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Monday 30 October 2023

Style Not Age Wear Jeans & Jewels.

Morning everyone. 
How’s you month …. gone?
Yes nearly November, isn’t it scary how fast the months go by!

I’ve had a few days of celebrations with a friends Afternoon Tea on Friday, followed by dancing where I finished off learning the Tango and very proud of myself I must say! I’ll pop a story up on IG so you can see the result - SCD here I come. 😂

Saturday was a lazy day, well after the grandkids left it was (I had three of them at home whilst my daughter took one of the boys to his football match, proud to say they won 2 -1 and both goals were scored by Freddie). I actually relaxed in front of the telly in the afternoon prior to getting ready for my evening out.  Do you remember me saying it’s my mum’s birthday dinner tonight? It’s her birthday today and she’s 90! Yes what a milestone that is! She really doesn’t look her age and for that matter doesn’t act her age either. She’s up-to-date with all the latest technology, has Facebook and Instagram and still drives! I’m so proud of everything she’s achieved in her lifetime from travelling around the world in her 20’s, living in Australia, returning home to get married, bringing up my sister and I alone after divorcing my father and managing a home and family whilst working a full time job. She found happiness in my step-father who took us on and gave us a wonderful life where upon moving to a new house and area I eventually met and married my husband. So I’m a firm believer that most things happen for a reason. Mum’s are very special people and mine is always there to help and support, give guidance and love whenever I or any of the family need it. So tonight will be a VERY special occasion and I’m excited to see how it pans out. I’ll share in the next week or so the full events and what I wore (yes the blue dress arrived, fitted and looked great on).

Sunday was another busy day with a a get together for my daughter’s birthday meal. We all decided on tapas and all prepared a dish to celebrate at my house. She’s out on her actual birthday (today) so it was good to enjoy most of the family having fun and tucking into some seriously delicious food. 
It’s starting to get exciting as we nearer the Christmas period isn’t it and I’m already thinking of my decorations and tree, I’ll be adding to them for sure as the weeks go by and am wanting some outside decorations this year, any ideas that aren’t too big and costly? Anyway back to the matter in hand today - the end of the month can only mean one thing. 

It’s time to say hello to my friends from Style Not Age for October’s challenge!

Anna stepped up to the plate and gave us the title …
Jeans and Jewels

So I knew what would be the basis for my look this month but had to search for the rest of the bits in my wardrobe. 
You’ve seen the jeans before,  they’re such a good and comfy fit I put them on quite a lot - and there I was saying I don’t wear skinny jeans very often now - what a fibber I am! 😂
They’ve got lovely pearls on the ankle and the mixture of colours makes adding a top and footwear really easy. I’ve worn them with a white jumper before and fancy styling them with navy blue too. But today I opted for grey and took full advantage of my new jumper I got when I took back the khaki skirt I was undecided over. 

It’s a turtle neck boxy style that’s cropped in length. It’s also got a cable design over it making it a cool casual top, that can be dressed up with a skirt - I wore these together for my Afternoon Tea last week but neglected to get photos. (One for the future me thinks)!

City travelling always calls for a crossbody in my eyes, easier and safer to wear!

Wearing heels obviously makes one look taller so it was an obvious choice for me to elongate my legs today. These boots are from Lipsy and I found them on my favourite Pre-loved site Vinted. Soft faux suede in a neutral grey to compliment the embellishment on my jeans, which also matched the jumper - perfect. 

Let’s talk about the icing on the cake though. The prompt called for jewels. I tend to wear more gold or silver jewellery nowadays and although having lots of necklaces at my disposal wanted more of a statement heel vibe. I remembered this striking pace jewel necklet I’d been gifted years ago so set about finding it. Fortunately it was stored in my fabulous dressing room and once found I realised the very pale blue would work a treat with the grey and blue combination. 
My final addition was the should bag in soft pale grey, this one has a longer handle that’s interchangeable with the short one I’m styling here. I’ve been know to change the length when I’ve been out in London - city travelling always calls for a crossbody in my eyes, easier and safer to wear!

Now it’s my friends turn to take the limelight.
Say hello to Anna - Anna’s Island Style who gave us this magnificent prompt!

It’s the turn of  Gail - Is This Button? next, and doesn’t she look striking in her combination of jewels and jean jacket. 

What does Hilda - Over the Hilda. have up her sleeve?  Well a very striking coat, jeans and eye-catching necklace for starters, do head over to her blog for all the details. 

Finally it’s Emma’s choice, She’s picked an embellished denim dress that came from EBay, which fits right in with her fancy necklace. Do go read about her recent flying experience, well  maybe not if you’re afraid of flying! 😱
You can see more of her outfit on her blog Style Splash. 

Thanks for joining us today. Catch more of our challenges by hitting Style Not Age in the search bar above. 
Have a happy beginning of the month, are you celebrating Halloween? 
Hope you enjoy any spooky 

Bye for now. X



  1. What a lovely selection of outfits, I love adding a bit of bling to a simple denim outfit. Love Michelle xx

  2. Your mum is really amazing. Congrats to her. And well done on your styling. Great look... cannot believe November is nearly here.

  3. Loving the jeans and jewels photos! You’ve given me some style inspiration. ✨✨ Celine xx

  4. Love those different shades of grey. Hope you had a lovely celebration with Mum x

  5. You look utterly fab in those skinny jeans Jacqui! I love the pearls on the ankle too - such a lovely touch of glamour. Another challenge in the bag x


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