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Monday 7 February 2022

January Review.

Morning my friends.
How's things going?
Back to earth with a big bump and lots of washing.  That has to be the worse thing about going on holiday, but it's so worth it!
It's a slow process to get back into normal life isn't it?  I've had such a good time skiing, and I always hate coming home.  I'm rather late with the January Review, and hope you'll forgive me.  

What did you get up to last week, any new purchases?  I'll surprise you by saying I didn't buy any clothes whilst away, just didn't see many boutiques in Sestriere.  So I'll leave it a few weeks until I venture to our shops to see what the new styles are.  I have to admit I can't wait for Spring to arrive, the new styles and colours are always a welcomed addition aren't they?

Let's take a look at my styles last month shall we!

My grey and off-white outfit proved quite popular at the beginning of the month,  It was a look that I'd seen on many a fashionable lady so wanted to emulate the look - think my grey wide leg trousers, grey roll neck and off white coat looked great with my ecru boots - you can find out more about this look if you pop back over. X

Next up I was wearing pleats, I love this kind of skirt and find they are really flattering and lady like.  Here I teamed the grey skirt that has a leopard print over it, with a basic grey roll neck and black blazer.  It's a style I like to wear and feel comfortable in.  Do let me know what you think about this swishy skirt from Roman Originals. 

How well do you sleep?  The next post might be of interest to you.  I was sharing a soft and supportive pillow along with a dreamy silk pillowcase with you, they've been a wonderful addition for a restful night and made looking in the mirror in the morning so much easier - no crazy hair or creases on my face ... lol!

Another item from Roman next.  I loved the abstract pattern over this classic dress.  It's an easy-to-wear style that can be dressed up for a lunch date of given a more casual vibe by adding flat boots and a big jumper over it.  Certainly was a great choice my friends. 👌

My love for pink keeps on growing!  I found this stunning satin blouse in Primark and just had to buy it!  It's a fabulous pink with more of a blue tone to it - I've styled it a few times but love it with these River Island jeans.  It can be tucked in, left hanging, to simply tied in the middle - so many choices make this a winning buy. 

Seeming like a lifetime ago I next talked about my holiday to Abu Dhabi.  If you missed this one, please do have a look at my dress choices for my 5* holiday.  It was wonderful to get away with David, even though we had to jump through so many hoops to get there!!

Have you been following my At Home With ... series?  You can read all about my blogging friend Alison on the blog last month ... Hope you'll stop by for a quick read. X

Finally the ladies from Style Not Age and I were showing off fit to kill in our tiger outfits.  I struggled with this prompt but fell in love with this blouse from New Look.  I fits the bill and looks great.  Tell me what would you have chosen to wear?

Hope you like my selection from last month and thanks for taking the time to join me today, much appreciated.
See you on Thursday for the brand new #Chicandstylish #LINKUP
Cheerio for now. X


  1. You've worn some fabulous outfits recently, Jacqui! I love that gorgeous red dress.
    Suzy xx

    1. Many thanks Suzy, you're too kind. It's such an old dress Hun, but always looks good on. xx

  2. Some amazing looks here and you look fab in all these outfits. The red dress is my favorite.

  3. Love your outfits, Jacqui. Each shows your personal taste and individuality. I agree with Suzy, you look stunning in the red dress

  4. You had some great outfits last month - and some very pretty dresses! I really like your grey leopard print skirt too. I tried on a cute leopard skirt maxi skirt here last year, even had pockets, and I decided to put it back as I wasn't sure I could pull off that much leopard. I keep regretting that decision, it was such a cute skirt and it of course sold out quickly. I'm hoping I come across something similar in an opshop soon! It really was perfect, even a great length for my petite self, I was so silly not to get it!

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you're having a great weekend :) We have been enjoying the warm weather at the playground.

    Away From The Blue


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