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Monday 22 August 2022

What I wanted to wear to the Beach

Hello my friends, thanks for joining me today.
How's your weekend been?  

Mine didn't quite go to plan.  I'd anticipated a very quiet weekend with nothing planned and nowhere to be.  Well I like to do 'spur of the moment' things, which was just as well because on Saturday I went to my daughters house.  They are having an extension built and David will be helping where he can, so Saturday he was getting a few things sorted ready for the foundations being dug this week.  I went along to see my little Max and help where I could.  David has got a real job on his hands because we've also started our new build in our garden too!
Saturday evening we David, me and our youngest daughter met up with our son and his family to have chips on the beach.   This was last minute as well but often they are the best times aren't they?  We have a local beach only 5 mins away.  We are so lucky but I don't go there very often but wished I did. 
After finishing the chips we were lucky to spot Lickett and Smyle ice cream which is on a bike,  yesterday I was in the mood for one, so had a very tasty honeycomb flavour on a waffle cone (I almost think the cone is the best bit).
Anyway after chips and soft ice cream we needed a drink, so headed up to the local pub for a couple of cold and refreshing glasses of prosecco.  It was good to be with my son and his family.  The two children and their dog were really good enjoying the attention of the other pub dwellers.

On Sunday we also didn't have anything arranged  We decided on having a BBQ and invited the family.  My daughters came so there were a few of us to get the food ready.  Having shopped in the morning for the goodies we prepared a fabulous feast which included burgers, sausages, chicken, pork bites and a very tasty thick cut rib eye steak.  We sat in the sun devouring the delicious offerings and had a fun afternoon with the kids in the garden.  I do hope this weather lasts a lot longer, but I have noticed the morning dew and nights drawing in - I hate when that happens.  It feels like we haven't had much of a Summer and Autumn is on the horizon!!!

I'd thought I might wear this combination to the beach on Saturday, but when I really thought about it I changed my mind and wore my tropical print jumpsuit.  Thought you might like to see the white culottes and sunflower top anyway. X

Both top and bottoms are really old, but still look as good as new.
The white culottes give me an air of sophistication and I love wearing them.  I like the heavy drape of the fabric and the way they hang with the crisp fresh crease down the front is perfect.  The tortoise shell button detail is just a little bit different, giving off a sailor vibe.  Reckon they'll look enchanting with a navy shirt and red jacket too. Catch when I wore these with a rust jumper and white boots & with a black jumper and trainers.

I picked an old faithful to wear with them.  My sunflower top is just lovely to wear and I felt the dark brown sunflower center picks up the brown of the buttons.  It's supposed to be worn off the shoulder, but I like it like this, sitting on the edge of my shoulder. The soft material is lovely on the skin, and I like the three quarter sleeves - they have a bit of a flute on the bottom making them very feminine. My breezy floral top has really earned it's keep and you can see it paired with mustard culottes here and with black wide leg trousers here. 

Do you like the stylish mules?  I'm smitten with them and have a few pairs in different colours too. You've seen a few of them on the blog already.  They look great with dresses and trousers alike plus they will be a decent investment for Autumn wear as well.  I'm planning on adding some tan ones as they'll come in handy for the next season too.  
I love just about everything about this look and wished I could have worn it to the beach, but with the combination of water, children, ice cream and a dog on the beach I settled on my patterned all-in-one and comfortable sandals.  Come on, you don't blame me for being cautious, you can imagine the outcome can't you! 🤣

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Appreciate your support, it's good to have you with me.
Do pop back on Thursday to join the #linkup, I look forward to seeing what you've been wearing lately.
Cheerio for now. X



  1. Love your summer outfit, Jacqui. The top is lovely thanks to the sunflowers and the white culottes look very stylish.

  2. I love this blouse, it has such a sunny vibe. Looks good over the white culottes

  3. I'm glad to know you had a wonderful time with your family. I love this sunflower top.

  4. I love this chic and stylish look on you Jacqui. The whole outfit looks brand new - I can't believe that it's not. A good call though not to wear it for your al fresco eating xxx

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely and delightful weekend, Jacqui! How nice to have a beach so close! I don't blame you a bit for not wearing this outfit to the beach! Ice cream drips, right? I love the look of mules, but I can't wear them as the toes on my left foot don't grip and I walk right out of them! My daughter has benefitted from that a time or two! Please come visit for a link party on Friday!

  6. Sunflowers are my favorite so I do love that top! And those culottes are one of my favorites of yours. We had a spur of the moment float down the river this weekend and sounds like you all's last minute plans turned out well.

  7. Love the silhouette of those culottes as well as the cheerful sunflower blouse.


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