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Monday 20 November 2023

Leopard Print with Grey!

Morning everyone. 
Hope I find you well. 

What have you been up to this weekend? Well let me tell you what I did. Can you guess?  Yep you’re right, I put the Christmas decorations up! Too early you think? Not in my book, I love to see everything festive and need the happiness it creates to stay around for a long time. 

Will you be investing your time in the new I’m a Celebrity this year?  I probably will be watching it just to be nosey really as I hate watching the eating and crawling-through-bugs challenges. I feel I’d be okay at the heights though, although the first one walking off of a high rise building might be a no! Just as well I’m not doing this time then eh! 🤣

I cooked a delicious roast pork dinner yesterday complete with cracking and Yorkshire puddings - tell me I’m not the only one who has them with nearly every roast!  I also used up the egg whites from a Carbonara I had in the week, as I wrote this post it’s still in the oven (not on) so maybe by today it’ll be ready to eat!! Having cooked it before in a ‘switched off oven’ I’m not sure it’ll work but will keep you posted!

Todays outfit is stolen from an Instagram’er I follow and was quite taken by the combo - don’t leopard print and grey pair well together?

When I saw my friend’s outfit I was excited to see how the colours would go together. I’d have never put grey with Leo print and was enchanted to see how well it worked. 

I picked up the skirt in the Matalan sale for a snip at £12.50. It goes without saying I love a bargain so bagged this sale item immediately.  I didn’t even both to try it on in the shop as I knew it would fit and look right - I know my style so well and was pleased to find it was everything I imagined it would be. 

You can see I’ve worn it with black and mink recently, which is a super pairing, but I think adding grey into the mix really brings it to an on-trend winner. Is this a combination you’d embrace?

I don’t have many items that are grey, not sure why it’s just a shade I’m not drawn to unlike the neutral creams, blacks and browns I usually opt for but I’m liking the new-to-me tones and after my recent purchase of these grey trousers feel it’s a growing colour in my wardrobe. Is this a shade you like to wear?

I added my oversized black blazer which was also from the Matalan sale a few weeks ago and one, I can honestly say has been a brilliant addition and has been in favour on so many occasions from casual trips to the shops to worn over a posh dress for a lunch date with friends. 

Grey boots and black bag finished off my look I wore last week and one mix I’ll be trying again soon with my grey trousers and leopard print roll neck, do watch out for it soon!

So pleased you decided to stop by today. Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you for the linkup on Thursday. 
Cheerio for now. X


  1. Oh I do like a leopard print - that skirt is divine. Must go and look at our local Catalan in Brighton :)

    1. Oh yes do give it a go, so pleased with the outcome of this one. Xx

  2. I love this look, Jacqui! I don't know that I've ever put grey and leopard together, but they look fabulous together!

    It sounds like you had a very busy weekend. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here this week so lots to do here. Then, the Christmas gear will be up!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. I wouldn't have thought of pairing grey with leopard but it sure works well. I just bought two pair of grey boots to replace mine that I threw out this year and last and I may need to try this with my leopard skirt.

  4. I love how you coordinated your skirt with an oversized jumper.


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