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Thursday 30 November 2017

Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Hi there, hope you are well.

I'm travelling home today so I'm somewhere over the Rainbow! Not sure I'm going to be a happy over fifty fashion blogger tomorrow!

How exciting to find something hidden away that you'd forgotten about?  Not that this happens very often but it did a couple of weeks ago.
Technically I'd not forgotten, but my eldest daughter had!
You see we'd been clearing out our garage to make room for some gym equipment.  SIL, me and two daughters cleared and sorted the various boxes and bags, with me having a trip down memory lane again looking through old photos, books and other knick-knacks that had been hoarded stored there.
Eventually my eldest daughter came across these Rainbow shoes, having worn them once she found them completely pristine in their box.  She didn't want them so I jumped on them straight away - I'd got designs on these rainbow shoes.


Monday 27 November 2017

My Abstract/patchword Dress.

Morning, how are you?

I'm still away on my holiday to Abu Dhabi, but when I'm home I'll have lots to share with you about my experience in this enigmatic city.  But until then let me show a recent addition to my dress selection.

Whilst out shopping with a friend I found this patchwork dress in TK Maxx,  not only patchwork but it has an interesting abstract design in the pattern as well.  We'd gone out to look for outfits to take on holiday, but I came home with this!  Well in my defence my friend spotted it and suggested I try it on.  It wouldn't have been my first choice, but once I caught my refection in the fitting room mirror I rather liked what I saw, something out of the ordinary for me so I changed my mind & the deal was sealed!


Thursday 23 November 2017

Pleated skirt with tassel boots!

Hiya or should I say ma' a as-salama. 

As we "speak" you'll find this over fifty fashion blogger is on her way to Abu Dhabi to watch the final Grand Prix of the year.  I've been feeling both excited and nervous to visit this mysterious place, eager to find out for myself just what it's really like. I've packed a collection of clothes that hopefully will be suitable for this Arabian city.

So as I'm off on my hols' I'm sharing a purchase I found in the M & S sale some weeks ago....


Saturday 18 November 2017

MummaB - Style Steal.

Hi there, are you ready for another Style Steal?
I really hope you've been tuning into my monthly over fifty Style Steal, there's some great bloggers out there and I'm only too pleased to share them with you - maybe giving you some inspiration of styles you can duplicate.
You can view the past months offerings here:
October featuring Nancy,
September featuring Emma,
August featuring Rachel
July featuring Catherine.

Then let's wait no longer, here's November's number.

As soon as I saw this outfit I knew it was my sort of thing.  I really wanted to find something similar, so set about finding my 'steal'.   Only having two of the items in my wardrobe I had to search for the main attraction and search I did.  It didn't take me long to find a near copy of this Target jumpsuit.


Thursday 16 November 2017

Throw back Thursday - Sharing my Dresses.

Morning, how are you?

All good here with this over fifty fashion blogger.  Getting prepared for my week away, so trying (not very well) to get on top of the washing and ironing.  Sorting out what to take, what I need and what frivolous additions I can get away with (baggage weight and space permitting)!
I know to add a couple of pashminas or scarfs - they seem to be top of the list for being respectful, plus a couple of swimsuits, shorts and tops, oh and a few dresses & jumpsuits then the rest will have to follow as I start packing.

So I thought I'd take you on a little trip down memory lane to visit some of my favourite outfits from the past few months.


Monday 13 November 2017

Peep toe booties.

Hi there, how are all the over fifty fashion bloggers (and everyone else) on this Monday morning?

Such fun evening on Saturday night, I had my prince and princess for the night!  All went well and considering they don't stay very often they were both brilliant.  I managed to watch my favourite Strictly Come Dancing, with a take away and one Gin & Tonic - yes only One wasn't I good?  Sorry to say the same can't be said about the curry, it seems new owners taken over our local restaurant without any notice, I hasten to add it was awful!
Number one priority for next week - find a new one!!
Sunday was another busy day with a few of the children, plus my cuties, for a Sunday Roast Beef dinner with all the trimmings - finally settling down to a little nap and the results of #SCD - bliss. X

Do you remember me going on and on about peep toe boots?  Well you might have seen that I did find a pair from JD Williams so since then have been wearing them on and off whenever the weather has been amicable.
I figured they'd look super with any number of outfits, so today I thought I share the jeans and jumper option.


Thursday 9 November 2017

Rosegal - Two super stylish dresses.

Hello lovelies, hope you are all well.

You may remember a few weeks ago I shared my Rosegal wish list with you, & here's two super stylish dresses that I'm pleased to show you in full.

Did you catch my post on Monday?  It was the monthly 5Over50 challenge featuring boots.  You can find out all about how 5 over fifty bloggers took a walk on the wild side with our Boots that were made for Walking.


Monday 6 November 2017

5Over 50 - These boots were made for walking.

Hi there - so pleased you could stop by.
Today is the November 5Over50 style challenge.

I hope you've been watching the previous months, but if not here's a link to check Last months here.
Today's task was set by Anna - see her blog right here. I had the pleasure of meeting up with
Anna & Gail from the 5Over50 Group, you can see our meeting on the London Eye.

These boots were made for walking!

For me this should have been a walk in the park - sorry just had to do that!
I've got endless ankle boots that would fit the purpose beautifully, but alas not many knee high boots!  The reason being my rather large calves!  I struggle to find boots that will fit my ample legs, so with plenty of searching both on line and in the stores I'm sad to say I came up with big fat zero!
After telling you all on my Lotus blog post that my ankle boot collection was complete - I've bought another pair, opps!   These will look charming in the challenge, so by the time I got to the till, my outfit was chosen in my head!  No more strolling round the shops or ambling up and down the high street - my quest for boots was over.


Thursday 2 November 2017

My purchase from Venice.

Hello, glad to welcome you to my blog.

Hope you've had a fun filled week.  Was it too scary?  Did you have many 'Trick or Treaters'?
I'm sad to admit we had no scary costumed children trick or treating at our door, despite having plenty of treats to exude, nothing happened. No knocks, no tricks and no scares!  It wasn't until speaking to my daughter yesterday morning, she told me if I didn't have a carved pumpkin or scary Halloween paraphernalia dangling around our house, most children wont knock!  I hotfooted it up to my friend-with-young-children's house and gave them the sweets we'd been saving for them, apologising for the dark, undecorated and uninviting house they'd neglected (for obvious reasons) to visit.  Must try harder next year!

I've just about got over my excitement of meeting my fellow over fifties bloggers and hope you managed to catch my blog post on Monday explaining my day.

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