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Monday 15 January 2024

Styling that Tricky Skirt.

Morning all. 
Hope you had a super weekend. 
What did you do?

I’m sad to say I’ve not purchased any sale items yet and to be honest haven’t done any shopping! I usually love wandering the stores in pursuit of a bargain or two, but have really been un-impressed with what shops are open locally and more importantly what they have on offer! I’m trying to pursue online buying but find scrolling the screen such a bore and end up switching before finding what I want and going through it all again on another site. I wonder if good old fashioned ’proper’ shopping will come back in fashion.  It’s another reason to shop in the boutiques abroad - think I need to book a holiday eh!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my post sharing a knitted skirt. I bought it in TK Maxx a while back and it’s from Zara. Now I fell for the skirt which is a fine knit almost maxi length basically because I liked it. So without any hesitation I bought it. Well upon getting it home I left it hanging up thinking I’d find something that would go with it that would look just right. This has turned out to be a tricky skirt to style!

Fast forward a few years and I’ve still not found anything other than a cream jumper and today’s fancy shirt that look okay with it! So what have I decided to do about it you ask. Well the skirt has gone to charity, I made up my mind not to keep the white elephant and have made a New Year’s resolution to only buy clothes that I 100% know I’ve got something to wear them with or buy something to complement it at the same time - a much better way to shop and I hope it works when I actually do get out to browse! Does this resonate with anyone else?  How do you tackle shopping, do you only buy a full outfit? Or do you come home with half a look only to never find a proper partner!

Well even though I got rid of the skirt I thought I’d still let you see it and hope you’ll give me your thoughts. 

Firstly let’s tell you a bit more about my skirt. I liked the colour first, it’s a mushroom mink shade that I thought would go with so much as it’s a neutral, but neutrals can be quite tricky to get right sometimes. Different shades either look just perfect or rather odd, that’s how I felt about this one especially when everything I put against it looked wrong. I didn’t want to settle on just a cream jumper or block colours. The waistband section is really flattering though, it’s almost got a band of smocking so holds in the tummy area nicely. It’s got a fine pleat too which is an all time favourite of mine and never really dates, but it’s just the colour that winds me up. 

I did team this bridle design shirt with it as it’s got a similar shade running through it. To be fair it does look rather good together and could have been a reason to keep hold of it, but I decided to omit it from my collection and chuck it to charity shop!

You will remember this Salamander shirt from a month or so ago when I wore it with my faux leather cropped trousers .
Both proved very popular and the shirt is from the huge collection of unique and unusual designs from the online store, which I might add is definitely worth checking out. 

The cute tweed jacket finished off my outfit with a sophisticated feel and an elegant vibe. I love everything about the classic blazer and figure my dazzling coat will go with so much due it’s easy to wear colour and flattering style. 

Thanks so much for being here today. So pleased you could join me. 
Do stop by on Thursday for the new linkup. 
Cheerio for now. X



  1. I really like your skirt, both color and design. It looked well on you too, but you are right, if you don’t wear it, donate it and it will be loved by someone else.

  2. That is a really beautiful skirt, but if you really struggle to style it, best to donate it. I do really like how you styled it here, though. Have a fantastic week!

  3. I'm really struggling with post online and in-store shopping! Neither seem to be filling me with any inspiration, maybe I just need spring! Michelle xx

  4. These boots are exactly made for your style, classic and very elegant. And you wear this outfit wonderfully Jacqui, I love your appearance so natural.


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