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Monday 8 August 2022

Building Work & Baby Shower.

Good morning everyone. 
How you all faring today?

Been a busy week for me, we started our new build in the garden last Monday and the week was full on!
The concrete footings are in now so 'the once plans on paper' now is very real. I actually can’t wait as since we moved into our house over 10 years ago we’ve not done much to it at all. The only things we had to do is put in a new kitchen and complete my new dressing room. 
I’m thinking of doing an IG account for it so you can follow along, but not sure if I can make another one yet! Something to do with one account for one email. 😕

So with the footings dug, measured, leveled and finally had the pour it’s all ready for the next stage.  
David can do a lot of the work himself and knows many people in the trade so will be our Project Manager (that’s a flash title, maybe I can be assistant project manager!!)

Saturday I joined my girls for a friend's baby shower.
It’s a nice way to celebrate with the mum-to-be, family and friends. They did a wonderful graze board and we had bucks fizz to compliment the food.  We also played a couple of games ... guess the bump size using a piece of cord, guess the due date, write a note on a nappy for 'mum' to read when baby's here and guess the 'Baby or Beer Belly' photos.  We had a lovely couple of hours and then went on to meet the rest of the family to watch the carnival.

With weather still in the mid 20’s I had to be in a dress! This was my second purchase from Majorca, you can have a look at my first one that get's lots of nice compliments here. 

I made a bee line for this stunning lime green and cream dress.  Just look at the striking colours!  They remind me of a nice G & T with ice, lime and lemon floating about.  
This like my orange one was bought in the local market in Majorca.  They had plenty in this casual floaty style making them the perfect addition for Summer holidays.

I was immediately drawn to this dress because of the material. The fabric has various patterns incorporated in it creating an interesting design which certainly stands out with the lime green.
My only niggle is it has a lot of material so therefore its really voluminous.  I felt hanging lose would be a better choice for the beach so decided to wear a belt.

You might be able to see I popped round a thin yellow belt, but will be on the look-out for a gold chain belt.  I reckon that'll look much better, what do you think? 

I had a thought that I might be able to sew an enclosed panel into the dress somehow so I can run a belt through it.  That way the dress wont slip down making the hem uneven - have you ever tried anything like that?

Gold jewellery and cream accessories looked right at home, as did my gold rimmed sunglasses.

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Thanks so much for having a peak today, good to have you.
Do leave a comment if you like my dress, I love to hear from you.
Cheerio for now. X



  1. How exciting for you! Our house is nearing completion, but we've done none of the work which bothers me quite a bit. I love putting in the sweat equity! That dress is lovely...the colors are perfect for you. I think it would be an easy enough fix to just sew in a panel to run an elastic through. You'd just want to make sure it's the same distance from the hem all around so it isn't wonky. Come visit for a link party this Thursday!

    1. So excited for our new build. I have am Instagram account if you'd like to follow. x

  2. Thanks so much Marsha, I will stop by the link up for sure. I will also try what you suggested with the panel inside, hope that might work. Have a fun week and see you on Thursday for my #Chicandstylish linkup. X

  3. I just love this print too Jacqui!!
    Did you try a wide elastic belt?? Because maybe you could hide some of the material under it?? It doesn't always work for me, but I have done that before.

    1. Cute isn't it Jodie. Many thanks for joining me today. x

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Love the lime green dress and it looks fab on you.

    1. Many thanks for stopping by. Have a nice week. x


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