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Monday 5 September 2022

August Review.

Hiya, everyone.
Hope you're all okay.

Can’t believe it was over a week ago I left for my long weekend in Sicily! I’ve a post planned about it, so will get it published as soon as possible. 
This weekend was quite the opposite! You know we’ve started our new build in our garden and I like to be as ‘hands on’ as I can. So Saturday morning David and I had to spread sand over the plastic membrane which goes under the block and beam floor. I obviously looked a picture and laughed at the contrast from my previous Saturday look! (Obviously no photos of that).

Saturday night I had dinner with my daughter and her family, she’d cooked a delicious beef curry with all the extras of potato and mushroom curry, poppadoms & mango chutney and also a naan bread - it was yummy. I then played with the kids in the garden on the trampoline and then in the tunnel - they rolled me around the garden and thought is was hilarious.🤣 {See our fun here}

I didn’t do much on Sunday which was wonderful, having done so much in the garden on Saturday it’s was good to just relax and blog!

David has been inspired to cook some pasta dishes after having had some tasty local specialities last weekend.  So set about copying one he found delicious at the hotel Borgo San Rocco. it's made with the basic ingredients of bacon lardons, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil served on Rigatoni - it was divine and tasted even better as I didn't have to cook it! Lol.  To be fair i’ve also been looking through my Gino D’Acpo Pronto Let’s Cook Italian in 20 Minutes and have seen some tantalizing meals I want to try.  Let's hope they turn our as good as David's did!!

So let's talk about today's blog post, it's the beginning of September so time to look back on my August posts for the ...
August Review.

In the beginning of August I was getting back to normal after a couple of holidays to Majorca and Rhodes.  You can read and see all the outfits I wore to the All-Inclusive hotel in Majorca with the family - the one above is a bit different for me as it's shorter than i'd normally wear, I'm quite taken with it and it's tempted me to get more styles in this length. 
I also love this one below it's in that gorgeous shade of green that seems to be everywhere for the new season too. Have you got anything in this shade? 

I had a mixed weekend next, I'd been helping hubby with the new build, so looked rather messy hence no piccys, but I do have photos of what I wore to my daughter's friends baby shower.  This is one of the two dresses I bought in the Majorcan market.  Drawn to the colour, a stunning lime green, you can see the other one I love here.

I'm still shocked that I wore these shorts on the blog.  I was thrilled with all the lovely compliments I got after sharing this trendy look with you.  It's all thanks to losing a few pounds and regularly attending my spin classes.  My confidence levels went right up - many thanks my friends. x

Have you ever been to a 'Bottomless Brunch'?  I joined my girls in London to visit Skinny Kitchen for a couple of hours enjoying drinking as much as you want, eating some great food, listening and dancing to some cool music along with a DJ, a singer and saxophonist.  We danced, laughed and drank and had a wonderful afternoon and this is the striking dress and shoes I wore.  Catch all the details on the post via this link.  🍹🧉🥂

Do you have a bucket list?  I have one and have been lucky enough to tick a few items off already.  You can read all about one of them on my post Five on my Bucket List!  It's nice to have something to work towards don't you think, I wonder what I will tick off next! 🤔

Next I wanted to share what I would have liked to wear to the beach for chips and a drink.  I didn't think it would be suitable especially when I heard we'd probably be getting an ice cream.  Pair that with two grand-kids and their dog you can see why I changed my mind! I wore a jumpsuit instead which you will agree was a better choice. 
I love the culottes so wanted you to see this cool look anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a local haunt which was a club when I was younger.  My sister took me for lunch at The Pig in Bridge and we had a wonderful belated meal for my birthday (which was in May).  We reminisced about old nights at the venue and looked around wondering where everything would have been, it's very different now and the then dance floor is now a courtyard.  I'd thoroughly recommend a visit here as the food, setting and staff were all brilliant. 

Finally in August, it was time to look at what my friends from the Style Not Age collective were thinking about the latest prompt.  It was all about our maxi's with the prompt Maxi Madness.  Do stop by to see how my four friends attacked the challenge.  Let me know your thoughts!

Cheers to you all for joining me, I'm thrilled you're supporting me and was touched beyond belief from receiving a wonderful email for a follower saying they'd booked a holiday upon my recommendation and asked me a couple of questions about it!  It's so nice to know people outside our blogging community like to know what I'm up to.  So, many thanks and keep on following. X
Catch you all on Thursday for the new #Linkup and I have some cute new trousers to share with you!

Cheerio my friends. X



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful August, and your outfits are amazing as usual.

  2. What a stylish and bright August you had, Jacqui! I love it and can't wait to see those Sicily shots!

    New post :)

  3. Lots of gorgeous looks here, Jacqui. I think the last photo of you in that golden field and golden dress is quite should have it printed and framed! It's like something out of a fashion editorial!

  4. I'm really quite envious of your amazing social life, Jacqui! Not to mention your wardrobe! Wow, you have some of the most gorgeous outfits!! I love all your dresses...the prints and colours are divine!


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