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Monday 6 November 2023

October Review

Morning my friends.
Hope you are okay.

Has anyone else noticed the adverts have arrived for Christmas?  They started appearing the day after Halloween! Crazy isn't it, why can't the advertisers just let us enjoy some down time before a new festivity is shoved in our faces!  Don't get me wrong I love anything to do with Christmas, being adverts, shopping, putting the decorations up and Christmas day it'self.  Maybe it's a gentle reminder to get my bum into gear and get everything sorted by at least the beginning of December, stay tuned to see if that happens! 

We've been a 'sicky' house over the past couple of days, but so far I seem to have evaded the bug, although I may have to edit this before it's published on Monday, I do hope not as this is something I definitely don't want to join in with ... lol!  (Late edit I went down with the bug on Sunday and stayed in bed all day!  Feeling better now though so obviously just a 24hr bug!)

It's the first Monday of November, so it's time to have a look back over the previous posts for the ...

October Review.

The first post of October seems so long ago and hard to believe we were enjoying warmer temperatures and sunshine.  I spotted these grey trousers whilst shopping in my local supermarket and couldn't help myself and bought them.  They'll go with so much and so far I've liked wearing them with this candy stripe shirt, a white jumper and a black Tee shirt, do stop by to see the first fashionable look here.

The nice weather held it's own for my next outfit, I teamed some of my capsule wardrobe together and this is what was produced.  I love all the components and know they'll work well with the other pieces I bought.  Do hop back to read all about these wide leg trousers, a favourite of mine and a pair I've worn quite a lot recently.  I'm planning on adding my chunky jumper over them, it's cream and will certainly look right at home with them, what do you think?

Another from my capsule wardrobe by way of this shirt dress.  I love everything about this one, from the colour, the style to overall look and the feel - it's my style and think it's rather flattering too.  Are you a fan of the shirt dress, aren't they so versatile.  They can also be worn over trousers, kimono style or I fancy adding it to my knitted dress making it look like a lightweight coat.  I know some of you do this, but have you any other ideas of how to wear it?  Do let me know. X

Those of you who follow my blog will know I'm a big fan of wearing dresses, I just find them so easy to style and only take one piece items away on holidays or long weekends.   So I couldn't wait to get this Primark midi styled and wore it the day I bought it!  You can find out about the rest of the items that completed my look on this post. 

More wide leg trousers on the blog next, you can certainly tell I'm a huge supporter of this trend and am so glad it's around.  Although to be fair they never really leave the party do they!  Here I've styled the tan version with a new swirly patterned top that I was gifted, you can read all about my classic style here.

I wanted to breath new life into a Summer dress on the blog, so set about styling this gorgeous dress I'd worn to a wedding previously and make it Autumn-ised.  You can see how I did that on this post where I teamed it with a chunky jumper and cute mid-calf boots, let me know your thoughts on this one as I loved this look. X

Nearing the end of October and the weather had really turned into normal Autumn temps.  Cloudy skies and wet weather makes taking photos outside a real problem.  I'm forever looking out of the window to check to see if the lighting is any good.  More often than not it's just not right.  I took full advantage of the weather for this photo shoot and was pleased at what was produced - some quite nice shots actually.
So I'd love you to check back at my slip skirt, jumper, jacket combo and let me know what you think about firstly the outfit and secondly how the photos look. X

The final post last month was as usual for the Style Not Age collective.  This time we set about wearing our Jeans with Jewels and what a wonderful array of styles came through. I hope you like our selection, if you have any ideas for challenges, do pop a message below and we love to hear some different ideas.
It was the first thought in my head when I heard this prompt, my embellished jeans and fancy faux jewel necklace.  I'd already styled it with white heels and a striking silky top, but was pleased to add high heel boots and a matching grey jumper to the mix.  Really pleased with the result too.

Thanks so much for taking the time to join me today.  I’m so happy you did. Have a great week and I’ll see you on Thursday for the link up party!
Bye,bye for today. X



  1. I love your wide leg and dresses! You look so put together and comfortable in them. Since our weather cannot make its mind, I am wearing chunky sweater and shackets to dresses and short sleeves without layers. This week, I am pulling some tops I haven't worn much lately or last season.

    1. Awe thanks hun, that’s so nice to say. Hope you’re enjoying November, have you started Christmas shopping yet? X

  2. It’s far too early for the Christmas ads, I’m sure that by the end of November I’ll be tearing my hair out at them. I do love a dress too, especially a shirt dress, but your wide legged trouser outfits look so chic too. Thank you for your visit to my blog too. Xx

  3. I’m glad you agree Louise. Thanks so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it. X

  4. Dresses and wide leg pants are my favorites! I think you look wonderful in each outfit, especially the black/grey/cream dress! The weather here has been up and down. Last week, it snowed. This week, it's like summer. I hope you have a fabulous week!

  5. Sorry to hear you got sick, glad it was a short lived bug! You have had some very stylish outfits! It's hard to pick a favourite but I do really like the printed dress with the black moto jacket, looks fab on you! :)

    We don't have TV so we miss all the Christmas ads (we just stream if we want to watch something for family movie night) but I always get excited when I see people starting to talk about the ads - I love everything Christmas! Bring it on even earlier I say, haha!

    Thank you for joining the Weekday Wear Link Up :)


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