for joining me today, are you going to join the #LINKUP I do hope so!

You might recall last Saturday I spent the night in Tenterden after spending the evening travelling on the Kent and East Sussex Railway.  We were celebrating a special birthday of a close friend and the weekend certainly was a celebration.  Arriving mid-afternoon we had a quick look around the town, stopping for a drink in a local hostelry.  If you follow me on IG you'll have seen I found the house my Nan lived in, having last visited her when I was roughly 8, I congratulated myself that everything was as I remember!  I longed to knock on the door and have a look around, but thought that rather cheeky so didn't do it!  I have many happy memories of afternoon tea around her coal fire, albeit rather strong tea for a child!  Thinking it funny to have a coal scuttle in the kitchen and coloured glass (yellow I think) in the bathroom window!  She always had potted Hyacinths on the table, and to this day every time I smell one it takes me back to my nans front room!  Strange how aromas evoke feelings and memories as soon as the smell hits your nose!


Monday 9 April 2018

Bonmarche Skirt, Blouse & 'must have Jacket'.

Morning ladies,  how's it going?
Things are going well for me.
I had a wonderful night out on Saturday, we stayed in Tenterden, which is about an hour away from where I live.  Our evening plans were to ride on the Kent and East Sussex Railway which included a five course meal.  Pop back on Thursday for the full post plus the #chicandstylish #linkup

Recently I was very kindly asked to pick a few pieces from the new Bonmarche Spring collection and this jacket was top of my list.  Laurie from Vanity and Me Style also has the same jacket - great minds eh?  I have to say it's definitely the 'must have jacket'* of the season, and if you want a new jacket and only buy one I suggest you pick this one!  Season appropriate because it's going to compliment more-or-less any outfit.  You can dress it up with a flattering skirt or dress it down with jeans.  Have you guessed I love my new PU addition? PU-abulous!! Lol


Thursday 5 April 2018

Lotus Shoes - Houston Handbag #chicandstylish #linkup

Hello lovelies, hope you're having a fabulous week.
Rather enjoying the fact that it's been a short one after the Bank Holiday on Monday.  Meaning the weekend is nearer which is great as hubby and I are having a cheeky night away.  We'll be boarding the Kent & East Sussex steam train for a journey and meal, with a night in the local hotel.  I'm looking forward to enjoying the company, atmosphere and gourmet meal.  I'll be sharing this weekend jaunt in the next couple of weeks.

Another exciting day on Friday as it's my grandsons first birthday!  Wow that year went quickly.
So with some fun times coming up I'd like to share a fun bag with you.

On Monday I featured the fabulous wedges I've been sent from Lotus Shoes and today it's the Handbag's turn.

Monday 2 April 2018

My Lotus Nude Wedges - the perfect shoe!

Happy Easter Monday everyone.
How are you all doing?
With the weather still doing it's own thing ( it's getting boring now!)  I just had to break out a spring outfit, in hope to maybe tease the weather into changing for the better!
Having had a wet beginning to the Easter weekend I hoped for a brighter day yesterday, when I had arranged a mini Easter Egg Hunt for my little princess.  As it turned out the grass was way too wet for any fun and games so we resorted to hiding the eggs indoors.  She had a great time searching for the chocolate eggs and she ended up with some twenty odd yummy eggs in various sizes culminating in a large white chocolate bunny hiding in a cupboard!  So after a busy weekend of her first trip to the cinema to watch Peter Rabbit,  picking her own Easter egg (two really) on a shopping trip with me and grandad, finishing with the Easter Egg Hunt she really has had an egg-citing Easter! Sorry. X

Last year I styled a chambray shirt dress.  I'd wanted something in this soft denim drape for a long time, and it took quite a few shopping trips (such hard luck - lol) until I found the right one.  Pop over and see how I styled it last April with tan accessories and my basket bag.

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