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Thursday 30 April 2020

This is a True Story! - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there my friends.
How's it going?
Seems mother nature wants us all to return to normal with this horrible wet weather she's dished us.  It seemed slightly easier staying home with sunny, warm weather - but with rain and cold wind it's not pleasant at all.  I stopped by my daughter's earlier today and even with the car window slightly open I got soaked - she got cold standing in the doorway so we had to cut short our chat!  Let's hope there's an end in sight, but I'm not holding my breath for it!
Well today I had planned to share a recent gifted outfit from Bonmarche - but as the weather wasn't playing fair at all I've postpone for another day - hopefully next week if the weather improves for photos!!!  So what to share today???
Well this will make you laugh and be amazed at the same time.  Now do let me know if this has happened to you.
Many, many years ago I was involved in fun hair and fashion shows, nothing big just a local salon where my best friend worked along with various fashion shops periodically putting on fashion shows to promote the salon and some local dress shops.  We'd have our hair done by the hairdressers and wear a couple of outfits selected by the shop owner so we could show them off.  It was always good fun, and we'd all dream about being "super-models" strutting our stuff to Five Stars' album. Lol!

My friend had been looking through some old photos and came across one that showed the two of us in bridal style dresses along with a bunch of other ladies.  We were wearing white dresses and had various hair additions added with a bouquet of flowers to boot - we looked an absolute picture, well we thought so at the time!  She sent the photo to me yesterday along with a close up of another lady - that other lady turned out to be one of my other best friends who I didn't actually meet until some years later!!! Yes I was shocked to find out we had been in the same show years before and didn't even know each other.  Life has a funny way of putting people together, and then they seem to find each other again, really knowing they should be friends eventually.  How weird is that???  Here's the photo - not very good quality but remember it is probably about 30 years old!

That's me far right - with my bestie next to me. 

So more about this funny situation, the lady on the left in the white hat looking at the camera I didn't know but is now another best friend who I've spent many good times with on various holidays, nights out and parties.  We've know each other for a few years, but not as long as when the photo was taken - seems we were always meant to be friends!

Here's me and my best friend in Rome last year.

Afternoon tea in a local hotel. A birthday treat for my friend.

Me and my bestie at her son's wedding.

Here's me with my best friend and my hubby on one of our many nights out.  This was NYE in a local pub - catch what I wore here.

I must add we all seem to have got better dress sense now - ha ha ha.
Time for a party - it's #Chicandstylish #LINKUP time.

Before the party starts, shall we see who's most favourite from last week?  Meet Laurie - Vanity & Me Style who's inspiring everyone to get dressed up in an elegant dress and stylish shoes.  I adore this dress and love the shoe cupboard nearly as much!

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Many thanks for joining me today - It's good to have you here.
Do let me know if you have any interesting stories like this.
Can you believe it's going to be May tomorrow - my birthday month, but this will be a very different birthday for sure!
Bye for now. X



  1. What a fun bunch of photos, Jacqui! And s great story about your friend being the same wedding dress photo shoot before you knew each other!


  2. A trip down memory lane! If we can t meet our friends irl then on photos hey! However we met two of our friends last weekend in our garden. They brought their own wine and glasses and we set apart for a couple of metres and we had some good neccessary laughs!

  3. That picture is too awesome. How wonderful that your two friends-to-be were there!

    I have sometimes realized in conversation with my dear friends (been friends about 13-15 years), that we likely were at some of the same places at the same time in our earlier lives. It does make you think!

  4. Funny how thing's can sometime turn out. I love looking at old photos Jacqui. I love looking through old photos. I was thinking that yesterday about the weather too! Ha great minds think alike. Thanks for hosting.

  5. How fun! it's interesting you were able to look back on the photo and see you had done something together even if you hadn't met each other yet! So funny! :)

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope you are having a great week and the weather improves soon!

    Away From Blue

  6. That's a lovely story Jacqui.Thank you for the feature. I have since painted my toenails! Haha! xx

  7. OMG what a wonderful story, Jacqui!!! It's amazing how small this world is, right?!
    When I first moved to Portugal aged 10, we were at a water park at the other end of the Algarve and I literally bumped into a girl who had been in my class in England! I couldn't believe it!
    And our neighbour here in Portugal (who is now our closest friend), actually went to the same school as my husband in Essex – 10 years apart – but still! Such a small world lol!
    Suzy xxx
    P.S I hope the sun shines for you soon!

  8. Jacqui, what a fun story and great pictures! I have made friends in some of the strangest ways myself and have encountered old friends in the strangest and most remote places far from home. Human connections are really amazing, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing this fun and heartfelt story!


  9. How fun to look back at such happy memories!

  10. What an amazing coincidence Jacqui! Your story reminded me of an occasion when I was at school and for some reason we were invited to a local hairdressers: they would give one of us a makeover and talk about how to have neat hair (!). I was the one chosen, but the "makeover" was terrible - they cut my hair really short and was not flattering. I was gutted. Thanks for the linky, and have a good weekend x

  11. Beautiful look. Have a great day. Stay well.

  12. What a great throwback photo! I love looking back at old photos! Love the store behind this one!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. Thanks for sharing this delightful story of friendship and photos! We are having rain and wind as well, so I am combating the dismal weather outside by switching on every light in the house and turning on upbeat music! Thanks for hosting and have a nice and safe week.

  14. It's a small world isn't it? I went to this event in'98 to see the pope in Paris (I had already moved back to the US and was spending the summer in France) and was sitting among the crowd of a million people. And who was sitting a few rows in front of me? My best friend!

  15. so fun to hop back in style. I found a picture of myself in a skirt from the 70's and then found the same skirt at H&M, crazy how fashion changes and stays the same

  16. This is such a cute story, Jacqui. How fun you were models back-in-the-day! Isn't it wonderful how life brought you back around to a sweet friend? Love the photo with your hubby, handsome couple!

  17. Such a fun story! And great pics as well...

  18. What a great story! It's a small world!

  19. I love posts like these!! Fun memories! A long-lost friend reconnected with me recently by hunting me down and sending me a photo of 40 years ago! It's all good:))

  20. I love it Jacqui! Was that a flower crown before they were even fashionable? You were before your time! Sweet memories. I had "Glamour Shots" done when I was young and I am sure I would get a kick out of seeing them but they dissapeared! Looks like you had a great time with friends. I was just telling my hubby how much harder this would have been if it would have started in Janurary with the cold and grey!!
    jess xx

  21. What a great story! Your friendships were definitely meant to be! Today, so many of us have connected with old acquaintances via Facebook, so it's nice to hear an "in person" story! I'm in the same boat as you weather wise--wishing and waiting for the nice warm weather to come back!

    xx Darlene

  22. Love the fashion show photo, and the fact that you and your bestie have been friends for so long—that's the best kind of friendship!
    Cheryl Shops |

  23. It sounds like you two are best mate soul mates! I love that dress on you, you look gorgeous xo

    Makeup Muddle


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