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Monday 16 October 2023

Black and White looking like Grey.

Hello, how are you?
All good with me, although another hectic weekend with the family, doing nothing! 😁

With the weather becoming rather chilly I even doned a jacket on Saturday when I went out. The midi dress looked right at home with my faux leather biker jacket over the top and it was like welcoming an old friend when I slipped it on. 

I’ve actually had those why-am-I-doing-this thoughts recently, comparing myself to everyone on social media and basically losing confidence by the day. Do you have those times when you feel everyone else is doing better, getting more and generally feeling deflated about the whole thing, so much so I’ve often thought shall I give it all up!  Deep down I really don’t want to and know I’m doing it for myself and no-one else, but it’s so easy to get drawn in to the negative thoughts I’ve been having! Fortunately it’s  taken one Instagram’er?/bloer to re-ignite my passion for blogging and producing content for the gram so I’m excited to get back into taking photos and reels and get myself back into the game. 

Todays outfit is what I wore on Saturday. After a busy morning with some of the kids and grandkids here I showered and styled my hair and picked this jersey dress for a relaxing afternoon watching tv (after tidying the toys and doing some ironing). 

I’m always my most comfiest in a dress,  so often find myself drawn to a stylish beauty especially when I know it’s a bargain & that it will suit me. 
This soft maxi was no exception and I put it in my basket before I could change my mind.  It’s a style that’s very flattering, soft to the skin, a great length and can be dressed up or down. 

Here I’ve teamed it with heels but my chunky new trainers are going to look super edgy with it as are the leather slouch boots I love to wear in colder temperatures 

The powder splodges of black and white over the fabric create a soft grey palette that will show off any bright accent colours like red or green, both were possible options when I wore it Saturday - but I’ll save them for another day, this will be on repeat throughout the next couple of months I’m sure. 

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Great to have you stop by today, catch you again on Thursday for the Chic & Stylish Linkup. 
Enjoy your week, what you got planned?
Cheerio for now. X



  1. I am glad you have decided to continue blogging because I look forward to your posts and seeing the stylish outfits you put together so well. I also enjoy hearing little snippets about your happy family life.

  2. Jacqui - I enjoy your posts, not just about fashion but about your nice family life too. It must exciting to be building a new house and I look forward to a sneaky photo or two.

  3. Oh, how I love this dress, Jacqui! it's such good thing I don't live in the UK...I'd be bankrupt. Your sales are so good! I know exactly what you mean about blogging. Blogging is where my heart is. I honestly don't enjoy Instagram, but that's where you need to create the content to get the people, right? Please stick around as I love reading about your life, your kids, your build, and your amazing clothing! I hope you'll join me this Thursday for the Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot!

  4. That is a beautiful dress and I really like that jacket with it! :) I'm glad you are reinspired and going to continue with blogging too! I think it's important to do the things we love just for the joy of it :) Thanks for joining the link up!

  5. I try not to compare myself to other bloggers and Instagrammers or I start feeling defeated, especially with IG and how slow my numbers increase. I love seeing your fashion and hearing about what is going on in your life. Your blog is one of my must read every week (unless I am taking a break when on vacation).


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