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Monday 24 September 2018

Life's a Ball - Style not Age

Thanks for stopping by, you're right on cue for the latest Style not Age challenge.
If you're not familiar with the group let me introduce you: Anna, Hilda, Emma and me - Jacqui have been together since February.  We're of mixed ages but with two things in common, our love of fashion and looking nice …. we've got a lot to share with you, so read on my friends, read on!

Each month one of us sets a challenge around a fashion piece, statement or style and we all develop our own take on it.  So far some of the subjects we've covered are a wardrobe staple - the shirt, had fun with fur, jumped for joy in our jumpsuits and gone dotty for polka dots. Hop over for a quick look at them, I promise there's some cute picks.

This month Anna picked the theme of Life's a Ball, knowing we could share our choice of ball gowns & party dresses with you.  She already had a special gown ready and waiting, which is right on time for the up and coming party season!

Life is a Ball, especially for me!  Reaching 50, okay 54, life is great.  Don't get me wrong I've had my up's and down's, but in general I feel at ease with my body, my fitness it the best it's ever been, I have time to shop, money to spend, time to spend with my family, the ability to keep fit, blog and best of all holiday with my soul mate - pure bliss. 💖

We're styling ball gowns this month, although I'm sort of Cinderella with having no balls to go to!  However if I was to be partying at a lush dinner dance, here's just what I would wear.
If you're like me and don't have the odd ball gown hanging around waiting to be worn, what's the next best thing to do?  Ask a friend of course. he he he!

So my bestie came to the rescue offing not one but four dresses for me to try.  This was the first and only one I tried and rather taken on the outcome.  The heavy drape felt sooth and sleek, fitting in the right places then smoothing over the other areas giving a sleek finish.  Little black dresses always look good, so I figured a long black dress would look even better.

I like the decorative neck detail, no need for a necklace and sparkly enough to look expensive & chic. Liking the double top layer which has a blouson effect - you can't see any lumps and bumps that are hiding under it - positive dressing, giving confident wearing.

A sexy side split revealing the ever appropriate black high heel, although I'm not sure just how much dancing could be done in these, they are most definitely 'car to bar' shoes - lol!  These are from Zara, they're always just that little bit different.

Come let's see how the other ladies have tackled the latest challenge.

Anna has been waiting for the right time to wear her designer dress - what better time to pick than now!  Set with a stunning backdrop, this beautifully bright green and orange creation show off Anna's flamboyant style to the full - and ladies we are amongst a celebrity!  Our Anna is taking centre stage in the latest J D Williams "I AM" campaign - do stop by and take a look!

Hilda is looking sophisticated in her bewitching pine green ball gown.  The exquisite beading on the neckline & her pretty bag make for a gloriously sparkly vision.  Catch Hilda's full post on her blog Over the Hilda.

Finally here's Emma's choice. Isn't she looking sensational in her red & gold evening dress.  Rich, vibrant and exquisite -  good enough to wear for a wedding? Well that's just what Emma did! Emma you chose well giving another outing for your gorgeous dress.
See more of her wedding dress over on her Style Splash blog.

Shop our similar looks ….

Last month I featured a Lilla Rose GIVEAWAY, don't forget to check your mail you might well be our winner!!!
Glad you could stop by today, catch you again on Thursday.
Photos c/o Esther Ruby, thanks lovely.
Cheerio X



  1. Sensational, Jacqui! And I love that your dress is elegant AND bra-friendly. I imagine those shoes would start to pinch when Prince Charming gets you on the dance floor, but they're so glam for car to bar wear.
    I used to go to so many balls and black ties when working, but that that stopped ten years ago when I did! So now I have a plethora of beautiful (and pricey) ball gowns and cocktail dresses with nowhere to go 😖😢😬.
    Hugs, x.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mary, sorry to have missed this. Hugs to you.x

  2. WOW you all look absolutely gorgeous!! All you need now is a ball to go to. Funnily enough, I'm currently writing my next novel and the main characters have just been to a grand masquerade ball!
    Hope you're well, Jacqui!
    Suzy xx

  3. What a fabulous theme. It's a pity we don't get dressed up like this more often. It's so luxurious and elegant!!

  4. Huray for Friends like that! Lovely theme!

  5. You look sooo fabulous in this elegant and stylish dress Jacqui! ❤️
    XOXO Tina

  6. What a great theme Jacqui. You all look beautiful in your dresses. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :)

  7. That black dress is pure class Jacqui, you can tell that by the drape. As you said, you can't go wrong with the LBD so why not with this? It looks so elegant on you - will you be able to hand it back I wonder? I'm pleased you managed to find your Cinderella gown in time for the shoot!

    Anna x

  8. Such a classy dress Jacqui! I love the beaded neckline and the side split!

    Emma xxx

  9. I think you look very sophisticated and elegant Jacqui in your borrowed black dress and I love the neck detail and sexy side split. Now you know where to go if you do have a black tie event to attend!

  10. That dress is a slinky stunner Jacqui, with the gorgeous decorative neckline! You need to find a ball to go to!

  11. I love this dress!! Classic and so sophisticated! You look beautiful!

    xx, Elise
    www.sparkleandslippers.blogspot. om

  12. You all look gorgeous in these gowns!! Loved this post.

  13. Holly smokes x 4!!!! You all look fabulous! I love that you all do your own take on the prompt, brilliant.

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