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Thursday 7 April 2022

Styling my Salamander Shirt with Vivaia Mules - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my friends.
Hope you are well.

Apologies for being so late today, the wind played havoc with my photos and it's put me all behind, that and the fact I've been suffering with a cough, cold and sore throat this week - not Covid as I had that about three weeks ago and sailed through it!  The gran-kids have all had coughs & colds so it was inevitable that I would catch something.  It's been awful though and I can't remember the last time I felt so ill with a cold, it's also turned into Laryngitis, so I've a squeaky, nearly non-existent voice (which caused a funny 'problem' when collecting an in-store delivery) & is driving me mad - I hate being unwell!

So my funny story started when I went to collect an item I'd bought on-line from New Look.  I hadn't received the confirmation email to say it was in, but because I'd gone over to collect another item from the toy shop nearby I thought I'd see if it was there.  With a squeaky voice and a perspex partition I asked for the item, showing my phone which had the reference number on and gave my name - the girl said she'd just seen the package, found it and gave it to me.  Off I went with this bag, that did seem rather bigger than I had anticipated, but figured maybe I'd had something else in the basket which I'd paid for too!  I got home and finally got round to opening the parcel, it wasn't a pair of trousers I'd ordered, but a few other bits, that were definitely for a younger - slimmer person.  I looked at the name, which coincidentally had my niece's maiden name on it but thought she'd use her married name so didn't think it would be her's.
I rang the store to explain and was told that the parcel did belong to my family member and she would arrange collection from me!  My parcel hadn't arrived and is there now - I'm not making another trip over there yet, I'll go when I'm feeling a bit better.  
Moral of the story ... check the name on the bag when you get it - mistakes happen, check the correct reference number and name of the person you're giving the bag to. Lol

Mummabstylish is now starting the birthday season, with two this week already, I'm trying to stay one step ahead by getting cards and sorting gifts out, but I'm sure that won't last and I'll be buying last minute like normal ... ha ha ha. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

I've been wanting to share this gorgeous shirt with you for a while now, it's from a super little company called Salamander Shirts and the stock they hold is quite impressive. Offering an array of amazing shirts with designs such as cartoon dogs, owls horses and loads of other animal prints along with florals that will please the trickiest of customer, there really is something for everyone!  I opted for the flamboyant frilly bib shirt* and felt it looked just right over black trousers - wide leg of course - and a classic short jacket. 

The hardest thing will be to pick your favourite!

The soft cotton Grenouille shirt has a delicate stretch to it, thus making it a perfect fit.  It's also very comfortable to wear.  I tucked it in but there's enough fabric to hang lose or maybe try the half tuck or french tuck - both would look really flattering.  It fits true to size and is machine washable with no fear of shrinkage (do follow washing instructions).  With so many options of what to pair it with I'm definitely going to wear this on repeat over the next few months - jeans are going to be another partnering very soon.

I kept the mix neutral and picked grey as an accent colour.  This little H & M jacket is years old, and the aztec design still looks fresh and interesting don't you think?  They only let down is it doesn't have pockets - hufff!  I like that it doesn't have a collar though, the frilly shirt can shine through without anything to obscure it!  The longer cuff means there's enough for a turn-over like I have shown above.  With double buttons to secure the cuff both look crisp or you could leave them open for a laid back Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen feel!

Grey bag to keep the theme going as did the mules, simple yet chic!  

Let me tell you a bit more about my stunning mules, they're from a company called Vivaia and you can read all about their mission and sustainability by clicking these links.  So interesting to find out these shoes are made from bottles and the stylish footwear is eco-friendly.
I love a pointed toe shoe so the Jollie mule in cloud Gray* fitted the bill for me beautifully.  There's something so elegant about pointed-toe-shoe with heels don't you think?  Icing on the cake has to be that they not only look good but feel good to walk in, I could literally wear them all day.  
I'm happy to say that my usual size fitted like a glove, so would urge you to buy as normal for the best fit and although I opted for grey, there are plenty of other colours &styles I would love in my wardrobe, so definitely spoiled for choice - good luck choosing - there's a discount code for you to use below!

