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Monday 14 February 2022

Styling an Elegant Satin Blouse From Zara.

Happy Valentines day to you.
I hope you have a wonderful day, and get totally spoiled (if you actually celebrate this day).

Hubby and I don't celebrate this day in particular, I feel every day should be a special day and hubby feels the same too.  He treats me special in other ways ... like cooking a lovely meal or surprising me with an gift or two. I treat him well by letting him watch sports on the telly when he wants ... 😂 
However I have to add this year we've started a date night.  We've only managed one so far.  We had a meal in one of our favourite restaurants with drinks after in a local bar.  It was really nice to just go out together and talk.  Something we always did when the kids were young but since we've had no ties we've let it slip.  I have more planned for the future, and among some of the 'dates' are escape room, cinema and going to the theatre ... ( I would even go to a football match).

So let me tell you about me weekend, Friday night at ballroom we started learning the Samba.  I bloody loved it!  The teacher put on some really inspiring music and I just danced my heart out.  I wonder what I actually looked like, but I didn't care.  Saturday was lovely and sunny so hubby and I tackled the hedge.  You may recall I often talk about this monster job, but feel I've conquered it!  We cut it down to a more manageable height so it can be trimmed when it's not too tall - so much easier.  We generally tidied up some of the garden, but I need a new mower to get on top of the grass, it's way too long and needs a good cut - so that's next on the agenda.

Sunday I had Max!  My grandson came to stay as his mum and dad went to a wedding.  God isn't it hard to get back to something that you did years ago without thinking about!  We still had a family dinner, and I had the help of my other daughters which made life with Max so much easier - many thanks to them. 💖 Trouble is I get so attached to them and hate when they have to leave.  I'm sure it won't be too long until I see him again - he's only 5 mins away.

Do you love a pretty blouse?  I certainly do.  Whilst on holiday in Abu Dhabi I just had to go do a bit of shopping.  I came home with three shirts, this patterned satin version has been teamed with skirts and jeans already, and with an array of tones within this print I knew it would pair well with plenty I already have in my wardrobe.

This pretty patchwork blouse is from Zara.  I always manage to find some little gem in there stores, but have to admit to finding their online site a little odd to find things, & the photos are never great either! 
So back to the shirt.  Having something that has so many colours over it which make it helpful for pairing with other pieces.  It has soft blue and subtle green prints over it and I thought it would look great over jeans but also fabulous with a midi skirt.  There's something very feminine and flattering about a silky satin fabric and gives a memorable nod to the fashionable tops I wore in the 80's (some styles are worthy of a repeat aren't they).

This is a relaxed style which has a casual collar and long sleeves, it fits true to size and with so many shades in it can 'go' with so much.  But the price is the best bit, coming in just under £23 this elegant blouse screams sophistication and style.

I've pulled out the biscuit shade and paired my culottes with this blouse.  These are one of my favourite  trousers and look good with nearly everything in my collection, however they are a very thin material so they're quite cold for Winter, problem sorted by wearing tights under them to keep me warm.  I wore my slouch boots too.  These are a similar shade so keep the look uniform and make my legs look longer!

Added my Sosandar camel coat and cream Moschino bag - both colours in the blouse and kept it all neat and pleasing to the eye.

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So pleased you could join me today, much appreciate your support.
Have a super week and great day (if you celebrate Valentines Day).
Bye for now. X


  1. The blouse is a beautiful find! Love the colors on the blouse and it looks fab on you!

    1. Thank you so much, that's very kind of you to say. x

  2. Beautiful blouse! It reminds me of an impressionist painting. The biscuit is the perfect shade to set it off.


    1. Thanks so much Michelle. Glad you like it too. x


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