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Monday 22 January 2024

Introducing the Layer Band.

Hello and welcome back to Mummabstyish. 
How’s the week been?

Still chilly here so layers, layers and more layers are key for me to keep warm. Do you have a secret to keeping toasty my friends, always interested to hear new ideas to keep the cold out!
Not much to report from the weekend, although I did cook the whole roast dinner yesterday as David was working on my daughter’s house. I’m usually sous chef, but the roast chicken dinner was prepared and cooked by me! I have to say it was rather nice and went down extremely well, even the Yorkshire puddings were, dare I say, perfect.  👌  How did your weekend go? Hope you had a wonderful time, let me know what you did and were you chef? 🧑‍🍳 

Today I thought it’d be apt to share something new-to-me with you! Still with me? Good! 
I was recently asked to review an item from Layer Clothing. It’s an online website that sells these really interesting layer bands. Want to know? Do read on. 

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 

So are you interested to hear more about the Layer Band?
Let me share all the facts about this new and exciting brand. 

Quoting from the website:

Layering clothing came about after I realised how layering clothes can be extremely flattering to a woman’s shape. I wanted to find a style of clothing that could be worn casually in the day or for a smarter look. 
This combined with a love for layering helped me develop the layer band. These clever bands are worn underneath tops, around your middle and add length without the bulkiness of a full vest top or T shirt underneath. They add interest, streamlining shapes and creating a completely new look for a sweater, jumper or top. 

You can see I picked a cropped jumper to wear the other week, but didn’t like the fact there was a big gap between the bottom of it and the top of my trousers. That’s when the layer band comes into its own and bridges the gap beautifully. 
It sits nicely in that middle section and kept my midriff nice and warm. 

I picked the black, cream and sparkly gold version which worked really well with my black trousers and cropped jumper. I opted for a large (available in S, M & L) and I usually wear between a 12 and 14. There’s quite a few other colourways on the website and all the same price - just £45.  

Now I love doubling up on the usage of an item and was thrilled to find out this not only can be worn in the winter like I’m showing you here, but I’ll enjoying styling it in Summer as a boob tube! 
I’m hoping there’ll be more shades on offer soon, as brighter colours for Spring and Summer will be eagerly sought after. I’m excited to see what’ll be on the website next!

Lovely for you to join me, stay safe and keep warm and don’t forget to share any tips!
Cheerio for now. X



  1. Now, that is an ingenious idea! I love how you've styled it here, too. I hope you have a wonderful week, Jacqui!

  2. Love this fit and colour combo! ❤️🤍🖤 Looks so comfy and very relaxed too. Perfect to stay warm! You look gorgeous and how cool that band is, it took me a while to figure out how it actually works but had to check their website to see it on my own. That's so smart and it gives the illussion that there's another piece underneath. Wow! Amazing! Loved it!

    Have a lovely day!
    XO, Melissa

  3. Love this cozy look! And that tote is so cute too. Stay warm out there!



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