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Monday 9 May 2022

Wearing my Izabel Dress to a Wedding.

Morning my friends.
How you doing today?

I've had a lovely week, with a wedding on Thursday and a lovely dinner with friends on Saturday night.
We have the next stint of birthdays coming up starting with mine next Sunday.  I'm planning on having friends and family round for some drinks and nibble - it'll be the first time I've celebrated a birthday properly since the beginning of Covid and I'm really excited to see everyone together.  I've put my order in for a big birthday cake from my daughter - you can see what she baked me last year.  I've asked for a Victoria sponge but the rest will be a surprise, I love a surprise do you?

It's the season of weddings isn't it and I have three in the space of 3 months, so when I was asked by Izabel London if I'd like to pick something from the website I had fun looking through their pretty items.
My eyes fell upon this stunner so I looked no further! 

Items marked with * have been gifted for me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

From the moment I received this dress I knew I was going to wear it for the wedding last week.  I had all the accessories to go with the floaty floral & am so pleased I didn't have to search for them.
The shoes have been in my wardrobe for a couple of years since the kids bought them for me one birthday, but with Covid hitting us I haven't been able to wear them.  I confess to being a tad worried as to how comfortable they would be and slipped a pair of flats into my Teddy Blake bag "just in case" - but guess what?  I wore them all day and my feet felt fine.  I put that down to having a sturdy ankle strap, heel support and covered front.  This didn't mean I had to forgo fashion - these blush pink heels have a striking mesh detail on the front of the pointed toe and although they have quite a high heel,  I must say with a big smile, all went well.

My eyes fell upon this stunner so I looked no further! 

I've never actually worn a maxi dress to a wedding, but after wearing this vintage floral* I have to say I can't wait to do it again.  It might have been the swoosh and sway of the flowing skirt or the soft drape of the flowery print that did it for me and it certainly didn't let me down once I was ready and looked in the mirror.  I was so chuffed with the finished effect.

I like to keep my jewellery simple when an outfit is busy, so you can see I chose my drop pearl earrings hubby bought me for our pearl anniversary, that was six years ago for our 30th - I wonder what he will by me this year! 😉
I kept the pearl theme going and wore four bracelets, they are on a stretchy elastic and look very chic don't you think!

Here's David and my youngest son James, both looking smart and very sharp in their suits.

You can see the pattern in more detail from our selfie (well everyone does them now-a-days don't they!)
Muted shades of pink, yellow and tortilla brown are set on a cream background and it has tiny buttons all down the front of what could be described as a shirt dress, however the buttons on the waistband are fixed and therefore don't open - I think that's absolutely brilliant, I hate anything gaping.  The waist also has a shirred elastic effect giving fabulous shaping - it goes in and out in all the right places.

Waiting for the bride, here's my hubby, eldest son and his wife.

All the shades blend beautifully together and I had numerous bags that would have fitted in, but just had to take my pink Lola with me - it fitted my flats, makeup, hairbrush & makeup in without any hitches! 

Waiting for cake!  I was impressed that each table had a fancy cake in the middle, with a designated cake cutter to do the honours!  My Daughter-in-law got the job and sliced me a chunky piece that was delicious - no need for dessert and a nice way to include all the guests & put a 'spin' on the traditional cutting of the cake.

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Great to have you stop by the blog today, thanks so much.
If you have a chance do stop by Age Times to see my comments on what not to wear after 50!  Whilst I believe we should wear what we want at any age, I think certain points help to keep looking smart and sophisticated!
I'll see you on Thursday.
Cheerio my friends. X



  1. You are gorgeous in this dress, Jacqui! I love that fascinator, too! Chef's kiss all around! Your family are so very stylish, too...nothing like a man in a suit, right? What a wonderful idea to have a cake at every table. Such a fun thing...though I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to cut it!

    1. You are so kind Marsha. Cake was wonderful and I think a brilliant idea. x

  2. Stunning Jacqui. 💕 You choose well and it‘s perfect with this fascinator.
    XO Tina

    1. Awe many thanks for stopping by Tina, have a super week. x

  3. You look amazing! What a nice fascinator too!!


  4. Jacqui, this is the best dress I've seen you in. You look amazing! And a good 10 years younger, how do you do it?! Thanks for linking x

  5. Thanks so much Gail, that’s so kind to say x


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