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Monday 19 September 2022

Farewell Queen Elizabeth II.

Hello and welcome to the blog on this very sad day for the UK and for the whole world really.  

Today is the funeral of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. We say goodbye, thank you and farewell to our monarch who's reigned for 70 years and most of us have only know her as the monarch.
Our lives will never quite be the same and it’s almost like losing a family member or close friend. 

Here in the UK we are having a very special Bank Holiday, with many places closed and only the people doing necessary jobs actually working.  Nearly everyone has been given the opportunity to watch the day’s proceedings for her majesty’s funeral.  My son is among the few who will still be  working,
He works on the River Thames and will be working for Thames Clippers carrying mourners on the boats so they can watch and feel part of the events.  Are you travelling to London to join the thousands of mourners? It's mentioned there could be a million people - staggering!
I’ll be watching on TV and it’s sure to be a sad and somber day. 

Together again.

After days of lying-in-state, the body of the late Queen Elizabeth II will begin its final journey this morning as part of a grand state funeral - first to Westminster Abbey, for a religious service in front of a congregation of thousands, and then on to Windsor Castle for a more intimate committal service and finally, a private burial.

Here's a guide to the Queens Funeral, it has detailed timings of what is happening and where and may be a helpful read for you. 

I'm including this last photo as it's what she was wearing the day I saw her on her Silver Jubilee, you can read about my day out in London when I caught a glimpse of the Queen in a stunning pink ensemble.  She certainly had some amazing outfits over the last 96 years. X

Rest in Peace Our Queen. 💖

Thank you so much for joining me today, I do hope you’re not too upset my friends, being without our beloved Queen will take some getting used to, but I feel we are in safe hands of King Charles and witnessing the beginning of a new era. 

God Save Our King.

Keep safe and well and I’ll see you on Thursday for the #chicandstylish #Linkup
Cheerio for now. X



  1. Very sad. I will be watching it on the telly too and feel sad along with you.

  2. She was a true trailblazer of her time. May she Rest In Peace.

  3. Without a monarchy, I’m not sure that we whew in the States can truly appreciate your loss. That said Queen Elizabeth is the only queen most of us have known too. I always appreciated her bright outfits and from afar, it seemed like she was a stabilizing influence. It does seem strange to consider a king now. I hope he will continue to be the same reassuring presence that his mother was.


  4. I watched as much of the funeral as I could today. I seemed to be always running a little behind. The sight of her very sad. I'm glad they have a place to go and be loved. I just kept thinking, "How are they so stoic and not dripping with tears?" I cried many times as I watched. It was magnificent...I know many believe too much money was spent, but she was the Queen. King Charles' note on her casket broke my heart. Condolences to you and your countrymen.

  5. What a touching post. Very sad. The end of an era.

    Allie of

  6. Sad indeed! I did get to watch it on TV. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the photos being shared of her lately.



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