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Monday 23 September 2019


Morning my lovely friends.
How's the over fifties doing?  In fact how are you all doing?
You may have seen my IG stories a few days ago and seen I've just come back from Rome. So you might have watched my antics around the beautiful city.
Today I wanted to share the wonderful days I spent there.  Four other couples joined hubby and me for our four day escape & we made some excellent memories visiting many of the landmarks and special places Rome has to offer.  Today I'll share what we did and what we saw - hope you enjoy joining me.
We booked separate flights, accommodation and transfers, which worked out a better deal for us.  Our flights with Easy Jet were as smooth as you like and we arrived after the 2 hour and 5 minute flight full up with breakfast and a cheeky bottle of Prosecco (small one - lol) excited with anticipation of the ensuing days.

Hey! do you spot The Vatican behind me?

Day One.
Our short break in Rome started on Wednesday, an early 5.30 start allowed us to arrive in Rome early afternoon, so after settling ourselves in our accommodation - The Excellence Suites, we visited the Spanish Steps - read some interesting facts about them here.  We hadn't anticipated just how hot it would be (some 38*) - so we were soon in need of drinks, shade and a sit down.  We found this roof top bar in one of the many back streets but had it not been some four flights up, the dirty, inhospitable venue would have been dismissed.  It wasn't very appealing and the staff didn't seem all that interested in us!  We eventually got our drinks and some very unappealing olives, however the views made up for the unwelcoming staff!

Best things to wear while sight-seeing - shorts, vest top and comfy sandals, (obviously must have appropriate clothing in certain venues).  So I was spot on with my linen shorts which were a last minute buy in F & F sale, I picked up this colour and black too!  They paired beautifully with my spaghetti strap vest top bringing out the salmon pink of the flowers.  I took my very comfortable Calla sandals - which were a joy to wear! Catch more of these heavenly shoes when I styled them 3 ways!

Fountains are everywhere in Rome, the Fontana della Barcaccia or Fountain of the Old Boat was so inviting to look at, with it being so hot I had to stop myself dipping my toes in to cool down - ha ha ha. x 

Day Two.

Having already booked Segway tours with a local company we couldn't wait to get started.  After a brief introduction and practise we were ready to leave.  Two groups, one of 6 the other of 4 left the Piazza Popolo and made our way through the streets dodging people and traffic as we went!  Yes health and safety must have been on vacation too!  Fortunately we had helmets on - so there weren't any accidents to worry about!  Visiting the Piazza Navona & the stunning Villa Borghese which is a landscape garden in the naturalistic English manner in Rome, it contains a number of buildings, museums and attractions & is the third largest public park in Rome.

Stunning views from the Villa Borghese.

Standing by the fountain in the Piazza Navona, this area is built on the site of the Stadium of Domitian - where festivals and sporting events too place. Surrounding the square are restaurants, street artists, painters and musicians - all contributing to create a lively atmosphere.

Just a little snippet of me on the Segway - at least I didn't fall off!

Girls just want to have fun - Mwahh 💋

Not to be outdone, the boys wanted a photo too!  Obviously they were drinking in there's - lol  Even more reason to get the shot as they were all drinking water!!!! 🤣

Here we are in full control of our Segway's - don't we look good!

My new trainers from Faith at Debenhams have a flash of leopard to break up the white leather.  These still have a discount on them, making them a reasonable £23. Needed them on the Segway tour, I felt safer with my feet covered in.  I plan on a Style Steal with these, hopefully next week my friends.

The Vatican - we've got an appointment there tomorrow - 😃

Always time for a Gelato - with ice cream shops everywhere the choice was incredible.

The magnificent Trevi Fountain was as stunning as I imagined it would be, what I hadn't planned for was the shops, restaurants, bars and tourists that surrounded it! It's very enclosed and almost claustrophobic!  Can't believe I didn't throw a coin into it, apparently legend says you should throw a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder to ensure returning to Rome, I hope that's not true, because I have vowed to return one day as four days wasn't enough time to search the whole city.
Our meal in a nearby restaurant was typically pasta, pizza etc, although it only felt right that I should chose a Caesar Salad which was yummy!
Finishing our meal we made our way to The Pantheon (via Bennetton of course) and visited the former Roman temple that is now a church & you can check out these 10 facts about The Pantheon here.

