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Monday 6 April 2020

March Review.

Morning my lovely friends.
Hope you are all okay.
So how's your weekend been?
Me I've had a fabulous and very busy weekend with an evening at the pub having fun with friends, shopping for a new dress on Saturday, followed by a fun and lively evening at a friends party - overloading on the drinks as well as setting the dance floor alight.  Sunday was a mad, day after a very long lie in I had brunch with the family, we all decided to go out for an afternoon pub meal.  The night ended with tea and biscuits watching telly with the grand-kids tucked up in bed.  Imagine my upset when I woke up and realized that it was all a dream with lock-down still well and truly in place and having not ventured outside the door!!! How annoying eh? Ha ha ha!!!
Anyway enough of the dreaming, I'd like to share a new post with you today.  Each month I'll be reviewing the past month and re-visiting some of my previous posts.

This plan seems to have come at the right time. It's coincided with the 'c' virus & I genuinely don't have any new photos (or outfits for that matter)!  Do join me at the beginning of each month when I'll be re-visiting some blog posts.

The beginning of March seems a lifetime away doesn't it?  Life has changed almost beyond recognition hasn't it!  Back then I was eagerly looking forward to my daughter and her family moving in with us, little did I know that by the end of the month they would be with me and we'd all be in lock-down together - how strange things have of working out for the best.  I'm lucky to have three of my grand-kids to kiss and cuddle when I want.  Sending virtual kisses to everyone else in my family. 💗

Early March saw the exciting promotion of the Frankie Bridge collection at Oasis.  I'd been asked to share this neutral long line jacket from the new collection and had fun putting together an outfit for Spring that I liked.  Neutrals always look good together so It seemed practical to style white jeans with it, just to wake up my Wintery mood.  I paired the jacket with white skinnies and white jumper, sealing the neutral deal with tan accessories of boots, bag and belt.  Simply a match made in heaven.

Looking back on the next post it's even more cherished than normal.  I got to share an afternoon and cup of tea with my mum for the 'Time for a cuppa' campaign.  At present I'm only able to talk and see her through the window and really do miss her and want to be doing more  Having to endure these hard times hopefully with make the future happen sooner and there to be no more suffering. X

The middle of March was taken up by my love for a recent purchase, said new addition was a pair of grey culottes from Primark.  I knew the February buy would be versatile in my wardrobe and maybe yours too.  So far I've paired them with pale pink, lemon yellow and styled with a few shades of grey to give you some ideas of what to wear with yours.

Floral patterns are always a big favourite of mine, and this dress was no different.  I picked the black maxi with dainty flowers on because of the style and length,  It's the most perfect addition for any flower lover, there's all manner of colours that would be acceptable to mix with it.  I chose the  caramel mules I bought late last year & haven't managed to get full use from them yet.  I can't wait for this current situation to be over so I can show them off!

By the end of the month we were in full lock-down - WTF!!!  How did this even happen, I'm still trying to get my head round it.  Only venturing out for shopping it's been a very strange time indeed.  I just want to be self sufficient on an island with all my family with me, but that really isn't possible.  So long as my family and friends stay safe and well that's all I can ask for, well that and a bottle of prosecco or two ha ha!
I'd managed to get these photos taken before which I'm so pleased about.
Both denim and both so me!  One old creation and one new.
The chambray dress has been around for years - still cuts the mustard though!  Looks good with my tan slouch boots, but I reckon I've got plenty of shoes and sandals upstairs that would pair beautifully too.

I've saved the best till last with this boiler suit from Matalan.  I bought this for the Style not Age challenge and am really pleased I did, although I've not been able to wear it yet, it's only a matter of time until I can wear for all kinds of outings.  I imagine wearing it to a BBQ when it's safe to venture out, teamed with any number of colours my first would be white accessories keeping it plain but noticeable.  Let's hope it's not too long until I can share that look with you too!

Well that was March I wonder what April has in store.  My outfits aren't very interesting these days, I'm mostly wearing jeans, or lounge suits - although my grand-daughter has been picking outfits for me to wear each day - most are ... err how shall I put it .... rather dressy and too over-the-top for staying in.  But I am going to share some on my IG stories.  Should you like to see them do pop over to check them out.
Thanks for all your positive comments over the past few posts, they really do mean so much and pick me up when I'm feeling down.  Do stop back when you have a few spare minutes.
Esther Ruby took all these wonderful photos, and I can't wait to get back out taking photos with her again.
Bye for now.
Stay safe & stay indoors!



  1. Well your outfits were perfect in Match! Corona didn t prefend that! Stay safe my friend!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. The picture of you and your Mum is so sweet and I'm glad you're at least able to visit with her through a window. People are getting so creative now. Maybe that's one good thing that will come out of this time. I was rather astonished when I started reading the post, thinking, "Has the UK lifted its restrictions?!?" I was so excited for you. And then I read on. I really really need to get a trench-style coat. The one you styled is beautiful and I love that you kept everything neutral with it. I had seen your gray culottes before and they're just wonderful. I think my favorite is with the pointy-toed ankle boots. The floral dress is gorgeous and I love those mules! And the denim pieces are great! I have lots of denim (and chambray) but no dresses or jumpsuits. I really love that jumpsuit and those shoes you've chosen to go with it and the lovely jacket. I like your style! Stay safe and stay healthy and enjoy more dreams like that. Hopefully before you know it, we'll actually be able to do those things.


  3. Some great outfits here, Jacquie! I love that boiler suit - so stylin'!

    Glad to hear you are safe with your grandkids. I haven't seen my mom since February and I miss her so much!

  4. Jacqui, you are killing it lately with your amazing styles! I have loved every outfit you shared in March! I think we all are right there with you dreaming of our long lost freedoms of dining out and socializing with friends and family. But we are an adaptable species and we are making the best of it. I am glad you have your grandkids there for all the snuggles! Hang in, my friend. This too shall pass! And thanks for linking up with me.


  5. I just wrote my month in review post for tomorrow. It is always nice to revisit what has happened and what I might have missed on someone's blog.

  6. Loving all of these jackets.

  7. I just love that boiler suit. I don't have one yet, but have been looking to find one.

  8. What a fabulous month fashion-wise Jacqui, so many great outfits and your blue sky back drop is to die for! I love the boilersuit with the rainbow shoes, and also the grey culottes with pink.

  9. Beautiful outfits, I think my fav is the first one with the tan boots.

  10. The photo of you and your mum is lovely! Your outfits are fab - the camel trench is perfect for Spring and I love the denim jumpsuit! I dread going food shopping because of the queues but I haven't missed shopping for non essentials. I can't wait to see my mum again! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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