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Monday 23 October 2023

Layering over a Summer Dress.

Hello and thanks for joining me today. 
What did your weekend bring?

The rain on Saturday curtailed any outings for me. I’d wanted to visit a couple of stores for an upcoming event next week, but the horrible rain put me off so I stayed indoors all day! I actually watched a film before watching the rugby (that was a shame as England lost to RSA 15 - 16), the film was called Hidden Figures. It was about 3 African-American mathematicians who were pivotal in the Astronaut John Glenn’s launch into space! They had to deal with racial and female discrimination too! Such an interesting film and all the more poignant because it’s based on real life events - love a film like that. 
Sunday was quite the opposite weather-wise and was brilliant sunshine, I still spent the day on the sofa when not preparing and cooking dinner - roast beef for me and yes it was very tasty!

I wore this outfit last week when it wasn’t raining! I wanted to show you how you can still enjoy Summer dresses when the weather is cooler and damper!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 

How do you feel about wearing Summer items in the next season, is it something you do? It’s a good way to get the most out of our clothes and can turn them into such different outfits (one lady on IG thought this was a skirt)! Take this maxi dress I wore to a friends wedding, I found the new gifted boots I received were the exact same colour as one of the flowers on it so it was an exciting opportunity to wear the dress again, with a slip and jumper added. I can also wear a long sleeve Tee shirt underneath too. I told you Autumn is all about layering pieces!

Let me tell you about my desirable boots. Aren’t they gorgeous! I fell for them as soon as I found them on the website and just had to have them. Well what’s not to like, a cute heel, and all round perfect colour for most outfits I’d wear and the best length - mid calf. That’s going to be just right for dresses, skirts and trousers or jeans. I’m going to enjoy slipping them on with skinny jeans for a chic look. 
They’re called Marlene * and also come in black. Both these colours are go-to shades that all wardrobes need, and I’m tempted to put the other colour on my Christmas list! (Oh there I’ve said the ‘C’ word). 😂

So as I said it’s all about layers. Try to pick any colour that’s on the dress you choose, I went for basic cream, but could have also chosen peach, mink or pale yellow. All these shades would have looked a dream over my dress and turned it into a flattering outfit like this. My jumper is from H&M and  I've worn it so many times over the past year, I had to buy it in grey too!  It's one of those all round easy to wear sweaters that looks great with so much. 

Thanks for stopping by today I appreciate your continued support. 
Let me know if this is something you do, I’m all for ekking out my Summer wardrobe!
Bye for now. X



  1. I haven't yet had any success wearing a jumper (sweater) over a dress. I've tried and feel like I just look silly. I really should give it a try. But, I have so many clothes, it's not like I'd go naked! I love this outfit...those boots are fabulous! I hope you'll link up on Thursday for the Traffic Jam!

  2. That's a great styling idea! The jumper looks fab over the dress. Gorgeous boots!

    Emma xxx


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