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Monday 9 October 2023

Capsule Wardrobe Featuring Khaki.

Morning my friends. 
How are you all doing?

Today's blog post is one I started to write last month and never got round to publishing it!

I’d been posting an Instagram reel and came across an absolute banging tune, one that means an awful lot to me. I like quite a mixed bag really, my music genres are all over the place & you’d find a real mix of tracks on my favourites list - ranging from classic songs, to musical tunes, with everything from the 50’s to now mixed in. I could never really pin down what’s at the top of my list but Club Tropicana would be up there as would many of the soul tunes from the 80’s and I’m partial to Cornfield Chase too. But let’s get back to the songs that stole my heart in 1982, the year I passed my driving test!

I remember having my sister’s little mini for a few months (until someone turned in front of me and wrote the car off).  The excitement of having four wheels at my convenience and being able to drive where I wanted to and when was amazing.   I lived right out in the sticks where there were only two buses a day! One in the morning and one about lunch time, the return buses were lunch time and early evening - so there was no thought of getting a bus out and home for a night out. I had to rely on my mum or dad, although very good, weren’t very appreciative of being a taxi in the middle or the night let alone the early hours of the morning! So as you can imagine as soon as I was old enough I learnt to drive. I passed the test first time and used whatever car I could until I bought my own (my sisters old car and had to pay back each month)!
The freedom of driving along on my own listening to a tape player playing the only cassette I had - Earth Wind and Fire was thrilling.  My favourite tracks were played on repeat every time I went out. September, Boogie Wonderland, Let’s Groove, Shining Star and Fantasy to name but a few, all mean the world to me.  I can remember the feeling of the world being my oyster, filled with the wonder of what lie ahead of me, feeling I could do anything and go anywhere. I how I loved that feeling. Do you recall that too?  I could never have imagined my life now, a wonderful husband, five amazing children who now have some clever and supportive partners and my awesome grand-kids, 7 🤍 of them so far!  I’ve been to some amazing places and done some extraordinary things so far and I reckon there’s a few more lots more adventures to come. 

Well for me a court shoes never really went out of style, how about you?  Is it a look you like to wear?

Today I’m going to share this snippet from my capsule wardrobe.  Khaki colours are perfect for Autumn and I can't wait to delve into putting together some imaginative outfits this season. 

As I mentioned previously, this Autumn I decided to work with one particular colour and mix it up with one or two different shades and textures for a selection of interchangeable pieces that work with each other. I’ve worn these wide leg trousers a few times already and have teamed them with other garments making some interesting and different looks. Checkout when I popped a cable vest top over them. 

Shall we have a look at the trousers first? They got myself all roused up as soon as I bought them home. I mean I knew they were a bit of me and I’d be able to wear them on repeat for the foreseeable future and they’d been a bargain to start with!  Only £14 from Primark these are similar.  What a result. 
My only gripe with the tailored trouser is they only have belt loops on the front, two to be precise, that’s a mistake to me as if you wear a belt it’s usually for a reason. In my case they keep the waist cinched in! So these aren’t getting top marks I’m afraid. 

The snake-print top was a find in H & M on a shopping trip to Bluewater with my girls. It’s a fabulous stretchy fabric that’s quite sheer and I was worried it would be too see-through, but so long as I've got the right coloured bra on it'll be okay (I'm wearing a nude one).  It has a turtle neck and long sleeves and will be a nice warm addition come the cooler weather.  Priced at just under £10 (it’s also available in a few other shades)

I just had to give these snake-y shoes another airing as they are so comfortable to wear and not only that are back in fashion big time.  Well for me a court shoes never really went out of style, how about you?  Is it a look you like to wear?

Final pieces in my outfit jigsaw are a classic biker jacket, that's been feminised with the soft suede fabric and muted cream tone.  Safe to say it'll be a popular addition for this season and probably beyond. X

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Thanks very much for joining me here on the blog, it’s great to have your support. 
I’ll see you on Thursday for the linkup.
Hope you have a good few days, let me know what you’re up to now. 
Bye for today. 


  1. You look fabulous, as always Jacqui! I'm not a fan of snake print, myself. There's just something about it that I really don't like lol! It can't be the colours because I don't like it when it's in pinks or greens too. Perhaps it's just a general dislike for snakes!!
    I loved reading about your early days driving. I had exactly the same feeling when I first drove on my own. Initially, I had a little yellow scooter so I had that feeling of freedom with that, but it was even more so when I had my first car, a dark grey Renault 5. It was an old one but I loved that car because it was all mine.
    Suzy xx

  2. Thanks Suzy, yes the print is a bit Marmite isn't it! I do enjoy wearing all the animal prints so it's a big yes from me. glad you liked the driving part, it's been something that I often think about and is such a major thing in life isn't it. Have a super week my friend. Jacqui x P.s. my husband repairs only Renault Clio's such reliable cars. x

  3. This was so much fun to read, Jacqui! I didn't really have a first car as my boyfriend (now husband) squired me around all the time. And, we only lived a mile out of town so I could always walk. But, the first car that was really mine was a 1999 Saab! I loved that car as I picked it out and arranged financing and all that. I was in my 40s by then. I'd always had "family" cars as we had three kiddos!

    Your outfit is quite chic. I have a few pieces of snake print, but it isn't what I reach for as I'm so afraid of the things! I do love how you used it to bookend your look, though! Love all your accessories. I do hope you'll join me for a couple of link ups this week...10 on the 10th and Weekend Traffic Jam!


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