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Monday 25 April 2022

Style not Age - This Old Thing!

Hello and welcome to the blog.
How's you week gone?

They seem to be flying by for me, I only seem to blink and it's Monday again!
Had another super family filled weekend.  It's was my eldest's birthday on St Georges Day (Saturday) and she had a little gathering of about 50 people.  It was lovely to all be together which has been much miss I can tell you. It ended up quite a late night for me, but totally worth it although we missed a lift home and had to walk (took twice as long as we were both a bit tipsy .. ha ha).
Have you managed a large family event yet?

As you can imagine Sunday was a slow day and I decided to not cook a big dinner.  Yes you guessed what we ate ... an Indian - my absolute favourite, followed by chocolate - I just had to finish the rest of my Easter Egg, I just need them gone!
I had little Max to look after but he was, as usual, as good as gold.

So do you remember me telling you I was going on a one-2-one photography course?  It was for three hours on Friday in Canterbury.  I didn't know what to expect, but took along my camera - making sure I remembered my SD card and that the battery was full.  The course started at 10 am and I met up with the lovely Tania by The Marlowe Theater.  We went back to her flat where she explained all sorts of details about exposure compensation, focus, camera settings and things like making the background blurry.  I can honestly say I couldn't remember everything that Tania told me, but she has since sent a brief summary of what she taught me along with general notes for the one day digital course. I will be doing lots of studying over the next few weeks.  I set the camera up for hubby to take photos (I'm sharing those on Thursday) and today's were the second lot he took - still not 100% but I feel it's a work in progress and as they say Rome wasn't built in a day was it?  I've just been working on one setting so far and feel it will be better to start on one thing and really learn that before trying anything else - any pointers greatly appreciated. X

Anyway back to the blog, it's the last Monday of the month which means it's time for me and the ladies from Style Not Age to share our takes on the prompt that Gail presented us with ....

...This Old thing!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

I hold my hands up to being a bit of a hoarder!  I hate throwing things away and have many overflowing wardrobes and drawers in my house full of bits 'n' pieces I can't bear to chuck!  I did go through them a few years ago when I lost weight - most I gave away to charity shops, I would have been okay with it had I not put weight back on & had nothing that fitted me as I couldn't get into the new pieces I bought!!! Yeah so annoying eh!  I reckon I'll keep hold of clothes I like and maybe pack them in the loft ... just in case lol!

Okay, more about the outfit.  The culottes are from H & M and are a few years old.  Cream denim is a brilliant wear for Spring months when it's getting a bit warmer and I dare to bare a bit of leg.  I've worn these with sandals and trainers before, but here opted for a lighter boot that compliments the jeans and elongate the legs! 

I've got loads of shirts, jumpers and blouses, all of which come to play every once in a while much like the navy frilly blouse I matched here.  I was gifted this way back in 2017 and you can see a very old blog post featuring it with white jeans here.  You can't see all the details here, but it has long sleeves, a blouson waist that sits nicely on the top of my jeans.  With a deep frill down the front from the V neckline it's a glamorous blouse that can be dressy to casual in the flip of a jacket.  My old faithful jean jacket keeps me in my comfort zone.

I quite fancied adding a scarf into the mix, well the weather is still chilly despite the deceptive sunshine and this new silky lightweight scarf worked it's magic and tied everything together.  Dotted with dainty butterflies this colourful scarf was included in a box of goodies I was gifted from Danielle Lehavi recently.  With it being National Earth Day last week - the sustainable box containing hand-crafted and locally manufactured items was an exciting gift to receive.  You can see all the pressies here on my IG post.  You, like me will be impressed with all the pieces, especially the black Tokyo clutch bag*. X

Now it's the turn of my friends.  Say hello to Gail - Is This Mutton and let's see what her look is all about.  She chose two beautiful heirloom pieces from her grandma, they do look pretty against Gail's lavender jacket - just made for each other!

Next to share their 'Old' outfit is Emma - Style Splash. I'm envious of the fact that Emma is wearing jeans she had when she was 13!  Not only do I not know where any of mine went, I definitely wouldn't fit into them now!  Well done Emma, you wear them well. x

Hilda opted for a borrowed raincoat and vintage jeans among her other items, and they all look nearly new proving classic styles really don't date at all! Find out all the details on Hilda's blog Over The Hilda.

Last but not least here's what Anna chose.  You can catch all the backstory on her blog Anna's Island Style. Has a sister that not only knows her so well, but has a big eye for fashion - this jumpsuit is so trendy right now.  Well done for finding it for Anna. xx

Thanks so much for stopping by today, much appreciate your support.
I'll see you on Thursday, I'm excited to share a stunning new bag with you.
Cheerio for now. X 



  1. That's such a classy outfit! I envy you hoarders, I have nothing that's old except for one pair of brown trousers from the early 90s! Good thing I had the jewellery x

    1. Oh I envy people who can get rid! I end up keeping so much crap and never wear it again x

  2. Your photography course sounds like lots of information all at one time. It's good she gave you a print out of what she taught you! My attention span is not that long either!! I can't wait to see your Thursday photos! Sounds like a fabulous weekend and a busy few weeks to come for you! There are only 10 of us in close proximity so we've been getting together for a bit now. I haven't seen my brother or sisters in years. I really need to make an effort to go see them. Love your culottes...I haven't heard anyone call them that in years! And, yes, I am a terrible hoarder! I have my dress from graduating from 8th grade...couldn't even begin to fit into it now! And, I have this incredibly shrinking closet...I put clothes into it, and it shrinks them!!! Time for me to really get serious about losing this pandemic weight, though!

    1. Thanks Marsha, I did enjoy it and wish to go back for any lesson. Glad I'm not the only hoarder - i really need to get rid of some of the stuff but find it so hard to do! Tell me about losing weight! I'm calorie counting - but end up cheating so much!!!! Have a super weekend. x

  3. You and I are both hoarders. I gave a lot of my really old stuff to the stylist daughter and she gave them new life by altering them to fit her. Love your outfit. Nothing like a trusty old denim jacket.

    1. Ha ha - what are we like! I just can't seem to get rid of my clothes that don't fit etc!!!

  4. Great outfit ideas!

    Love and Wellness

  5. Some challenges suit us better than others and this one really suited you Jacqui! The whole outfit has your casual vibe and you look fabulous in those trousers and boots - a fab look!

    1. Loved this one Anna, it was fun. Glad you like it. x

  6. Great outfit! Your scarf is beautiful and I'm digging the clutch bag.

    1. You are too kind, many thanks hun. The bag was a gift from son and daughter-in-law. They made a good choice. x

  7. I love the collection of lovely outfits. Thank you for sharing

    1. Many thanks Anna, good to have you join today. x


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