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Monday 12 February 2024

My Bargain Jacket that was meant to be!

Hi there.
How’s life treating you?

All going smoothly for me at the moment, although my house is still as mad with seeing family most days. The house build is going slowly as hubby it quite involved with my daughters extension which is coming along well. They’re extending upwards which has created four bedrooms, a bathroom, en-suite and dressing room. It’s all looking super exciting as they’re putting up studd walls so we can really get an idea of what the rooms will look like. Emily and I dared to start talking about decor and what we’d both like in our new houses, there’s so much choice now-a-days and it’s been nice to checkout Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok for ideas. Where do you turn to for inspiration my friends? 

Yesterday was a busy day for me, David was working so I cooked the roast dinner for some of the family (there were 14 of us with the kids). A roast chicken was on the menu with all the trimmings of course and I have to admit to over indulging just a tad, so back to calorie counting this week, I hope I don’t get on the scales this morning  and wish I’d not eaten what I did! 

Today’s outfit came about from a recent bargain purchase. 
Read on to find out how I got this cute jacket. 

So more about my outfit that’s based around this smart jacket. 

Whilst browsing my local Matalan store prior to Christmas this caught my eye on the sale rail. I didn’t do anything about it but kept the idea in the back of my mind. The next time I visited the shop I located said jacket and tried it on. I had two of my daughters with me and showed them the jacket on! Both said they hated it and didn’t think I should buy it or put it on my Xmas list. So alas the jacket stayed in store and I refrained from adding it to my list!  
I still liked the stylish jacket and held the thought ‘just in case’ I found it again! 
Fast forward to last week when I went shopping with my daughter, guess what I found on the sale rail, on its own in my size? … yes you’re dam right, this jacket AND it was reduced to just £12. Well you can imagine, without any more thought and contrary to my daughters’ previous opinion I bought that beauty and came right home with it!

I couldn’t wait to wear it and this is the outfit I created around the classic bomber. 🧡

Now let’s start with the basics, I opted for my skinny cream jeans. Now I know you’re shouting at me as I’ve said I’m not wearing my skinnies anymore after my love affair with these wide leg jeans was ignited. They are one of my favourite pairs and I reckon look really nice on!  These are from next and have a nice amount of stretch, sit nicely on the waist and look good in both Winter and Summer! Do let me know your views. 

Now these jeans really do work with so many colours & tones and I’ve teamed them with leopard print, cream, black, pink, latte colours and a whole host of different shades in the past.  They really are a versatile pair of jeans!

I picked my favourite cream jumper to compliment my winter cream look. This was a Christmas gift a while back and has been a godsend. It’s been successfully teamed with lots of separates and always gets plenty of attention and nice comments. X

The boots were the best choice for the weather yesterday, it was raining that fine-get-everything-wet sort of rain and I was worried I’d get splashes up the back on my legs! Fortunately that didn’t happen and my look was saved probably due to the high chunky boots I wore. Keeping the same shade all the way down the leg really does make the legs look longer, so I’d throughly recommend wearing  jeans and boots in this way. 

Let’s focus on the jacket now. It’s a short bomber style that’s rather flatting as it sits on the waist and blousons out creating a balanced look. It’s not only suitable for my shape but great for the next season’s milder weather when jackets take centre stage. X 
The big press studs have a gold covering for an ‘in your face‘ statement and the patch pockets are deep enough to hide a tissue or two. I’m also really drawn to the fact it’s got no collar, this leaves a perfect window for a statement scarf or shirt with frills and spills. Do you like the bow tie scarf?  I’ve spotted an Instagram friend wearing a ribbon tied in a bow on a necklace, it makes the perfect neck tie and sits beautifully in place (watch this space because I’m going to copy it soon.) x

Top Tip:
Keeping the same shade all the way down the leg really does make the legs look longer, so I’d throughly recommend wearing  jeans and boots in this way. 

I’m elated with my sale find, it was only £12, and I know I’ll get plenty of use from it. I’m pleased I ignored the protests from my daughter (this time) and am thrilled as when I got it home and styled it they actually quite liked my bargain! 🧡

Thanks for being here on my blog, hope you have a great week. 
Cheerio for now everyone. X


  1. While it was a good thing not ignoring your daughters the first go round, I'm glad you ignored one this time. That's a gorgeous jacket for an even better price. I never thought about wearing a scarf like that with a collarless jacket. What a genius idea! Have a wonderful week, Jacqui!

  2. I wonder why your daughters didn't like it?! Because it looks FAB on you, Jacqui! It's not a colour I can wear (I wish it was though), but I love you styled it with the skinny jeans. I know what you mean about them...I love my wide legged trousers but every now again I really want to wear a skinny pair (usually because certain shoes look better with skinny jeans). My problem is that I gave all mine away because none of them really fit me properly so I'm currently keeping an eye out for a nice new pair! Big hugs xx

  3. Good for you, getting a bargain and buying a cute jacket despite your daughters' advice! Looks great!

  4. I am surprised your daughters didn't like the jacket: I think it looks great and wow what a bargain! I love this outfit you created and I would wear this in a heartbeat!


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