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Monday 17 January 2022

Styling a Shirt Dress from Roman.

Hello my friends, welcome to the blog and I'm so happy to see you here.
How's your January going?

I’m very carefully starting to look forwards to my skiing holiday.  All being well I'll be hitting the Milky Way in Sestriere.  It will be my second visit and I can't wait. The anticipation of what the weather and snow will be like thrills me.  I've skied for quite a few years now and have encountered nearly every senario, for instance ... icy slopes, too much snow, not enough snow, skiing in a snow storm, skiing in a blizzard, skiing in a cloud and the best skiing - in perfect sunshine with blue skies to boot.  I literally love every part of a skiing holiday, from getting to the airport to enjoying apres ski, are you a fan or would you give it a big old wide berth?

When I'm skiing I like to dress casually with a pair of jeans and a nice top or a tracksuit.  I've bought some gorgeous chunky boots to wear and hope they will complete a trendy outfit or two, I won't be taking any heels with me - just no good on the snow! 😆 
Today I'm sharing a stylish shirt dress from Roman Originals, this I also won't be taking to the slopes!
But do let me know what you think of my versatile floaty frock.

Like many of you lovely people I love to shop, I've always enjoyed looking round the shops, touching and trying on clothes to see what they feel like and what they look like on.  My husband on the other hand hates it.  Whenever we go shopping together we always have an agenda, ie a reason to shop.  It's normally when he needs something.  He shops the total opposite to me, he goes straight to a shop finds what he wants, buys it and then comes home.  Well that's no fun is it?  I like to go into all the shops, find clothes, try them on and head to the next shop!  Once I've been round them all I might go back for something I really like and need!  I have changed slightly from this as I tend to get tired earlier than I used to, so sometimes just buy when I find and maybe return if it's not right!  Is that an age thing or just me?

So back to my shirt dress.  Hubby and I were looking for bits to take to Abu Dhabi last November, I came home with four dresses (I'll share next week my post about the holiday and my dresses). 
Three were from Roman.  I love their styles, colours and designs, they always have something that little bit different.

It's a basic and simple style that works so well.  It's one of those dresses that can be a dream to wear.  I picked my knee length boots but have worn it with high heels, and any colour looks good with it.  I'll also be pairing my trainers under it too - they definitely give it an edgy feel.  I'm sure I'll wear it with my chunky boots one day, but that will be when I'm not with hubby as he doesn't like them!

The faux leather is quite frankly a must for me, along with my denim jacket they have to be my go-to layer for topping off an outfit.  I've had this black version for a few years now and have worn it from week-to-week creating so many wonderful looks.  Are you a faux leather jacket wearer?
I picked my baby blue padded bag to complete the look, you might recall seeing it last week with my neutral trouser and coat look.  How well it all goes together.

I had a busy weekend with the grandkids on Saturday night as they came for a sleepover.  They were all so good and slept really well.  The youngest is 3 now, and apart from him having a few tears  when mummy and daddy left, have got quite used to spending time with me, I love having them around. 
My little princess is getting older and more interested in my blog.  She's started wanting me to take photos of her and I have a feeling I have a budding fashionista to follow in her nanny's footsteps.  She wanted to feature on the blog this week, so here's what she accessorized with her Spanish style two piece.  I think she's got eyes on my dressing room too!  Move over Mummab! ... Yeah she's 7!

Many thanks for coming to the blog today, so chuffed you could join me.  Do let me know what you think of today's outfit, and what about my little model, how did she fare? X
Cheerio my friends. X



  1. Your shirt dress looks amazing! Your granddaughter is adorable!

  2. I love that dress Jacqui! Beautiful! Your granddaughter is adorable. Have fun skiiing!


  3. What a cutie... Love your dress and envious about your skiing holiday.

  4. gorgeous dress Jacqui! Your granddaughter is adorable. Have a great holiday skiiing!xx


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