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Thursday 4 May 2023

Beige & Rust - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning everyone.
Hope you are all well.

Creeping into May aren't we!  I've got a busy couple of weekends, followed by another spate of birthdays so I'm sure the next few weeks will fly by.
This weekend, which is the Royal Coronation of Prince Charles will also be a double 30th birthday party.  My son and his wife are both thirty this year and as their wedding, which was in lockdown was at Brooke Park & was limited to 15 people. So they’ve chosen to have a big birthday party there so everyone who couldn’t come to their wedding can enjoy it. 
After the celebrations on Saturday there's going to be further celebrations at the party.  I'm excited to be there as all the family will be together along with the extended family and friends so it’s sure to be a fun night.  I'll share my outfit with you next week - although I've not decided what to wear yet!

I reckon Sunday will be a slow day with not much happening, however on Monday I'm doing the belated Easter roast turkey dinner and all the family will be joining me.  Maybe I'll have to prepare everything on Sunday to make it a little easier for David and me the following day!
What have you got planned this weekend?  Do share. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I was having a bit of a downer a few weeks ago and kept asking myself why was I following this path of blogging and sharing on IG, and whether or not I was good enough, that it was making me miserable so should I give it up, etc etc etc.  You get the picture as I know many of you have struggled with this at one time or another.  I had some extremely helpful and positive comments and messages, some from people I hardly know who all expressed their support and telling me how they've felt and how I would be best advised to treat my negativity.  
I can honestly say I was elated at all the lovely things people said and all of the messages were really very helpful.  I know why I'm doing this, it's for me!  Everyone made me feel worthy and that I was doing something worthwhile to them and to me.  I know I've felt like this in the past and shared my thoughts and feelings on here too, which also really helped me.  So for everyone following I want to say a huge thank you, which, without question, extends to my close family who have been by by my side supporting me throughout.

So after that little hiccup I picked myself up and got back into taking my own photos more, it's still a work in progress as I don't feel my pictures are 100% but I'm happy with that.  Everything I write about is from the heart and what I believe in, so if I've written it, that's genuinely how I feel.  I also only share my style, I'm not fake and only have photos taken in something I would wear - this is me and I'm proud of how far I've come.  

With all that being said let's share a look I wore earlier this week, this beige skirt with a rust blouse and boots.

I wore this to my daughters house for her husbands birthday, I'd been in jeans all day and wanted to brighten and cheer myself up.  So I grabbed the skirt and looked at what I could pair it with.  You will have seen this already on Instagram but not on the blog - I'll be changing that once the weather really improves 🤞

I've worn this skirt with my chunky cream jumper and cream boots and also with my denim jacket and a sheer blue chiffon blouse.  It's a versatile skirt and think there's loads of pairings still to be found. Tonal outfits, where the same tones are worn together make for a fluid easy to wear outfit, the trick is to add texture to the look.  I picked a statin blouse that's got a leopard print embossed over it.  I was drawn to the long sleeves with the floppy cuff that give off an 80's 'new romantic' vibe. I'm liking the bow tie that can be left hanging or tie at the neck in a pussy bow.  It's from Mango and my only gripe is that the bits I've bought from them have come up big, so I'd suggest sizing down when buying from them.  It's previous season too, so sadly I don't think they have anything like this now.

Remember I said to try different textures and fabrics?  My third addition is some suede boots.  I saw these in the Clarks outlet store but they didn't have my size, I resorted to Vinted and found them on there, but searching through Ebay I managed to find another pair, also in my size, for £20, I nabbed them quickly.  They very comfortable and finish mid calf which makes them perfect with skinny jeans too.  They just about are covered by this skirt too ( I hate seeing a thin line of skin where boots and skirt or dresses have a gap).  These have been a welcomed addition since they arrived, I'm going to keep a look out for different colours now. X

Time for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Before we start linking, lets say hi to last weeks favourite blogger! Hello Cheryl - Cheryl Shops.  The riding boots look perfect on you as do that terrific skirt and blazer - thanks for sharing. 

Now let's start linking up.
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Good to have you here today, many thanks for coming.  Hope you also join the link party, be great to see what you're wearing my friends.
Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you on Monday.
Bye for now. X



  1. Do whatever makes you happy Jacqui. I bet it's that awful Instagram platform that's making you feel like this? I've been so much happier since I stopped worrying about it.
    Enjoy the family roast and celebrations xx

  2. Love this outfit and the photos! You have a really busy weekend ahead - enjoy! x

  3. I appreciate you sharing how you were feeling about blogging and all of this - I had the very same thoughts this week! You gave me a boost - it is for US that we do this!

  4. I think we do all feel those periods of time when blogging especially if we are not in it for the money! I am so very grateful for everyone who reads my blog and comments. Sometimes I am surprised that people keep coming back. I always enjoy reading about what is going on with you on your side of the world and your fashion sense is so enjoyable! I love all of the textures in this outfit. I don't think about textures as much in the warmer month apart from looking for light weight materials but I sometimes am able to bring textures with my shoes. Have a lovely weekend: this will be a quiet one before the next which which be busy with a half marathon and family over on Saturday and Sunday.

  5. I only read and lpve the blogs that are from real women, like you are! And of course you doubt yourself some times, we all do, but remember, you are real and fabulous!!

  6. Gorgeous outfit, I love the rich tones and the luxurious fabric of the blouse. I'm glad you're feeling more positive - it's horrible to feel like that. I went through a crappy couple of weeks last month and it really knocked the wind out of my sails. The IG algorithm isn't conducive to growing accounts organically, unfortunately. Whilst I have my reservations about TikTok, it is easier to grow small accounts on that platform. It doesn't help when influencers buy followers and likes on IG because it drowns out smaller accounts like ours, and brands either don't realise what's going on or they don't care. The important thing is to focus on what makes you happy and the real connections you make through blogging and social media. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Emma xxx

  7. What a stunning look Jacqui! The matching rust blouse and boots look so chic. I totally feel the same with IG sometimes. So glad you found support to keep going. Thanks for the link up!

  8. I do hope you're feeling better day by day. I enjoy reading your blog because it's a peek into life in the UK, and I love hearing about your family. You're truly delightful! I hope you enjoy your long weekend and postponed Easter dinner! Thank you for the link party! I invite you over on the 10th!

  9. I love these tones paired together. They look so pretty on you!

  10. I totally understand how you're feeling about blogging—I question it all the time since it's so much work and not always a lot of return. But I enjoy your content and hope you stick with it! Also, a very belated thank you for the feature here—I'm very flattered!
    Cheryl Shops |

  11. Such amazing boots. I will love to wear them :)


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