I'll be wearing them in Summer too, paired with a pretty summer dress or cropped jeans.

Vivaia have kindly offered a unique discount code for you to get 18% off your own pair, 
simply use the code .....

STYLISH at checkout to gain your discount. 

The hardest thing will be to pick your favourite!

Time for the #LINKUP, it's #Chicandstylish time. 

Favourite blogger from last week is ..... Suzy - The Grey Brunette.  I adore the outfit created around a song!  Your leather and lace inspired look is definitely a winner in my eyes - well done!

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Great to have you here today, many thanks.  Also huge thanks to Feedspot for featuring me as one of the Top 10 UK Fashion Bloggers - I'm thrilled and would love you to check them out!
Have a super week my friends and I'll see you on Monday.
Bye for now. X


  1. I love how you styled this shirt! An all-neutral outfit can easily look flat but your use of texture really amps it up. I experience something similar to your package story sometimes when we get an Amazon package and my husband just opens it and leaves the things for me...that are a completely different person's order. Checking the name is key!!

  2. Oh wow, Jacqui, what a story! And how funny that the package did belong to your niece though! I have learned to double check the name on parcels that are delivered to my home because I have accidentally opened other people’s boxes (our delivery people frequently deliver packages to the wrong houses which I always deliver to the rightful owner after I have learned to not open the box without first reading the label! Haha.) I love this fun frilly white blouse! It looks great the way you have styled it and your grey mules are really gorgeous, too! I hope you feel 100% soon. I have had a cough for a few weeks now after having a head and chest cold. It is very annoying!


  3. I love Vivaia! They have the cutest shoes (and they're so comfy too!). Love how you styled this outfit!


  4. Love how you styled this outfit! I hope you and your family feel better soon! Thanks for the link up!


  5. Love your gorgeous jacket!

  6. That jacket looks so good on you - I have a similar one I really need to wear more often! The shirt looks great with it.

    It's a shame you didn't get the right parcel, and that you're sick! it's good you know who the parcel belongs to though! :) We had a spate a few weeks ago of our postman dropping things off at the wrong places - lots of people asking who this parcel belonged to or asking if anyone had seen their missing parcel, craziness! I think the postman was having a bad week, it's been fine since thankfully!

    Thank you for the link up! Hope your week is going well and you get better soon :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. Those mules are indeed stunning—I'm going to check out that brand!
    Cheryl Shops |

  8. Our neighborhood has over 400 houses so we frequently get other people's mail. One time, the delivery driver did leave the wrong package at our house. As I was walking down the street to deliver it, he had turned around! He also had a package for win! That is truly a stunning blouse, Jacqui! You can never have enough white shirts because you can get different types, right? Love the mules, too! I hope you feel better soon! And, thanks for the link party!

  9. Jaqui you look amazing and fresh. Get well soon. 💕🌺
    XO tina

  10. The shirt is a lovely find! Your mules are gorgeous!

  11. What a weird coincidence that the parcel was for your niece, Jacqui!!
    I'm sorry you've been feeling so rubbish. I hope you feel better soon. Love the outfit, especially the shirt. The shoes are cute too but I can never walk properly in mules like those. I need a back to hold them still lol!
    And thank you so much for the very kind mention!!!
    Suzy xx

  12. I have heard of the shoe company, and find that so inteesting that they are made of bottles. Those shoes are very pretty! I love the ruffled shirt and how you styled it!
    Have a great weekend!
    jess xx
    PS Hope you feel better soon and that laryngytis goes away asap!

  13. I love the style, the shirt is beautiful.

  14. Oh this simple white frilly shirt from Salamander shirts is fun and classic at the same time. I would have chosen the same one too. You look great!

    Allie of


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