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Monday 19 February 2024

What I wore to a Boom Battle Bar.

Hello everyone. 
How’s the weekend been?

Another slow one for me, although I did go out with all the kids last night to a local venue called Boom Battle Bar.  It’s a local bar where you can go for a fun night out playing games like axe throwing, crazy golf, darts, beer pong and much more. There was a bar there and also a restaurant. We had a couple of drinks, but had eaten before going. 

As always I wanted to be a bit more dressed up but didn’t think a dress was suitable for axe throwing! 🤪 I thought these faux leather trousers would be the perfect choice and grabbed them with this Leo print jumper without any hesitation. They are both comfortable and relaxed but still look trendy and smart, just the look I was after. 

You’ve seen all these pieces before so nothing new. Faux leather jeans are an in-between style for me, they’re just that bit dressier than ordinary denims but not as formal as the palazzo styles I love to wear.  Leather look or pleather pieces are always in fashion so you’re sure to find a style that suits you in the shops or online, here’s some styles I love from Marks & Spencer,  these  are reduced in H&M, and these from Tu clothing. 

I’ve had the jumper for a while and it’s one I’d forgotten I’d got. It serves a good purpose for a comfy soft top it is. I can wear it over a t shirt or even another layer if it’s chilly and nothing can be seen under it. It’s got a sort of stretch to it, along with a snug feeling that’s like a cuddle from a loved one - do you know what I mean?

Now I was undecided on footwear and wanted to go with heels like I’ve got on in these photos, it did concern me that they might not be the best idea for playing darts and axe throwing, but my daughter, who’s been before, said they’d be fine and yes they were. It was all very safe and even though I hardly hit the target (or the board) I had a really good laugh. There’s something to be said about family time, even if it’s not very long it does work wonders on your demeanour, I left feeling very happy and content. ❤️

Thanks very much for joining me on here today. It’s been lovely having you. Do leave me a message if you like my outfit. 
Cheerios for now. X


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