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Monday 27 November 2023

Style Not Age are Inspired by Autumn Leaves.

Morning all.
How’s your month going?

Anyone else in shock at how quickly November went? It’s nearly December for god’s sake! I’ve failed at getting all my present buying done by early December and as usual with be frantically looking for gifts right up until Xmas Eve I expect. I have put nearly all the decorations up and it’s looking very festive in Mummab’s house. I need to get a tree for outside the front door and David has still to put the lights on the Hawthorn tree - that’s always funny to watch as it always end’s in tears - both meanings … lol 😂 

So as it’s the last Monday of the month, it can only mean one thing … the post from the ladies of Style not Age. 

This month’s topic is right on time for this season and one you can appreciate for the colours we are sharing, autumnal tones for the prompt ….

Inspired by Autumn Leaves. 🍁 🍂

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments. 

Like me I’m sure you are all inspired by the different seasons.  Spring always draws me towards pretty pastel shades like soft pink, light coral and pretty greens, normally paired with jeans or neutral trousers. It’s good to draw upon the new and fresh flowers that spring brings like daffodils peonies and pansies!
In summer I like to wear bright pinks, cool whites and all the happy colours in-between, to be fair most colours will work well - especially with a tan!
Autumn brings out not only the neutral shades but all the tones you’ll see around you. I like to wear rust with soft creams along with bright oranges, reds and caramels - just like today’s look. 

Finally in Winter I keep in touch with black and keep it interesting by adding different textures and fabrics. I also love to wear whites and creams. Because these are classed as neutrals, lots of other colours can be added into the mix too. I enjoy matching bright and cheerful tones with whatever I’m wearing, it’s nice to lighten up outfits especially when it’s dark and dreary outside. 

Which leads me nicely to my outfit inspired by Autumnal leaves.🍂 

I left this one right to the last minute and kept my friends waiting for my photos. Quite honestly I didn’t really know what to pick, but think it turned out okay, let me know if you agree!

On Saturday,  after trimming the hedge and cutting the side grass I quickly showered, washed my hair and applied some makeup. It was late in the day and I kept checking the lighting outside to make sure I could get some decent photos. Fortunately I’m a dab hand at getting ready quickly (not that David would agree), and managed to take these beauties in time before the sun went down. 

I started with the dress. You’ve seen it before so nothing new here, but as it’s such a dreamy style and very easy to wear it wasn’t a difficult decision, I picked out the coral tone and pulled my striking orange faux suede biker jacket out. It’s a happy jacket and one I often resort to, especially when it’s cooler temperatures - something about a fiery orange to make you feel hot. 

I considered popping my new metallic boots on but realised they would leave a big gap between hem of dress and top of the boot so had second thoughts. Easy remedied, I picked my fabulous rust suede boots instead - don’t they look amazing with it? You can’t even tell I’ve got leggings on underneath the dress, kept me lovely and warm - tip of the day from me!

Before we take a look at what my four friends have to share, can I take a second to show off my new bag!
It’s from a big selection at Teddy Blake and is every bit as lovely as it looks. My Bella Vitello * is a 12” beauty and is made from the softest leather you can imagine. 
Handcrafted by experts, the premium leather goods are made in Italy using the finest real leather which is 100% genuine. Looking inside the Teddy Blake bag you will find it just as luxurious as the outside with pockets and zips to keep everything in place. It also comes with an extra strap that converts your hand held bag into a shoulder or crossbody version, perfect for those shopping trips when you need both hands free. Do checkout the website as there’s a bag to suit everyone. You can even choose what style of leather look you want, they offer pebbled, smooth, textures or exotic! Checkout the other choices here

Let’s take a look at how my four friends completed the challenge. 

First up it’s Hilda who set the task. What a great idea to add camouflage into the mix, teamed with orange and yellow it sure does emulate the falling leaves. 
You can read all about her outfit here on her blog Over the Hilda

Next shall we see what Anna  - Anna’s Island Style made of the prompt.  Very similar to my look with black floral and orange vibes, I reckon I just needed to take that extra step and add some more orange just like Anna did!

Emma picked this fancy look featuring a striking velvet jacket, now isn’t that going to be a winning number for the upcoming festive season. Do hop over to her blog The Style Splash for find out more. 

Finally here’s what Gail bought to the table. A stunning yellow coat takes centre stage for her seasonal outfit, bonus points for the orange additions hun. You can checkout the backstory on her blog Is This Mutton?

A big thank you to everyone for joining me here today the group from Style not Age and I appreciate all your support.
Have a fun week and I’ll see you on Thursday for the new Linkup!
Cheerio for today. X



  1. I agree with your take on what to wear for the seasons! I think retailers also push certain colors at certain times. Your orange jacket really pops against the lovely print of your dress, too! And, that Teddy Blake bag is fabulous!

    We will be decorating this week, I think. I hope you'll give us a brief tour, sometime, of your decorations!

  2. I love the bright orange jacket with the dress, and the tan boots and bag are the perfect accessories! Gorgeous Teddy Blake bag!

    Emma xxx

  3. I want your jacket. I love the tan accessories with your outfit. Great styling Jacqui.


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