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Monday 9 January 2023

Fifty Eight - Dressing like I'm Twenty Eight!

Good morning my friends.
Hope you've had a super weekend.

Mine was super and went way too quickly.
I went back to ballroom dancing on Friday, it was the first session after a few weeks off over the festive period.  It was good fun and so nice to get back to enjoying dancing again.  We started the year off with a Foxtrot.  I have to say it all came back to me and I've even taken to using the top half of my body to bend and sway in the right direction - I'm going to need more practice for this, but will try looking at Youtube videos to gain more information.

Saturday was very quiet, I stayed in all day and didn't really do anything.  In the evening I went to have dinner at my eldest daughter's house.  It was fun to be around the children and as they only live down the road we could walk home (managed to dodge the rain fortunately).
Yesterday after a bit of a lay-in I shopped for dinner ingredients and came home to help prepare Beef Wellington with roast potatoes and some vegetables.  This sort of dinner makes a brilliant alternative to a traditional roast lamb, beef or chicken.  Much to the kids delight I did a chocolate fondu with marshmallows and fruit.  They love having this and always ask for it, but it's quite a messy affair with chocolate going everywhere!  It was loud and busy as usual but when they left I settled down to watch Ski Sunday and Country File ... I know how to rock don't I! 

Did I mention I've booked skiing?  We're visiting Les Arcs in the Alpes in a couple of weeks and I'm starting to get very excited ... hence watching Ski Sunday.  They've been talking about the lack of snow due to warm weather coming up from Africa.  Apparently things will change within the next week or so & I'm praying we'll have plenty of the white stuff come February. 🤞

Today I wanted to share an outfit that popped into my mind the other week whilst taking some other photos.
It's basically a look I would love to wear if i was younger, thinner and more confident!
It's a fun and sexy look and I thought I'd see what you thought about it.  Can a 58 year old wear an outfit a 28 might wear?  Do let me know in the comments below. X

Do let me know if you'd be daring enough to wear something like this out!  I know you can't really see anything, but it seems a bit risque to me.  What happens if I get too hot and need to take my jacket off ... yeah that would be a problem .. ha ha.

Let's talk about this classic outfit.  It started with me wanting to wear this deliciously sparkly jacket.  It was a Christmas present from David - I did let the girls know I wanted it after seeing it at the Women and Home event I attended back in November.  Does anyone else drop big hints like I do?
I've loved the boucle jackets for ages, pining for my own for a long time.  They look so sophisticated and dress up trousers and jeans alike.  It has an eye catching lurex tread running through the weave giving this double breasted jacket a festive feel, but can still be worn through-out the year too.  The large silver buttons are dominating the front, but in a nice way.  I'm looking forward to many years with this beauty, and I'm sure it will be on the blog again and again - hope you don't get bored of it!

Matalan always have a good selection of styles that catch my eye and I always find loads of items that suit me and I like.  They are reasonably priced and are quite good quality therefore often a shop I like to go to.  
Pop back to see these pieces from Matalan that look quite cool on.  This leopard print top looks great with wide leg trousers. Here's my faux leather skirt with shiny sequins.  Have a look at these four essentials I styled back in 2021.

Did you spot the red bra?  You will recall seeing it on my post featuring my visit to Rigby & Peller last month.  I've seen many ladies wear lingerie under open jackets or shirts and thought I'd try the look.
I think because both bra and jacket are red it's less obvious and I could get away with it.  Maybe different colours would be more noticeable, but then again maybe that's what I should have tried! 😉

Finally the last things to point out are the black wide leg trousers, that are one of my most favoured trousers.  I need to update them really, but the look and fit is just right they're going to be a hard act to follow.
My sparkly necklace was a gift from Eternal Collection back in 2019 and although I've not worn it very often it's one of those pieces that complete an outfit perfectly, just like this one.

My black sling back shoes are actually very comfortable, so much so I've ordered another in off white from the New Look sale.  They're vegan leather and are so soft making them a joy to wear.  I sported them on my visit to The Shard with my sister last year.  I'm looking forward to getting the lighter pair as teamed with jeans they're going to look really cute when the better weather arrives.

Big thanks for your support.  I love sharing a little bit about me and my style and appreciate your support.
See you on Thursday for the #LINKUP.
Until then have a super few days.
Cheerio. X



  1. I absolutely think you should wear this out and long as you're confident doing it! If I looked like you, I would definitely be wearing it! Please do come by for a link party on the 10th!

    1. Awe thanks Marsha, I will consider it when I next go out to a suitable venue. x Will do. x

  2. I’ve only seen this look on celebrities so I love that you’re trying it out! The red and black pieces look so good on you 😊 I would probably wear it with a black camisole as I’m pretty modest but i say wear what makes you feel good! Xo Nipa

  3. I think you look absolutely fabulous, Jacqui! I probably wouldn't want to leave the house wearing just a bra beneath the blazer, but I would be tempted to wear a corset type top instead, perhaps? I love the wide-legged trousers, they're my favourite style too.
    Big hugs
    Suzy xx

  4. Oh dear, I have worn similar outfit out. You look so lovely in that red blazer and your style is so fab.

  5. This is a great classic look and looks good on anyone of any age. And red looks excellent on you!

    Allie of

  6. I like it. It would be a great date night outfit.

  7. You look fabulous in red! I love the outfit and it’s a perfect choice!

  8. You look absolutely stunning in that jacket trousers combo. I have many jackets just like this but as yet, the red eludes me. I wouldn’t have the confidence to go out without a cami on underneath, but oh my goodness, you certainly rock it! Xx

  9. It sounds like a very fun weekend! I love that jacket, I can see why you dropped so many hints about it, it's beautiful on you! What a nice gift. And it looks perfect with the black pants and clutch, you could definitely wear this out! :)

    Thank you for joining the Weekday Wear Link up! :)


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