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Monday 27 March 2023

My Style Not Age friends share ... Denim, but not Jeans!

Hi there,
How are you?

All good with Mummabstylish, how about you?

I've had a bit of a different weekend to normal, you see I've had four of the grand-kids staying with me since last Wednesday evening.  Their parents have been to Florence for a long weekend and it's actually the first time they've been away from all the children.  I bet the main topic of conversation was what the kids had been up to ... ha ha!
It's been an ... err .. interesting weekend with me realising I'm not at young as I thought I was!  But I didn't do a bad job ... with the help of my other kids it all worked out fine.  Both my daughter and SIL had an amazing time, as did me and my hubby, hard family work that was worth it. XX

As it's the last Monday of the month I'd like to welcome my four friends for the the Style not Age group who have tackled my challenge this month and set about styling ....

Denim, but not Jeans!

I admit I did have this style of skirt in the back of my mind when I set the task, although I'd not found one until until a couple of weeks ago.  I'd been hunting Vinted and Ebay every night and eventually found this one that was perfect - just what I'd been wanting - maxi, darker wash, my size and a good price.  It must have been just waiting for me! Lol.

If I can give you one little bit of advice, it's to get yourself a denim skirt.  They are proving a big fashion trend at the moment and, like jeans, will be popular even in summer when it can be worn with a little camisole top, lightweight jumper or shirt, and will look right on trend.
I'm so glad I found this one on Ebay.  It's actually a New Look skirt, and was sold out very fast.  I still paid £28 including postage, but it's going to be worth the money because styles like these don't date!

As soon as my skirt arrived I admired at the brand new with tags skirt that was in my hands and couldn't wait to get it on.  It was one of those moments, that I kept finding new combinations of what to pair it with and the results just kept coming.  I knew for this challenge I was going to pair it with yellow, but really and truly wanted some yellow slingbacks!  They are 100% on my wish list, so if anyone happens to spot some, do let me know!
Now the blouse is a pretty chiffon one from M & S.  It has gorgeous bell sleeves and have a pretty spot detail over the fabric and a frilly stand up collar that makes for an elegant and ladylike look.  This washable shirt is a keeper and I can prove that because it's one I've had in my collection for a good few years .... it never looks old or dates either!!

All that's left to mention are the tan accessories I reached for.  I wanted to keep them neutral and let the skirt shine through.  So the slouch boots are a firm favourite of mine and you've seen them on the blog plenty of times before.  The bag is all the way from Venice, I just had to bring it home with me on my last visit there.  The tan belt is only a cheapy, but matches the other bits like they were meant to be together. 
I mentioned above I've loads of looks for this beautiful maxi and can't wait to share them with you all in the coming months. X

So shall we see how my four colleagues got on with the prompt?

First let's go see what Gail - Is This Mutton? made of assignment.  If I'd have seen this gorgeous dress I would have picked it too, Gail you've styled it so well and I love the Spring vibe it's giving off.

Emma went for a dress too!  I'm pleased she shared this vintage dress with us, it's working wonders with sparkly boots and bling bag. You can learn more about Emma's pick here on her blog Style Splash.

Anna - Anna's Island Style looks super in her outfit based around the prompt of denim.  Anna didn't have any ideal of what to style but certainly came up trumps with a hidden denim jacket in the back of her wardrobe that is a hit with the rest of her picks!  I'm loving the entire look.

Finally here's what Hilda - Over The Hilda is wearing the every popular denim jacket!  We all need one of these in our wardrobe and I, for one, am always on the lookout for something new!  Let me get to Primark soon eh!

Shop My Look!

Thanks everyone for giving me a look today, sending love to you all.
I can honestly say how I love doing these challenges.  Everyone approaches the challenges with such enthusiasm and individuality, and everyone looks so fresh.
Have a fun week, I'm starting to get excited.  Did I tell you I'm actually off for a long weekend skiing with David?  We're off over the Easter period, so my Easter celebrations will be postponed to another day when we can have a big family roast, Easter Eggs and maybe a Egg Hunt if I manage to get some eggs etc!
Cheerio for now. X


  1. I love your denim skirt. This reminds me that I should wear mine soon. I have two that will be great this spring and I can pair them with my new thrifted top. I also love your yellow blouse. I do not want to buy any clothes but I would like to find a pair of turquoise sandals this spring or summer.

    1. Oh I hope you do Mireille, I'm so pleased with this one and I'm looking forward to styling it again and again. x

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Mireille, glad you like the skirt. I can't wait to wear it again in a different way. xx

  3. I had a denim skirt much like yours back in the 70s! I wish I still had it (and that it fit)! Such a fun look! I hope you'll visit for link ups on Thursday and Friday!

    1. Never go out of style do they Marsha, thanks for stopping by. x

  4. I love your tan accents with the skirt. And that fab shirt. Love our challenges because they push me out of my comfort zone quite a lot. xx

    1. Awe thanks Hilda, so pleased with how it's come across, so leased with it and can't wait to keep wearing it. x

  5. That's such a great skirt, and I love your pretty yellow blouse too. Fabulous combination!

    Emma xxx

    1. Super isn't it Emma, I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to style it again. Have a fun weekend. x

  6. This skirt is such a classic - I agree a denim skirt will never date! I have a few now, and actually added one to my wardrobe this month! Couldn't pass it up in the Target end of summer clearance sale, as I'd thrifted the same one in black a while back and really love it!

    Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link up :)

  7. This maxi skirt is a keeper Jacqui! The simple style makes it so versatile too x


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