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Monday 28 November 2022

Gold Necklaces - But First Style Not Age share Spots & Stripes.

Hello and a big welcome to the blog.

Hope you're having a super month, not long to go until the run up to the festivities really start to get serious ... sorry to remind you!  I've started my shopping and am pleased with how it's going.  I'm trying not to worry this year which is my normal deliberation - which is really stupid I know.  Every year the kids and grand-kids love their gifts and I end up wondering why I worried so much!  

We put up the decorations over the weekend.  On Saturday David put the lights over the Hawthorn bush.  That's always good to watch (not do) because it usually ends up in a row as it's either being pushed or pulled in the wrong direction and nearly always ended up broken in some place so David has to do a DIY repair to make it look good!  It's rather like watching a Laurel and Hardy sketch and if I was watching would be in fits of laughter!  This year was different.  He'd trimmed the tree to nearly half it's size and with the help of our SIL it slipped over a dream - if you fancy seeing the finished look pop over here to see my IG post.  
Sunday was my turn to put the indoor decorations up.  I love doing it, but it takes ages and I usually do it over a few days, kind of a room at a time.  I want to decorate the hall this year, but not sure what I will use.  I keep adding to the trimmings and always get told off as we have way too many on the tree ... not in my opinion though, lol!

As it's the last Monday of the month, it's the turn of Style Not Age to take over the page and share their interpretations from the prompt …
Spots & Stripes.

I always think of the American flag when I hear spots and stripes mentioned, so it was an easy choice, with what I had on offer, to go down the route of red, white and blue like the flag.  As many of you know the American flag represents the 13 British Colonies and 50 American states.  As a bit of trivia for you. My New Years Resolution last year was to learn the 50 American states.  I hate to admit to failing miserably with this one as I haven't learnt any!  Maybe I will try again for my next New Years Resolution - well I can only try eh!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.
This is a sponsered post.

This prompt was Emma's choice, and at first I was at a loss at what to wear!  I don't have much in the way of spotted items in my wardrobe and, to be fair, hardly any stripes.  Step forward this stylish stripey jumper which hot footed it's way to me from the Bonmarche 'Lorraine Loves' collection*. 

I've had an on/off love affair with my gold necklaces and go from wearing them often to leaving them off and opting for something fashionable and more showy.

I've been smitten with the sweater since it arrived.  It's a heavy knit that has a striking collar and V neckline.  It's the perfect jumper to team with casual jeans or comfy wide legs and I've worn it with both already!  I added the red scarf purely because it fitted the brief, but not my favourite look.  However it's the only 'spotty' item I have in my collection and I didn't want to troop about to find anything that was better suited.  Upon seeing the shots, I'm rather pleased with the outcome!  What do you think my friends?

Let's touch on the other aspects of my ensemble.  Jeans were a gift from my hubby. He chose them from a selection from River Island and what a super choice he made.  They are kick-flare style and are really flattering for my shape.  They fit like a dream and being a high-waist hold everything in with ease!  
I tried heels, but ended up wearing my navy trainers. These kept everything casual and easy going, I like an informal look like this, it's perfect for everyday wear but still looks nicely turned out!  I teamed my red bag with this outfit, it complimented the scarf and reinforced the whole look for the win!

But let's see how the outfit looks without the red scarf.  It still looks good I reckon.
I popped a neutral light grey T shirt under my jumper.  This left an opening for my gold chain.  I've had an on/off love affair with my gold necklaces and go from wearing them often to leaving them off and opting for something fashionable and more showy.  I'm actually loving the chains at the moment and often pop this patterned favourite with my longer and traditional gold sovereign coin necklace. 

I'm on the prowl for an in-between chain that I can wear with these two, something like this would work perfectly  as would this slightly more expensive one.  Just in-case anyone want's to buy me an extra Christmas present ... cough, cough! 😉

Shop My Look!

Now lets have a peek at what my four friends made of November's challenge.

First up it's Emma.  She picked today's topic and although I found it hard at first, I'm really pleased with what emerged.  Emma's outfit is quite similar to mine, but she turned to black instead of navy.  One I think looks good and I should try!  Find out more about her look on her blog Style Splash.

Shall we see what Anna chose for the look.  Her Striped trousers are a riot of colour all toned down with her stunning little top with cute sleeves that have spots over them.  You can see more of this stunning outfit on her blog Anna's Island Style.

Hilda decided to wear this fabulous combination and one I wished I had in my collection.  The trousers are winner and that jumper is splendid - well done Hilda.  See more of this look on her blog  Over the Hilda.

Last but by no means least let's see what Gail - Is This Mutton? went with.  Her stripey jumper goes so well with the other bits and it all came together brilliantly in the end!  Gail went looking in local charity shops on her recent trip to her mum’s but ended up buying something with a birthday voucher, what a pleasant look she ended up with eh!

So pleased you could join me here today, love having you so don't be shy please leave a message as it will make my day.
Now where was I …. Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado,  ….
Bye for now. X



  1. Love your style and your take on stripes is spot on.

    1. So kind, many thanks for stopping by. See you again. x

  2. The sweater is adorable! The necklace is cute.

    1. So kind, they have a super cool selection Hun. x

  3. Oh I love that sweater and that necklace is divine.

    1. Thanks very much Hilda, so pleased with the outcome and that necklace is gorgeous. x

  4. I'm not sure how I would have styled this prompt, but I know I would have had fun trying! I love all your interpretations. I'm the same with gold necklaces, I like the idea of wearing simple ones but then I'll take it off to add something a bit more bling lol!
    Suzy xx

    1. It proved quite hard for me Suzy, but I like to have the challenge. Glad I'm not the only one who changes necklace styles, bling make such a change don't they. xx

  5. I wouldn't have had any problems with the striped portion of the challenge, but the spots would have left me searching! I don't know why, but I seem to have gotten rid of everything polka dotted! As for learning the states, I remember my poor students (I was a special education teacher for the first half of my career) having to memorize the states and capitals and where they were on a map. Such a silly assignment! I don't even know where they are on a map! That's what google is for!

    I tend to wear more silver than gold. My problem is my body chemistry sometimes makes the silver tarnish on whatever I'm wearing. I only own one gold chain my mom bought me years ago! I really should wear it soon!

    1. Yes it was a bit of a challenge Marsha, but got there in the end. Glad I'm not the only who doesn't know them, it might try and learn them this year instead! Thanks for stopping by Hunny. xx

  6. It's funny how what ought to have been such a simple challenge turned out to be tricky for most of us, eh? I loved this nautical look on you Jacqui - well done x

    1. I know! Glad it worked out okay in the end. Thanks for stopping by Anna. x

  7. Spots and stripes is a fun mix and I really like the red white and blue combination! :)

    Sounds like a lot of fun decorating as well! Now the kids are bigger we don't have to decorate too much around the house - they have their own ideas and we always let them decorate our trees however they like - a beautiful mishmash of ornaments! :)

    Thank you for joining the Weekday Wear Link up! Hope you are having a lovely day.

    1. Thanks Mica, turned out alright in the end as I was stumped at first. Thanks for stopping by too - have a super fun week.

  8. That's a perfect way to add the dots! I enjoy seeing how people get creative to different themes. It's good for our brain to think of something different.


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