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Monday 22 May 2023

Suits Me!

Hello everyone.
Hope you are well and had a lovely weekend.

Mine was rather different than normal as David has been away on the 'Stag' weekend with all the boys.
It's been really rather strange having him away for so long especially after my weekend with the girls and a busy week in between I feel I've not seen him in ages. I think we'll plan a few nice things to do together over the next few weeks and we have a voucher to use in a local restaurant that we need to make a booking for so that will be nice for us both!

Whilst David was away I spent a lot of time with the girls, watched some girly TV including Queen Charlotte (from Bridgerton) - have you seen it?  If you liked Bridgeton, you'll love it! I caught up with a couple of girl friends and finished up a few jobs that had been 'waiting' to be done.  That always makes me feel better to get jobs sorted that have been laying around for ages.  I did a couple of sewing jobs, trimmed the hedge and cut the grass and sorted through my emails.  I feel I've accomplished quite a lot over the past few days and feel pleased with myself.  I did have one of those headaches though, the ones that stay very much uninvited for a few days.

I mentioned above I met my friends for lunch on Saturday.  We met in town and had a lovely lunch in a local restaurant.  I decided to drive so had a couple of soda waters along with a yummy fish finger sandwich.  It was great to sit and chat in the sun and as we'd picked a restaurant with a sheltered garden the temperature was really warm and I'd almost wished I worn something lighter.  Upon walking along to another venue I was pleased I'd picked this suit because the wind was really quite chilly!   
Saturday was the perfect opportunity to show off my neutral two piece, you might remember when I styled it with citrus orange it really did make the colour pop!

After my meal with my friends I went off to my daughters to help look after three of her kids with my other daughters, she taken her eldest out for dinner as it had been her birthday in the week. They too had a nice girly meal in the local Italian restaurant.  This was the perfect time to take photos in the suit as it turned out to be 'golden hour' which is just the best lighting don't you think?

Are you a fan of suits?  Do they remind you of work wear?  I suppose it depends on what it's paired with.  I've only ever owned one trousers suit and have wanted to get one for ages.  This one caught my eye back in the Winter around Christmas time.  I had a discount voucher so decided to buy it.  It's been way too cold to wear it up until now, so for my meet-up on Saturday I decided this was the best time to give it a second airing.  The trousers aren't my usual 'go to' style being that they are cigarette style which is tapered to the ankle, but I felt with the matching boxy jacket it looked good on.  The sizing fits beautifully and I got my normal size in both trousers and jacket.  The beige shade although sometimes described and "boring" wasn't at all, I felt it more classic and classy and could be lifted with accessories and brighter tops.  I plumped for a skinny rib jumper in a bright oyster shade.  This is also from H & M and although brought in a previous season it's still a popular choice now.

Adding my delicious creamy sling-backs and little pouch clutch I was good to go.  
I first bought these shoes in black and found them so comfortable, so much so I wore them for a day out in London with my sister to visit The Shard and didn't have any sore toes or blisters, so when I found them online in cream and in the sale these little beauties were popped into my basket and purchased before I had time to say "do I really need them". Lol
This little ensemble will be donned again and again, and I'll be swapping the jumper for a T shirt whenever the opportunity arrives.  Do let me know what you ideal colour addition would be, I'm thinking of adding my silky pink shirt next time, along with this stylish tote bag.

You can just about see my gorgeous snakeskin belt here.  This was a present for Christmas and quite honestly has been worn so much over the past few months I smitten with it.  It's actually reversible, although I've not switched it yet!  It's priced quite highly but I think it's definitely money well spent as it's worn very well so far.  By contrast the sunglasses are from a big selection in Primark.  They cost a couple of pounds and really do finish off an outfit well.  I adore all different styles and colours and have a few of mixed prices in my collection!

Great to have you here today, many thanks for stopping by.
I'll be sharing the Linkup on Thursday, so hope you will join in.
Have a lovely beginning of the week and I'll see you soon.
Bye for now. X



  1. I had to look back at how you styled the suit with orange. I think I like it both ways as one is more classic and the other more fun. I would love to see it with bright green too!

  2. I have had one suit in my entire life! My mom bought me one when I graduated from college for job interviews! I probably only wore it as a suit a few more times, but I wore the pieces with other things several times. I love this suit on you! Perhaps a cobalt blue top underneath, or how about dark forest green, or even teal? I think this beige is not boring at all and is just a blank slate waiting for whatever you wear with it. The possibilities are endless!

    I loved Queen Charlotte! It might be my favorite of the Bridgerton series. It was so interesting to see the back stories of some of the characters. I had to keep explaining to my husband who the King American terms! While I know it is a work of fiction, I still think the actual Queen Charlotte was probably quite heartbroken when the King's mental difficulties made such a tragedy of their lives. I do hope there will be more as I love the history (even though it strays off the path a bit) and the fashion! Have a fabulous week, Jacqui!

  3. Oh you sound like you had a great weekend, it is fun having a girls day out and nice to have the place to yourself too. This look is great spot on for spring. You look wonderful! : )

    Allie of


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