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Monday 5 February 2024

January Review.

Good morning my friends. 
Hope all is going well with you. 

I’m so pleased for the new month, the weather has slightly improved (I’m sure it won’t last) but it really feels like Spring is on its way. The shoots are peeping through as are the Spring flowers, there’s daffodils, crocuses and other pretty blooms all around. It’s nice to see a bit of sunshine and hear the birds chirping, but I best not get ahead of myself as I'm sure mother nature will turn around and bite us in the bum within the next few days! 

It’s the beginning of February so time look back on my previous posts and share what I’ve been wearing and doing in case you’ve missed any. Please click on the highlighted links to view. 
I'm excited to see what's coming up that we'll be drooling over.  That's the exciting thing about new seasons, isn't it.  I do think red will play an important role as well as the metallic themes and I've heard pink and green will be trending too!

So read on to see my recent post's for the ...

January Review.

How many jackets and coats are too many?  Asking for a friend lol.
I was delighted to receive two gifted coats last month and set about styling both of them in different ways.  It wasn't too hard as they are both so different.  This padded jacket is a joy to wear.  It's an ultra lightweight padded jacket in khaki green and is not only extremely warm but packable too.  Do stop by this link to find out all the details and read more about my look.

So the second coat is more of a classic style and is befitting for a special occasion when a dressier coat is more at home.  You can find out all the facts about this traditional camel coat here.  I'm also sharing some delicious cream boots. x

Who doesn't feel good in a fitted dress?  Well let me tell you I felt amazing in this cracking number that's a sultry shade of purple.  I adore the ruched detailing up the front along with the long sleeves and small shoulder pads.  Let me know your thoughts on this sexy midi. 

Next on the blog was a skirt that came with a conundrum - what to wear with it!  Have you been guilty of buying a separate and not knowing what you'd wear it with?  Yes I do it all the time, but have made a conscious effort this year to not do that.  I've not actually bought much but have given everything a bit more thought so's not to waste a purchase on something I wouldn't wear!  Do stop by to see what I did with said white elephant!

I set about styling an outfit for Spring next.  This short sleeve midi dress is just perfect for the next season, but I popped on a complementary cardigan & matching accessories, hey presto here's a winterised outfit to give you ideas for the next few of months or until temperatures allow us to wear less.

Do you like to layer up in the colder months, well I sure do and was elated to review a Layer Band from Layer Clothing last month.  It's kind of like a boob tube that you wear around your middle for an extra bit of warmth for you back area.  Do have a peek on the post and let me know if it's something you'd wear. X

Another new blazer for me and I was thrilled to style this monochromatic outfit with it last month showing how a tweed jacket really takes an outfit up a notch.  Let me know your thoughts on this cute little look. X

Finally, me and my four friends from Style not Age were on Red Alert for out monthly challenge.  I took full advantage of this stunning jumpsuit that belongs to my daughter.  Thrilled to fit into this Warehouse fancy, I'd love to know your thoughts. 

Good to have you here my friends, I hope you like my assortment of styles, let me know if you have a favourite in the comments section.  
Catch up on Thursday for the Chicandstylish linkup. 
Bye for now. X

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  1. Oh, you had so many fabulous looks in January, Jacqui! I love that jumpsuit and the houndstooth blazer and that layer up band! That is truly a genius idea! Hope you have a fabulous week!


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