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Monday 21 November 2022

Navy and Green Should Always be Seen at the Women & Home Christmas Event!

Hiya, how are you doing?
Have you been up to much since we last spoke?

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  Every year I vow to have got everything done by now, alas it's the same as previous years as I haven't even bought one gift yet!  I'll have a day of it soon and hopefully will get the majority of things bought and if I'm clever wrapped!  
I'm planning on putting the decorations up at the weekend, I'm away the following week so putting them up the week after would be too late in my eyes.  I know many of you put them up last minute and take them down very soon after the festivities, but I love to have everything looking Christmas-y - it's such a special time and I want it to last as long as possible.

Last Saturday I went to London and I thought it would be a good idea to let you see what I wore and what I did!

I was invited to attend this PR event, however these are all my own honest comments.

I was excited to have been invited to County Hall in London to attend the Women & Home Christmas Event.  
Initially David was going to join me for the event, however with good weather he decided to stay and work in the garden.  Which, with hindsight, was a better idea because the event was really aimed at ladies and I only saw two men there - David would have HATED it!

I messaged my blogging friend Gail - Is This Mutton who I knew was going too.  We swapped number and said we'd contact each other when we were there.
I live about an hour from the outskirts of London and traveled by car to North Greenwich where I parked and made my way to the tube.  It only took about 15 mins to travel on the Jubilee line and with no changes was an easy journey.  The trouble started when I got off.  I made my way outside and looked to my map app on my phone.  I was a little mixed up so decided to ask in a local theater.  The chap gave me directions and I found my way in no time - passing a tube station a bit nearer that would have had my walk much easier (I remember it for the return journey).  I found the venue and imagine my surprise that the only other person entering at the same time was Gail!

 .... and we both got the memo! 💚😆

We found our way to drop our coats in a register.  We were given a personalised agenda to gain the best from our visit. 
Here's what was on offer:

The Beauty Stage.

A talk about taking care of yourself during the menopause and perimonopause. Lisa Snowdon talked us through her experiences and how she tackled the negative sides of going through 'the change'  She shared her beauty secrets, tips and tricks to keep on top of the game in work, life and fashion and beauty.  It was an interesting talk and one I'm glad I saw.

The Food & Drink Stage.

Ideas for Christmas took center stage with a free sample of cheese and biscuits, pannettone and a very enjoyable Bellini.  We were advised how much cheese to serve, what special drinks to quaff and how menu choices can improve your Christmas meals.  Refreshments were kindly provided by Grape & Fig and Cipriani Drinks.

The Main Stage.

Festive fashion ideas were shared by Mark Heyes.  He gave style ideas with a mini fashion show,  switching items to take day time clothes to night time parties - it was good to hear what he suggested and I learnt some new tricks.  He also told us about his latest project My Instant Stylist.

My Instant Stylist provides you with your own personal stylist without leaving the house.  Simply fill in your fashion stats (height, size, age, fashion likes and dislikes) choose the subscription package that's right for you, sit back and wait for your My Instant Stylist Box to arrive. 

We're also bringing the high street back to you, with the brands you know and love.

This was followed by Susannah Constantine.  She was promoting her latest book Ready for Absolutely Nothing and I must say it sounds interesting especially with the snippets Gail was telling me, definitely one I want to read!


With The White Company.
I left before seeing this.

Cocktails of Christmas.

Presented by Lockdown Liquor. This I also missed as I left so's not to get home too late!

I left Gail there with her friend to catch the tube home along with my goody bag and instructions to the Underground (which I found with no problem)  I got home feeling very happy that I'd got there and back in one piece without any major hitches.  
As I've got older my confidence has decreased and things that I'd once do with ease and nonchalance seem so much harder.  I need to push myself and do things that make me feel uneasy.  I'm pleased that I went when I could have quite easily stayed at home.  Do tell if I'm not the only one that feels like this and what your secrets are to suppress your thoughts!

I also bumped into Laurie - Vanity & Me which was nice, but we didn't have enough time to chat, so a meet-up with fellow bloggers needs to be on the agenda - who want's to come?

Great to have you here today, so pleased you could join me and I hope you stop by again.
Cheerio for now, I'll see you on Thursday for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP


  1. This sounds like a wonderful night out...and how wonderful to attend with Gail and bump into Laurie! I do know exactly what you mean about not wanting to get out as much. I also know, if I go, I'm going to have a fabulous time! But, I really do have to push myself to go!

    1. Brilliant time Marsha, I love going to things like this. Glad you agree though - we have to push ourselves sometimes don't we! x

  2. It sounds like a fun event, and how amazing that you could meet Gail!

    1. So nice to go and fun to meet up with Gail too. x

  3. No Jacqui, you're not alone, with needing to push yourself to do things you once found easy.

    1. Glad you agree Hun, here's to the next event! x

  4. This sounds like a great day out Jacqui and fab that you were able to meet up with Gail. I have to push myself to get out of the door, especially now the weather has cooled.

    1. We are all very similar aren't we. So pleased I went in the end. x

  5. I wish I could come to a blogger meet up! But it's so difficult with me at the other end of Europe! I would love nothing more than to meet up with you and the gang Jacqui!
    Big hugs
    Suzy xx

    1. Would be lovely to all meet up sometime - and we never know what may happen in the future! x


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