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Monday 20 March 2023

Spring Greens in Lotus Shoes.

Hi there,
How are you?

Hoping you've had a wonderful weekend and an inspiring week and I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day for yesterday ( I know my friends in the US don't celebrate that until later in the year).  I've honestly been spoiled rotten by all the kids.  I went out for breakfast, had some stunning gifts, spent time with all the family and enjoyed a tasty and stunning tapas meal at my daughters.  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful children and was fortunate to have my mum with me too!  Did you do anything yesterday, I would love to hear what you did!

I'm shocked to find out I've missed my blog anniversary!  Not sure how that happened but on the 8th March Mummabstylish was 7 years old!  I had to check how many years I've been blogging and looked back on my first post!  Please don't look at it as I've come a long way since setting off on this blogging journey!

Not much to report over the past week, I've been to the gym and dance classes (let me know if you'd like to see my latest Tango) and everything seems to be running smoothly.  I have done a bit of shopping, well online shopping, and have received a couple of new skirts along with some gifted pieces I can't wait to style (two dresses that might be suitable for the one and only wedding I'm going to this year.)  The skirts are gorgeous with one from Vinted (remember I mentioned it last week when I shared faux leather) and the other is showcasing the 'on trend' denim skirt that I managed to track down on Ebay.  I've got that earmarked for the Style Not Age challenge next week!

Anyway back to today's post.  I recently shared some fancy shoes that were bright orange on the blog.  These were gifted from Lotus Shoes and I'm pleased to share another dazzling pair today.
Step forward you gorgeous green shoes with matching bag. 💚

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

Whilst looking though my blog posts and IG pages I realised I don't often share many green outfits, in truth I don't own many green pieces!  It's not a colour I wear very much, but judging by the lovely comments I get when I do I should definitely try to remedy that.

I was actually looking for a maxi denim skirt when I saw this charming midi dress on the Debenhams website.  I always loved browsing the local store and was really miffed when it closed down.  I detest shopping online and get so fed up just scrolling and scrolling trying to find dresses and when I do I don't know what the fabric will be like and how it will fit - please tell me I'm not alone with this hate.  I do think I'll just have to suck it up though as it seems to be the way forward doesn't it?

So back to this striking dress and shoes.

The midi style dress is one you'll find in abundance in my wardrobe as I feel most at home in them.  This version has an asymmetric frill hem that's really pretty and very ladylike.  It has weather friendly short sleeves that would compliment a little jacket or pashmina shawl.  The chic all over print is mainly green with black and white additions making this fantastic dress versatile for loads of different shoes I have waiting in the wings, but for this look I picked these gorgeous heels. X

The green shoe is a classic slingback style which I always get drawn to.  It's so very flattering and easy to wear.  The Elyse * has gold hardwear which includes a bold plate on the front, a feminine 9cm heel, which is a chiselled style making them sturdy and stable to walk in but keep the look glam and elegant.  Extra points go to the fact of having a matching bag, both made of the green microfibre.  

On the 8th March Mummabstylish was 7 years old!


You can see the fabulous hemline that's all different lengths, it's a bit marmite and not one I'd usually go for, but this just caught my eye and I think I'll stand out in it - do uou like?

Shop My Look!

So pleased to have you here, I love having you.  Do let me know what you're up to this week and drop a comment in the box to let me know if you'd like me to cover any other items. 
Cheerio for now. 



  1. You deserve to be spoiled for mothers day! And congratulations with your blog anniversary! What a long time right? Here's to many more!

  2. I love that colour on you! Absolutely stunning

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Loving the green.

  4. No Jacqui, you're not alone hating online shopping for clothes. I've just four of the same dresses delivered, in order to try and find one that will fit.

    1. So glad I'm not, bring back the shops I say. xx

  5. Happy Mother's Day Jacqui! I do love the green on you as well. Those shoes are so pretty, I love the slingback and the gold detail. The dress is lovely, I love a great print too.
    Happy Blog Anniveraary! I forgot mine too!

    1. HMD to you too Jess. hope you're having a fun week. x

  6. You look stunning in green Jacqui! I love your dress and shoes - the gold hardware on them is a fab detail. Congrats on your blog anniversary! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you Emma, aren't they super, going to get loads of use from these are they are so comfy too. x

  7. You should definitely wear green more often, it is beautiful on you and I really like this dress! Happy blogaversary too :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

  8. I love green, and you are stunning in this shade of it!

  9. I am loving this colour green at the minute Jacqui. Beautiful outfit and I love the style of your shoes :)

  10. You look fabulous in green, Jacqui. You should try and wear it more often. It's my favourite colour but I don't actually have that much of it in my wardrobe either. I love the colour of the shoes and bag!
    Big hugs
    Suzy xx

  11. Beautiful green dress and I especially love the one longer edge on the side.
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    If interested feel free to visit my entries for this week: #36+37 as I would love to invite you to come and share your posts and you will have an opportunity to get featured.
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    We hope to meet you there virtually


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