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Thursday 26 October 2023

Slip Skirt with Trainers - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
How are you?

All good with me, I'm off shopping this morning. I’ve not been for a while, but don’t anticipate coming home with anything as quite honestly the shops are naff locally. I long for the old days when there was an abundance of stores to joyfully spend the day exploring every part of them. I remember saving birthday, Christmas and chore money and have a day spending it all, those days seem long gone and most shopping is done online, somewhat takes the excitement out of the whole experience doesn’t it!  Do you prefer to shop personally or do it all online?
What are your local stores and boutiques like? 
I’m really enjoying gym classes atm, and really feel I’m moving up a level. My legs having been killing me over the past few classes, I think I’m probably working harder so I’m bound to feel achy eh! It seems my body is gradually getting used to it though and slowly changing shape. Something I’m after is some new gym wear, I’ve got a couple of old favourites that I rotate and need to add to them, let’s hope I return with some cute bits. 
I’ve got a busy few days with a friends birthday Afternoon Tea, a celebratory meal with all the family for my mum’s 90th birthday and on Sunday we’re celebrating my daughters birthday with a big tapas style dinner (everyone brings something they’ve cooked so we can all dig in)! I’m all over this kind of meal and get to enjoy all the tasty offerings everyone brings. 
I’ve got a dress on order for the dinner on Saturday night and I’m praying it will not only fit but look alright too … it’s got a big split up the front leg, so will have to see what it looks like.  It’s a sultry shade of blue and my favourite midi length. I’ve got some pretty shoes and matching bag to wear with it, so all being well I’ll let you see it next week!

I have to admit to being a little disappointed with myself and a skirt I recently purchased.  It’s part of my capsule wardrobe and looked okay in the shop, however I put it on the other day and am really not convinced it’s me!  It’s not a style I feel confident wearing so I’m going to try and exchange it today, although it’s past the date on the receipt so I’ll have to see … I’ll let you know how I get on, but you can see for yourself and let me know what you think about the bias cut slip skirt I bought. X

So more about what I don’t like about the skirt. 
It’s a bias cut which is cut on the horizontal so doesn’t hang right on someone with my shape, I’m a pear! It looked alright in the shop, however when I eventually tried it on at home it doesn’t sit well on the side seams and it’s a tad too big on the waistband. It’s my own fault though, so I’m hoping the sales assistant takes pity on me and exchanges it. 🤞 Is this a style you wear, of are there any styles that don’t suit you?

It’s a lovely shade of soft khaki green and looks super with mushroom, cream and navy to name a few. 
Today you can see it with my light mink skinny rib jumper and a short boxy jacket that’s been on the rail in my wardrobe for years. It’s cream with a thin black stripe running through it, making it a great accompaniment to the green. I’m after a cream tweed jacket and have been scouring Vinted for one, there’s bound to be one in my size available soon!!!

Did you spot my trainers? If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen I was lucky enough to win them in a Giveaway. I got to pick from a varied selection on Hotter Shoes and plumped for these. They’re called Pace and are white with neutral stripes - don’t they look great with the skirt and jacket aswell, the colours work like a dream together.  I have to add they’re lovely to wear and that’s probably because of the memory foam foot-bed and soft lining, comfort is guaranteed!
Hop over to checkout the other colours, there’s a selection of shoes and boots available too. 

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  1. I like real shopping much better but that happens once a year perhaps. I can't find a thing online, it's really irritating. I think that skirt looks pretty good, it's a fabulous colour. But if you don't feel it then it has to go back. Perhaps you can exchange it for something else.

  2. Thanks Nancy, glad you like the skirt. Will
    Hopefully return for an exchange today if not maybe Vinted! X

  3. Oh I prefer shopping in shops.. feeling the fabric etc. I like the skirt on you and feel you have styled it perfectly. But I know what you mean about it not sitting right. I am the same with those elasiticated waistbands....

  4. Oh and love those Hotter trainers. I have some hotter sandals and they are so comfy.

  5. It's a very up to date look, I like the skirt and its colour. But it's important we feel good in every thing, so let's hope you can exchange it x

  6. I love the color of this skirt and it looks really cute the way you styled it but if you feel uncomfortable in it, definitely see about exchanging it. I am learning not to keep things just because I bought them. I have a hard time with slip dresses and skirt (I have a dress), the material is not very forgiving on me.

  7. I've purchased a satin skirt this season, but gave myself permission to buy it in a size large than I need to allow it to hang more loose on my hips as I'm a fairly similar shape to you Jacqui. I am happy to wear mine with tights and knee length boots and a cashmere jumper on top.

  8. I like the skirt, but I don't like what you wore with it. maybe change what you are wearing with it, and you will like it better. the sneakers are a big turnoff with that skirt! just my opinion!

  9. It's a really pretty skirt, but if you don't like it I hope you are able to exchange it! Love those sneakers! Congrats on winning them!

  10. I like the skirt on you, it is such a perfect color match and style to pair with that cropped jacket. I know what you mean though, not wanting to add a piece to your wardrobe that you just feel so-so about. I prefer to shop in the brick and mortar stores, to touch and try on clothes, but they are changing so much as well as disappearing altogether! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

  11. You look terrific to me. But as always, it comes down to how you feel wearing an outfit. I aim to have only items that fit well and that I enjoy wearing in my wardrobe. It is a process of elimination, and I have made some mistakes.


  12. Most of my shopping is done online, for convenience and speed. I used to enjoy actual stores, but nowadays I don’t have much patience for rummaging around to find something only to discover that it is not available in my size. Online shopping does not always accurately reflect fit, quality and suitability, so I tend to buy where there is a free return/exchange policy

  13. Hi, Jacqui - I absolutely love that skirt and would love to know where to get it! I've been looking for a silky, bias-cut slip skirt that's longer than midi length. It looks fine on you in these photos. Thanks for modeling it - Angie,

  14. I prefer shopping in person so I can get a feel for the fabric, but I also do lots of online shopping. The boutiques around me are more fast fashion than anything else. The prices are low but so is the quality so I avoid them. I can't wear those pretty bias cut skirts either. But, I think you look quite fabulous in this one! I love the green. If you don't feel comfortable in it, though, I'd definitely try to return it. Thanks so much for the link up!

  15. One thing not in my closet, a slip skirt. Now I am on the hunt for a cute one

  16. I do love that skirt and the color really works for the fall! I would try it with heels too and see if that makes you like the shape of it more on you. I really love to shop in the stores, because then I can try things on or just see them in person. I do a lot of online shopping too tho for the convenience. Enjoy all your family/friend events the next few days, they all sound fun and delicious!


  17. I have about 4 slip skirts and love em. I do understand that if you are not confident in it, or don't like it on you, it probably won't get worn. Thats how I am . I do think it looks lovely and very modern wit thos cute trainers. Happy 90th to your Mom! and Happy Birthday to your daughter! Sounds like fun times.
    jess xx

  18. I love the soft shade of green. Bias cut skirts don't fit me well, but then I don't wear skirts very often now anyway. I agree, the shops are really drab this season, hardly any colour. The trainers are fab! I hope your mum had a great birthday. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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