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Monday 27 April 2020

Style not Age - Comfy Casuals.

Hey there - how you doing?
Been having a bit of a down day actually.
With birthday season in the Mummab household, it's really hit me that I can't celebrate with ALL the family.  I'm so lucky to have my eldest daughter with me, but not having my other daughter and eldest son around is really getting to me.  It was my daughter-in-law's birthday on Saturday and we had to greet from afar - being a tactile person I automatically wanted to kiss and hug them and almost forgot that I couldn't.  We have another two birthday's this week and again I know I'll be with them, but the other family members wont and it breaks my heart.  I keep telling myself it won't last forever, but sometimes it just gets to you doesn't it?

On a brighter note the blog has really been helping me concentrate on something other than the lock-down, and today it's the turn of the Style not Age ladies to share their offerings on the latest challenge - and the topic, which was set by me is .....
Comfy Casuals.

With the Coronavirus giving us all time to pause and take time out it's been a hard time for me to feel like getting dressed up and I'm sure lots of you feel the same.  I didn't want my fellow teammates to worry about finding something fashionable, elaborate or formal so picked the easier option of an outfit that's comfortable and casual - something they like to wear everyday and feel great in! Hence the title Comfy Casuals!
I've been lazing around in jeans most of the time, other than that I'd be found in a tracksuit or gym gear. On the odd occasion I've been dressing up - mainly due to my grand-daughter pleading with me to wear a pretty dress.  So although I'd planned to wear a comfortable lounge suit I opted for these 3/4 chinos and non-crease top, a semi-dressy outfit, but still comfortable to wear all day doing housework in and sharing responsibility of the grand-kids.

I'm wearing my Vionic court shoes here, they make my feet so happy to wear, and give support in just the right place.  I've swapped them for baseball trainers most of the time, but I still like to dress an outfit up even though the highlight of my day is going to the shops for essentials!

See this camo style top, I've had it for ages and it's been saved from the charity pile a couple of times already - there's something about this brazen top I love, it's bold and 'out there' and even though it's years old it's still 'got it'!

I do love a chino trouser.  These are 3 quarter length and are perfect for Spring.  I know they are boring beige, but I love them, and they can be brightened up with any number of shades.  I know navy or brown will pair well, but bright blue and red are calling out to be worn with them too!
See here when I wore them with my off-the-shoulder blouse, a really easy-to-wear & chic outfit.
The chinos are still working for me! Are you a fan of them?

Now it's time to see how Hilda, Emma, Gail and Anna have tackled the prompt.  I love the fact that each one is really different, and proves there's no real way to dress during lock-down it's just what we all feel ultra comfy in!

First up is Hilda - Over the Hilda.  She's styling a cute new jumper covered in delicate little bows.  This really does look like a snuggly outfit Hilda.

Secondly shall we see what Emma - Style Splash has brought to the table. Styling cargo pants with a stylish little short sleeved jumper.  All matched beautifully with earrings and pretty floral bag.

Anna - Anna's Island Style has paired very wide and without doubt comfy trousers with a complimenting onyx jumper, & bringing it all together with that eye-catching necklace.

Finally Gail - Is This Mutton is looking very fit in her gym gear, and the graphic tee is perfect to liven everyone's spirit at the moment!

Thanks for joining me on the blog today, really love having you here.
My eldest took these photos today - thanks my lovely.
Catch you on Thursday for the last #Chicandstylish #LINKUP of April.
Bye for now. X


  1. Three key factors Jacqui. Non crease, comfortable yet stylish enough to make you feel good. My dressing plans are like a yoyo at the moment, going from not getting dressed at all to full blown face on and heels with a dress to feel good.This outfit executes all the key factors. Have a good week xx

  2. I like your camo top, great that it is non-crease. Re the separation from family - this will pass soon and think of the big celebrations you can have! We just have to grit our teeth for a few more weeks. I can't wait to go and see my mum in Plymouth as my Mother's Day visit got cancelled, and she's on her own now at 86 and missing all her friends.

  3. I think you've done a great job here Jacqui teaming casual chinos with this cute top. My mood swings from day to day, but even that is becoming more normal now - I'm learning to go with the flow. Some days I want to dress up and others it's all about the joggers. Take care lovely x

  4. I love the camo top and chinos look very comfy too. I enjoyed the challenge and thanks for the no stress theme. I miss my family too. Cannot wait to hug my family. Stay safe. xx

  5. That top is so pretty! I like it a lot.

  6. Jacqui, this top is so pretty! And I love the pattern mix with those gorgeous shoes. May is the birth month of most of my family as well so we are trying to make the best of virtual celebrations!


  7. I love your top Jacqui, I can see why you hold onto it. The Vionic shoes are fab! I wear my Vionic trainers almost every day, they're so comfortable.

    Emma xxx

  8. You're comfy clothes are a lot more stylish than mine! We saw two of our daughters this weekend, with hugs and all. Our governor is slowly opening the state starting May 1. We are all looking forward to it!

  9. I love tops like these! Perfect for work or the weekend :)


  10. Love your top Jacqui. Aww, I know how you are feeling. It was my sons birthday a few weeks ago and mine next week :( Keep smiling lovely, hopefully it will be all over soon xx

  11. So in love with this blouse! I adore the sheer details and there print.

  12. So sorry to hear of your struggles but I'm glad that the blog is helping to take you mind off of that. Hopefully you can schedule time to spend together soon <3


  13. That is a fun sheer top on you - definitely a keeper! I've been dressing very casually with the home isolation rules - I do try wear a pretty dress for the grocery run once a week, but it's mainly pyjamas and loungewear here!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! The new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  14. I love when I find special tops: this one is a winner! Blogging has given me a nice purpose these past couple of months.


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