Evening meal in a roof top restaurant complete with singer!  I wore my camouflage dress that came from T K Maxx - with only this photo of the evening, and It's not very clear - but you get the jist. x

Day Three.
Trip to the Colosseum started with getting tickets locally.  We managed (I think) to get a bargain and had a guided tour skipping the queues and visiting the main arena along with the rest of the Colosseum.  This imposing building really does get the emotional juices flowing - it's mad to think of all the history that's happened here, but being so hot, we had to curtail the tour early and head for the nearest bar!  I have to say the shandy and lady crisp's (plain crisps that ladies like - we made that up) had it's own spray of ice cold mist under the canopy - heaven. 😍

Not sure if they always have an archaeological dig happening at the Colosseum all the time, but one was happening when we went, so the canopies were shielding the workers, but didn't stop us seeing everything.

We jumped in a taxi to take us over to The Vatican City for our visit to the museum.  We'd taken a change of clothes and after having an outstanding meal in a local restaurant we changed and made out way to the entrance.  Somewhat confusing as we went to the wrong entrance and had to be guided to the correct one.  It was PACKED, so many visitors I couldn't believe it.  I was very shocked to see many of the visitors wearing exactly what you weren't supposed to!!  Both hubby and our friend changed into long trousers, and his wife and I changed into long dresses with sleeves too!  We melted in the three quarter hour tour through rooms, passages and queues - and with so many people there wasn't really time to view everything in peace!  I did enjoy the Sistine Chapel, although it was a shame not to be able to take any photos or talk in there, needless to say many flouted that rule too!!

This was the queue to St. Peter's Basilica - I'd like to see that one when I next come to Rome. x

Day Four.

Homeward bound after a lovely breakfast in the Excellence Suits.  Well worth the 6 Euros per person. So I can thoroughly recommend this little accommodation if you just want somewhere decent to spend the night and use as a base.  It did have over fifty stairs up to our rooms, somewhat unsuitable for less capable visitors.  It was near the Spanish Steps and not far from Piazza Popolo which I consider to be a great venue for what we wanted to see.  Do let me know if you've been or are planning on going to Rome, its a wonderful destination with so much to see, do and eat!! One for the bucket list I think. xx

Thanks so much for stopping by today, hope you've enjoyed my little tour of Rome.  Catch you all again on Thursday for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP.
Photos c/o David - mwahh. xxx
Bye for now. X



  1. Oh I could so do with a few days break! And going away with friends, even better. There's some beautiful architecture shown here Jacqui and how did I miss those pink linen shorts! xx

    1. Although we walked a lot, it was still nice to be away and so hot. The shorts are fab, so pleased I popped into F & F. x

  2. Thanks for the tour summary! I went to Rome as a child with my family but don't remember much from that trip and we also went 12 years ago and spent 10 days. Seeing your pictures brings back a lot of memories. There is so much history! We did not go in the Colloseum so it was nice to see your pictures!

    1. I'm so pleased it brought back memories, it's such an amazing place Mireille. Thanks for stopping by. x

  3. I love yoru cute and casual outfits for the heat and it looks like you had so much fun in Rome! What a busy but fun filled time!

    Hope that your week is off to a great start :) Thanks for joining the #weekdaywearlinkup!

    Away From Blue

    1. Many thanks Mica, seems like a lifetime ago, as the weather has really changed and I'm wearing jeans and boots! x

  4. We had a day in Rome when we were on a cruise a couple of years ago, but didn't manage to fit everything in. This feature has me thinking we may need to return! Great post Jacqui xxxx

    1. Great city isn't it Anna, love it all and can't wait to go back again one day! x

  5. We were in Rome in July and it was packed, I remember those queues everywhere we went. Love your outfits, they were comfortable yet you looked very stylish, like vero Italiano :)

    1. Yes it gets so busy, especially when the weather is good! Can't wait to return one day! Thanks for joining me today Anna. x

  6. You saw some great sights! I went to Rome once but it was for work so didn't see much. Thanks for linking up at #WowOnWednesday.

    1. Really did have a super time, and the Segway tour really made it. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  7. It was such fun, I'm homing in on people visiting there - would love to go back again one day soon! x


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